Friday, November 20, 2009

No New Moon For Shy

Chris vowed last month I would not see New Moon on the 20th and the bastard has succeeded. Personally, I wasn't going to watch it anyway because I know the theaters will be filled to the hilt and as an anti-social, I wouldn't be able to handle the crowd without ending up crying in the parking lot - but that's not the point! For our birthdays, (Mine was on Tuesday and Chris' is on the 22nd) Chris is taking us out of town on vacation to a new casino that popped up somewhere in Colorado? O__O I dunno, he did all the planning. lol I'm pretty okay with it by now but I wasn't a happy camper several weeks ago when he informed me. Haha! ^__^ But I wanted to wish everyone happy watching when you all see New Moon in the following days! Much love and I'll see you all next week!! I'll be back on Monday!! Yippee!

Happy ogling! O_O


PS: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVELY WELL WISHERS! My birthday went great. Quiet night out. Not a big to-do but that's what I like. ^__^ Also, please refrain from fainting at the first sight of Rob and Taylor on screen. C'mon! You don't wanna miss the entire movie! ~__^

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birthday New Moon Giveaway

It's my birthday today! I turn the big 2-5! O__O It's rather strange though, 'cause I feel that the older I get, the younger I feel. I don't think that's normal, but I guess that can be a good thing, too? ~__^ Anyway, to celebrate, I'm doing a giveaway! All you have to do is join my Yahoo! Group where you can get updates on when I post new items in my shop or if anything new at all happens at Shielou.

The first one was inspired by one of my chats with Laina. As usual, I can't really remember what we were talking about but we were just being dorks and talking about necklace ideas. So that's how Bite My *pple necklace came to be. The second one I made during Halloween called Rip My Stone Cold Heart. And the third is a wolf howling in the moon with an experimental patina finish.

These are the "simple" designs I've been speaking of. It's a nice break from my more intricate pieces. Let me know what you think! Questions, concerns? Please let me know!! YAY!!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

O__O Yippee!

Many things are going on this month and I have to give some love to several friends. Britten, over at The Black Pumpkin, has finally opened up her shop. YAY! I've been waiting nearly a year...wait, Brit, I think I have. ;P Go check out her dolls and paintings! And tell her I sent ya (so she doesn't think I've been slacking on my promise about blogging about her. lol LUV YA, Brit!! ~__^). Check out some of her items!!

Also, Jessa, over at eternallyoung, is having a sale/giveaway! You can find out more on her website and all that good awesome stuff. Lookie!!!

Anyway!! Five more torturous days, people!! O__O I know, who can stand this? ~__^


Monday, November 2, 2009

Still Open

All remaining charms are in my shop!