Sunday, July 19, 2009

TiCk, TiCk, BoOm!

So I kind of had a mental breakdown last night. It was inevitable. ~__^ Especially with the canceled orders this month that made my life a living nightmare. I put so much pressure on myself that it all finally came crashing down at midnight. I'm happy to say it wasn't anything serious. lol I did end up sitting in front of my computer with all the lights turned off thinking about all the stuff I haven't finished and things I still need to do. Kinda creepy. lol But I did wake up this morning with an epiphany. The best part about owning your own "business" (I've actually began accepting this word :P) is that I have the freedom to do exactly what I want, when I want.

(Willy Wonka!!! God of Chcocolates? O__o)

The problem with my current schedule is that I can't catch a break because it forces me to constantly get things done at an allotted time frame and there's no room for error. And with my canceled orders and requests coming in everyday there is no stopping. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Despite canceled orders I still have a steady turnout of customers. But I keep forgetting to just sit back and breathe for a second and it's turning me into a first class bitca to the one I'm closest to: Chris. Poor guy. LOL

(Yes please? O__o)

I'm not business savvy. I went to school for media arts and animation not finance or business administration. I run Shielou in a sort of...controlled chaos that gets out of hand once in a while, like this week. O__0 lol I'm trying to figure out the best schedule that fits with me. The Wednesday and Saturday postings worked well for a while (a whole two months!) but everything's gone to the crapper and I'm just kind of working my way out of it at this point.

(Hell yes please?!)

I'm also working on my official banner, avatar and business cards. I think it's high time I finally got those put together. ^__^ YAY! I have also decided to start offering prints of my digital paintings in my shop. It's just a matter of saving up to buy a really great printer that'll cost an arm, a leg, my soul and first born child. :P Also...I will be working with a few other Etsy shops for exclusive collaboration pieces. But more on that laterz. So for now, just enjoy some more Johnny shtuff. As I previously mentioned I will be working on rings this week and more orders. I'm still on time with orders that had been placed months in advance but for those who have made requests recently please be patient. I'm trying to get to everyone. ^__^

But just so you don't think I slacked off this week the following is a preview of only two of my new items!! YAY!! I have more of them but I just don't know when I'll get these guys out in my shop. I just want to do a huge posting. Or maybe I'll do a huge posting here in my blog that I did previously from my 2 posts every week and people can just reserve items on a first come, first served basis again. O__o Does that even make sense? I don't know anymore so let me know what you guys think as to the best to work it out. lol Back to work I go. Questions, etc? Let me know. Thanks!!

(Aww: Family Portrait and New Moon Embrace)


PS: And just so no one is left befuddled, I'm okay. Really. lol Life is great. I just need to stop worrying so much. Que sera, sera and all that. And I need to get into the habit of stopping once in a while and smell the roses. ~__^


Laina said...

Aww I'm sorry that you had a crappy breakdown :( I have those every once in a while too - not too perky.

But I'm glad that you're moving past it and trying to tie up a few loose ends ^_^

The new JD items look amazing as do the new Twilight ones ;)

You're probably going to hate me but the Jake and Bella one just gave me an idea ~_^

Myrna said...

I had a feeling it would eventually happen since you are pushing yourself so hard >_< glad to hear it wasn't serious ^_^ lol

All praise Willy Wonka, God of chocolate!!! yummy... :3 And Sweeney looks so adorable, covered with blood: Lovely 0_0 Weee!! New Twilight items!! Hope to see those in your store :)I know you went to school for art and media but,I think you do a very nice job with keeping your own business lol which it can be very hard... O_o
Take care of yourself!!! Don't forget to breathe, eat your sweets and be happy!!!


BPeterman said...

Hey Shy! I absolutely love the new items, they're all so amazing! Ahhh, I hear ya on the someone recently told me...keep smiling, & keep your chin up!!! :) Lots of love, B

CanDyRavE said...

Oh Shy! I am sorry to hear that you are getting run down by all us crazies! (no offense to the other crazies, lol!)

It can be hard running such an awesome shop as yours, it does come with the territory! I can't speak from experience, honestly, because my shops are even 1/3 as successful as yours. I hope that thigs even out for you so you can get some breathing room in your life.

I do love all your new items though! I would love a mini Jake for the New Moon premier, but only when you think you can fit it in, lol! I just love to see what your creative mind comes up with! You are by far one of the most talented individuals I have ever come across!

Anonymous said...

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