Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Numb Bum

Happy Birthday, Bella! Yes, I finally folded. I can't hold myself back any longer from doing New Moon shtuff. Painting Edward in his Birthday getup was a bit of a sore. I hate painting him all black so I have two different variations of black on him. Unfortunately, you can't tell in the photos. BUT if you look closely, you can definitely see the outlines of his blazer and pants. YAY! lol The cake was another heartache but I'm quite happy with how they turned out no matter how painful it was to put them together, paint them and make tiny flowers for them. Ugh. -__-

More Isle Esme shtuff. This one in particular has Bella holding the seashell up to her ear. Why? Why not? And who hasn't done that? :P

Anyhow, super tired. Will blog more this Saturday so stay tuned for a Johnny Depp Tribute posting and some more New Moon shtuff. ^__^ YAY! Questions, concerns, orders? Please contact me!!



Myrna said...

Wow!! You really did a lot of things on both items but,they look amazing!! The shell on Bella's ear gives the pieces a really romantic effect ^_^ so cute!! :) Plus, Bella's swimsuit looks HOT!! lol Cake looks yummy :3 I will love to try it even when I don't like cake that much lol Rest well!! You deserve all the rest you can get!! Take care!! X♥X♥


Laina said...

Hey gurl!

I love the New Moon pieces! I think they're absolutely adorable! Bella's green dress is totally cute on her and the cake and presents that they're holding in both look stunning!

The Isle Esme necklace is SO cute too! I LOVE the round seashells! How the heck did you get the eyepins through them without splitting them in half?! I totally would have broken them, lol. I was so tempted to grab that one but my tags on my license plates are due for next month and I wanted to get that out of the way first, so I figured I would let it go to a different good home ~_^

I'm glad you threw in a Carlisle necklace! Up until then I didn't have one :P

Great job on the new shtuff! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE SOME JOHNNY!!! MY FAVORITEST ACTOR EVER!!!!!!!


BPeterman said...

I'm so happy you made a birthday Bella! I love the new stuff!

jessa said...

Whoo hoo..I was wondering when I was going to see that birthday cake! LOL..i love all your new pieces :)

jessa said...

I went to your shop to see what laina meant about your carlisle piece. Oh, he's adorable :)

CanDyRavE said...

These are soo cute Shy! I love Bella's seashell, it's a nice touch! I can't wait till the movie comes out so I can see what you come up with!

Anonymous said...

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