Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Pirate's Life For Me...

So my Johnny Depp tribute became a Jack Sparrow tribute. O__o I've seen several Jack Sparrow charms online and so with my desire to always try to avoid what's been done I wanted to take it a step further. So, we have Jack Sparrow you can wear in 2 different ways; 1) across as though getting toasted by your lovely cleavage or 2) up and down. This piece was inspired by when Jack was captured by the cannibals and was being roasted over the fire. LOL

The other one is of Jack hugging his "Dirt." We all know how much he loves it. lol I ADORE these pieces. Took a bit of time (an entire day and a half -__-) to make but I'm quite happy with them. ^__^ I had a 3rd one where he was sitting on a wooden chest and holding a bottle of rum but low and behold...I had to go and break it like the clumsy idiot I am. -__-

Also, can we say "Awww" for Emmett? I don't make enough Emmetts for my taste so I wanted to make a special piece of him because the boy's a big teddy bear. ^__^ Adorable! Unfortunately, I also decided to keep him. :P

MINE!!! :P

Also, wanted to get people's opinion about possibly expanding the type of products I offer in my shop. I love digital painting and have been working on some new stuff in the past couple of months. I'm not entirely sure what to do with them yet but figured I'd get everyone's opinion. I had this vision of the three Cullen boys as the three wise monkeys so I went ahead and painted Jasper as "See No Evil", Edward as "Hear No Evil", and of course Emmett as both "Speak No Evil" and "Do No Evil.". lol Still working on this particulat piece but let me know what you think!

Wanted to get more done but my Jack Sparrows took more time to create than planned and on top of that, I had a last minute cancelled order yesterday that completely threw my schedule off kilter. I highly doubt anyone is interested in a custom order of a blond chick and two friends? No? -__- Which brings me to say that if for any reason you'd like to cancel an order, please let me know before hand or as soon as possible, especially if it's a custom made item. I promise I wont' be offended. I'd rather know from the start than make something you've asked for and then you decide you don't want it any longer. I'll be working through the weekend to get caught up with my orders.

So, if you were expecting something this Saturday and didn't get it I apologize profusely! I had too much on my plate but I'll make up for it next week! Questions? Concerns? Wanna know when you'll FINALLY get your order? ~__^ Just contact me. ^__^



Laina said...

Aww lil Jack is so cute!!

The Emmett and Rosalie piece is totally sweet - you should make some more of those, plus Emmett with his teady ~_^

Great job on the new stuffs!!

Myrna said...

Jack!! Yay!! One of our beloved characters 0_0 I love it!! He is absolutely perfect,better than any other Jack I have seen lol It really is adorable, definitely a masterpiece!! (of course, it was made by u :P) ^-^ Someday I will add to my collection, lol I think that adding other stuff to the store is a good idea and the print looks fantastic. Count me in, I want one!! lol Rest well!! x♥X♥
p.s. Super cute Emmett with the teddy bear...

Ice Cream 'n Pickles said...

Jack is awesome! :)

I love your stuff!

CanDyRavE said...

I love them all! You are so talented it capturing the essence of the characters! Little Jack is sooo cute!

BPeterman said...

I loooove the Emmett & Rosalie piece! And the one you kept, he's adorable :)

Anonymous said...

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