Wednesday, July 29, 2009

YAY? Stuff!!

Alrighty, where do I start. Hmmm? I guess we'll start with what I had finished first. Family Portraits. ^__^ Jenni asked for Eddie, Bella AND Nessie all in one go. This was actually a challenge I was looking forward to make because I saw it clearly in my head and how I was going to make it. But my plans usually go topsy-turvy and I had to make some changes in order to make sure that the charm fell properly. But I'm quite happy with it so YAY!

Also, cameos!!! Let me start with my Simple Cameos. I'm very aware that my charms are pricey and I want to offer products that are a little more inexpensive. This was one way to go into that direction. They're only about an inch so they're very cute and light weight. I love jewelry that's light and airy, and yes, I kept the other Jacob I had. LOL

I also now have small resin charms. I'm only offering blue at the moment because it's the only color I have but if these work out I'll offer more colors in the future. Usually I'm all gung-ho about buying supplies that I may or may not use :P but I'm trying to make more careful and thoughtful decisions because most, if not all, of the profit I make from Shielou goes directly back into the shop. As I said previously, I'm not a very good business person but I'm trying to learn and refrain from going crazy at buying supplies. Trying is the operative word here. :P

These next cameos were a bit of a surprise because I didn't think I was able to sculpt wolves that small (they're only a little over an inch! O__o). But I'm SOOOO glad that they turned out better than I thought they would. I hope you guys like these because I'll be making more (Yes, we're talking lions too :P)! ~__^ BTW, while studying the New Moon trailer I noticed that Jacob Wolf has a gray tone along his legs with his described russet coloring. Personally I love the contrast, it makes him more interesting and rugged. But yeah...that was me geeking out about Jacob Wolf's color palette. :P Sue me.

New Moon Embraces. I love the new cover for New Moon. I dunno but Taylor has been rocking what I'm dubbing his Predatory Come Hither Look. It looks good on him. Again, I need to remind myself along with a lot of you that the boy is only 17. Albeit 17-year-olds should not have the right to look that....erm...sinewy. Ahem. T__T Why do I feel like such a pedophile. Jeez, someone put me in jail already. :P

I've always considered myself Team Switzerland. Why would someone like myself want to choose between a vampire and a werewolf? It's like choosing between water or oxygen. You need both to survive. And yes, I did just compare Jacob and Edward to water and oxygen. Thus, Team Switzerland earrings.

Other than that...not much more on my end. Oh! I did end up redoing all my rings which was not fun but it was well worth it. The glaze I ended up using for the old rings ended up milky? It wasn't pretty. O__o But I'm much happier with the way these new ones turned out. ^__^ Still trying to finish up orders, etc. I'm hoping I'll finally get caught up by the end of August. O__o Knock on wood. No updates this Saturday. Questions, concerns? You know the drill!! ^__^ YAY!



Laina said...

Hey gurl! I love the new stuff! The three Family Portrait looks adorable!!

The face cameos are totally yummy :P I love the swarovskis going around them.

The Wolfy cameos are incredible! They totally give me an idea, if you know what I mean ~_^

And I almost got one of the New Moon embraces but I think I should be the only one in Jake's arms ~_^

The rings are adorable! You're awesome! Chillax for a few days :)

Jessa said...

I love your new stuff! I wish I could afford the family portrait...absolutely stunning!

BPeterman said...

Hey there! I loooove the embrace charm! It's very cute, and I can't wait to see it :) Awesome work with all the new's always great adding to my lil' collection of Cullens.

CanDyRavE said...

I love the cameos and the resin pendants! I think that they are so neat looking! I love how the cameos are 3D too!

I think I see the gears in Laina's head turning! Hmm, I wonder what she is planning! You should start a photo album with all the ideas she comes up with! Lol!

Myrna said...

woohoo!! New collection!!! ^_^ I l♥ve the cameos with the wolves, they look so unique never thought of that 0_0 Plus, the family portrait is lovely. I like seeing them all together...The resin charms are very pretty, they look so shiny!!! I like it!! Very happy with the new collection ^^,everything looks amazing can't wait to get some of it lol ^_^ Take care!! x♥X♥x

Anonymous said...

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