Wednesday, July 15, 2009

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!!!

I'm still trying to get caught up with orders! So please be patient with me. I know some people need their items before the end of the month for TwiCon '09 so I'm trying my best to get that done. ^__^ I've had to take on a temp job just for this week so my schedule has gotten even more off balance. O__o Thus, Saturday's update will be delayed until Sunday. I know! I'm sorry! But please just bare with me while I get back on track! ^__^ And plus, patience is a virtue, right? O__o I know, I'm grabbing at strings here. lol For those waiting on rings, I finally got my bases and they will be started on next week. Questions, concerns, need yours earlier, pronto, wanna know how to make bunnies fly? Please don't hesitate in contacting me! Thank you! ^__^

(Annie's Custom: Axl Rose Heart)

But on another note, I've decided to put some designs on "happy retirement." ^__^ This doesn't mean they will no longer be made, these items will just be "upgraded" to newer designs. This goes for Edward Pea Coat, which will now look like the following, Alice in her gray frock (still working on this!), Jasper Baseball and Edward Baseball. For now those are the only ones that are "retiring" to newer versions. (For the newer versions of Jasper and Edward Baseballs click on this blog post) ^__^ I think this will be a great way to keep things fresh and new in my shop and continue learning new techniques. ~__^ If you have any questions regarding this just let me know!! ^__^

Other than that, not much more on my end. Just keeping busy and trying to get things finished. Have been web chatting with Laina which is always fun and full of memories. O__o LOL So if anyone's interested I chat on Yahoo! Messenger and my id is shielouperez. ^__^ I don't talk a lot in real life, I tend to keep to myself, but for someone reason I can't seem to shutup when I'm on the internet. It's kinda like alcohol. False courage. lol Very excited about my new items. One of the things with having your own "business" (and yes, still hate that word) is that your mind is constantly running with ideas. If there was only more time in a day! O__o I know. I'm crazy! Until next time!!


(I love the show So You Think You Can Dance! This was a routine from two weeks ago and they used Eyes on Fire from the Twilight Soundtrack! And the blond chick, Kayla, is from Aurora, CO!! YAY!! lol)


Myrna said...

Yes!! I wanna know how to make bunnies fly?!! 0_0 Can they really fly?? lol ^_^ Does it involve throwing bunnies? o_O Looking forward to see the new "updates", it really sounds great :) It's true that time runs faster than what we think since these days I don't seem to finish the things I had in mind ;_; Oh well... Hope you finish your olders, take your time. Don't over-work yourself!! ^^ Take care!!

Ice Cream 'n Pickles said...


Myrna said...

*orders* oops!! lol

BPeterman said...

Edward gets cuter all the time!! And Axl, what a cool idea, he's turned out perfect.

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