Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Only partly bitten...

And no. They weren't vampires. More like a horde of mosquitoes. :(

So we didn't go camping. Thank you, Baby Jesus. But we did go hiking. Which wasn't as bad BUT it was still quite rough. :P Especially since Chris has recently gotten obsessed about finding edible plants and mushrooms. He bought these two books about naturally grown Rocky Mountain edibles that are safe to eat. I ate the insides of a yellow dandelion and some purple plant that tasted like mint. They were really gross and I spat both out before he could say "It's good!"

Also watched Transformers 2. YAY! FINALLY! Definitely a wild ride but I'm giving it a B-. I just felt like the movie had WAY too many explosions and not enough robots. I mean, Ratchet and Ironhide barely had any airtime! What is up with that? And Arcee? The only female robot in the team and she had ONE line! Lame. And there just wasn't enough BumbleBee for my taste. O__o I wanted to watch the film because of the robots, not for all the flashy military propaganda. I could've handled one less fancy jet fighter for more AutoBots airtime. -__- Just sayin'!

Also wanted to show some love to JR Ward. I just finished reading all 7 books to her Black Dagger Brotherhood series this past month and loved them! I'm not really into Erotic Paranormal Romance. I'm kind of prejudice when it comes to vampire novels because I have VERY high expectations and anything I think is cheesy I automatically stray from. Especially books that have the word "Lover" in the title because all I keep thinking is that it's all going to be about the nookie with no real substance or depth in the pages. But I was really bored and figured I'd give Dark Lover (the first in the series) a try. But after I put that book down I had to get the other and by the time I reached the 3rd installment I was truly hooked.

So if you don't mind a little erotica O__o and are quite open minded (I think you have to be in order to get through the books) then I highly recommend the series. Great stuff. And for those who are already familiar with it, my favorite Brother would have to be Vishous followed closely by Rhage. What can I say? I love V 'cause he's got serious issues and Rhage just 'cause he's hilarious. Although, after reading Lover Avenged, Rehv has come up on my list too. ~__^ It's those damn amethyst eyes. ~__^

(My perfect Vishous *sigh*)

(Amm....yes please? O__o)

Much more to talk about but I'll save those for later. ~ __^ but I do want to let everyone know that there will be no postings this coming Saturday for 4th of July! YAY! So, have a lovely weekend and I hope everyone has a great time and stay safe! ~__^ Love you all!!!



Laina said...

Well I'm glad that you're vacation wasn't too bad ~_^

I really should go see Transformers 2 just to see what it's about but I never saw the first one so I may be confused if I do go.

Definitely going to read the JR Ward series. I'm trying to get through Patricia Briggs' Cry Wolf right now and I'm almost done - I can't read more than one thing at a time or I'll get too frustrated :P

I think the retiring of the "old" designs to make way for revisions is a neat idea! We should through them a party and have an Over the Hill cake, haha jk ~_^

Have a fun Fourth!!

Myrna said...

wee!!! Hiking!!! ^_^ Seems like you had fun in your vacation lol, except for the mosquitoes... I am crazy to see Transformers 2, I wish I had more time this days ;_; but, now I feel bad for the grade you gave it, I hope I don't get too disappointed... 0_0 Never heard of that series but it sounds very interesting ^^, yay!!! More books to read in summer!!! :) Take care and rest well!!! ^_^

CanDyRavE said...

I had to skip the Transformers since I have yet too see it, lol! I heard that it didn't get very good reviews though.

Ew! Icky plants! At least you had fun though!

I love vampire books so I might just have to check out Dark Lover.

I hope you have an awesome 4th of July too! :)

ellareiss said...

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