Monday, August 31, 2009

September, already?!

Yes. I am alive! I just wanted to assure everyone that I didn't jump off a bridge somewhere or choke while stuffing my face. ^__^ I've been hard at work on my super awesome new stuff that'll be coming in sometime in October! I know I've spoken to a few of you about it but I can't really go into the details at the moment since everything's still in progress. But I promise that the wait and all the secrecy will be worth it. ~__^

Also, I will no longer be taking any custom orders for September. Like...none. Zero. Nadda. So don't bother asking. :P

(Laina sent me this and it made me happy. lolz)

Also, if you haven't done so, please join my Yahoo! Group to get e-mail notices when I update my shop with new items! As an incentive, I'll be giving one free shipping postcard for my Anniversary Grand Re-Opening Madness (title not yet official :P) to those who have joined! Plus, don't you want to see the awesomeness that is the postcard I have worked so hard on? O__o I know you doooo!

I'm very excited with what I have planned for the beginning of Year 2 of Shielou. I'm sooo stoked I can't even put it into words!! And I hope you all are too!!! Let's do this!!!

Luv always,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kodak Moments

When will people learn? The main topic of conversation this week on top of the Teen Choice Awards? Ashley Greene's nudey pictures. Who knew the pixie starlet had it in her. O__o

I know for beautiful people it's hard to refrain from stripping it all off and going wild with a camera. Especially when you're young and your boobs have yet to reach your navel (Damn you, gravity!). And I especially know first hand what it feels like to be home alone and that Sony Alpha DSLR-200 is just staring at you with its massive black lens, silently urging you to take your top off cause you're so purty. O__o I I don't!

But taking photos/videos of yourselves in the nude was a horrible idea when Pam and Tom first made it popular in the 90's to when Vanessa Hudgens hadn't learned from her first nude scandal that hairy is scary. Don't take nude photos/videos of yourselves unless you're in the porn industry or you have no qualms of having the entire world ogle your goodies. I mean, really? Do you honestly need more proof or a constant reminder of how sexy you are? We get it. You're the hottest thing since sliced bread. Instead of taking pics of your nipples can't we just go to Disneyland? O__o Just a suggestion.

With that said...please check out MY nude pics @!!! This week? Watch Shielou cook bacon in the nude. Woohoo!! Sizzly!

Myrna's middle name should really be Trouble. lol But I do say that with much affection. This time around? Sandman and Phantom of the Opera. How can I say no to her? Destiny and Dream were the hardest to make due to their robes. And yes, Despair is covered with rats. Not mice. :P

You can now sign up with my Yahoo! Group!! YAY! I'll be sending out e-mails as to when I update instead of having a definite date every week. I hope by doing this my stress levels will reduce considerably. :P Also, as an incentive to get you to join I will also be giving out free shipping to members for my anniversary in October! Ain't that fun!? Anyone and everyone is free to join! So sign up, let me know your name and address (private message me, of course! Don't post it in the message boards!) and I'll send you a postcard! ^__^ Other than that, just continuing with orders. I know. My life's uber interesting. :P


PS: Do you really think I have nude photos on the net? I can barely look at myself clothed in the mirror let alone buck nekkid. I'll leave all that to the pros.

PS2: BTW, I have no problem with Ashley Greene or her nude pics. She's a lovely girl and I know first hand that we all make stupid mistakes when we're young and hormonally driven (unfortunately, I'm also still stuck at this phase :P). But the lesson to be learned here is that beauty should first and foremost come from within. No camera can ever capture that.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lazy Shy

Took it kinda easy this week. Although I still managed to finish orders AND a good batch of extras! I know. Crazy. ~__^ Been feeling rather lethargic and unmotivated, I hate to admit. I think I'm getting antsy. I need some new challenges (although I have a couple of exciting new custom orders that have popped up! YAY!! ^__^). My first year anniversary on Etsy is just around the corner and I feel like I need to take Shielou further. More items, more variations in prices and some original works. Possibly. lol Hopefully I can snap out of it by Monday 'cause it's full steam ahead. O__o No turning back. Ahh!!!!

(Oh's Kirk :P)

Also, want to steer some attention to fellow friends' Etsy Shops. I've made some amazing online buddies on Etsy and I love 'em all to death and want to show them some love and support 'cause they rock!! First up is Heather (aka CAPS) @ LUCCITA. My fave item of hers is her St. Jude Bracelets! Go check it out and tell her I sent you! Woot!!

(You know you want one!!)

Other than that...who else is sick of hearing AND reading about the RobSten hookup rumors? All I'm gonna say is that if they are....Yay. Good for them. I hope they're using contraceptives. :P If they're not then that's fine too. Either way, I will sleep peacefully at night. ^__^

(Supposed to be a Custom Order but I had just reread the commission description and it doesn't fit. lol I am SOOO out of it. :P)

I'm off! Answered all e-mails so I'm done for the night. No more internet!!!! lol It's this new thing I'm trying to do. Answer all e-mails at the end of the day and be done. I'll check back with you guys on the 'morrow! ~__^ Stay outta trouble, stay safe and keep that chin up! ~__^

Much lurve,