Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm on Spoiled Society!!

Just a quick blog post to announce that one of my Edward Pea Coats just got featured on Spoiled Society's website! Front Page!!! Soooo cool!! ^__^ I know. I'm a dork. lol



CanDyRavE said...

That's awesome Shy! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Great!! I am happy for you missy! You know why? 'Coz you and your creations are unique. Congrats lol!!

Myrna said...

Awesome!!! Weeee!! This calls for a celebration!!! ^_^ Soon,the whole world will know of your creations... :p Of course, you have to make a big fuss!!! lol I am proud of you... ^^(I feel so old saying that 0_0) lol

Jessa said...

SO AWESOME!!! Congrats, Shy!!!...hey, that was the Edward peacoat that I wanted!!! ;)

Anonymous said...


Congratulations! I love that Edward Cullen work of yours! It is soooo unique. It's must-have collector's item!