Saturday, July 25, 2009

Down the Twilight Cons...

Everyone seems to be attending one con after another and all I can say is I'm one envious mofo. lol ComiCon just passed by which I know several people attended and TwiCon 09 is just around the corner which I know a lucky number of people will be going to as well. I hope that all who's attending either TwiCon or some other Con has a great time and make sure to cop a feel of any one of the cast members for me, preferably Taylor and/or Rob. For me!! Do it for me!!! :P Just don't get busted for it. Cons are supposed to be happy, bonding (no, not bondage O__o) get togethers, not a step away from jail. O__o

Twilight Prom gets an upgrade. I think as one of the "oldest" (O__o who knew a couple of months would be considered old :P?) I felt it was high time that these two got a well deserved makeover. ^__^

Also, I must bow down to the genius that is Tim Burton. Need I say more? When I was a kid I was in a production of Alice In Wonderland. I was the annoying white rabbit. Word.

Rings that were ordered are complete. They're currently in the drying process which is funny because glazing and drying takes more time than actually making the darn things. Which brings me to let everyone know that I'll only do a couple more of these before they go into (early) retirement for an upgrade to a better design. ^__^ YAY!

And it's that time again. The month of July is coming to a close which means it's time to pick another charity organization to support for August! 5% of sales during teh last part of June and this July will go to RENEW! If anyone has any ideas of a new charity please comment below or let me know!!

Other than that...hope everyone had a lovely week! I will still be posting all my other shtuff this coming Wednesday so please stay tuned!! I'm thinking of either doing a huge post here on my blog and everyone can just reserve whatever they want or we can go through the tortuously slow one-by-one posting on Etsy. YAY? You pick your torment! :P

(Speaking of Torment...YAY Vishous!! lol I know, I have a BDB problem :P)

That's it from me! ^__^ Please refrain from blowing up your computers watching and rewatching the two New Moon clips they showed at ComiCon. Naughty, naughty! ~__^ And no, I refuse to enable your obsession by posting them on my blog! :P


PS: Oh what the hey!!

You all need an INTERVENTION, an INTERVENTION!! Your family's here, your family's here! Dr. Drew, y'all, Dr. Drew! LOL


Anonymous said...


Myrna said...

;_; Wish I could go to Twicon... Oh well, I guess I'll try next time 0_0

The new upgrade looks great, their clothes look so real like if it was fabric,love that effect ^_^
Yay!! Alice in Wonderland!!!!! I am so excited about it, Johnny Depp + Tim Burton = Masterpiece, success lol
Crazy to see the new stuff :)... Still in shock with those New Moon clips 0_0 I feel like crying, screaming,laughing-all at the same time. lol

CanDyRavE said...

OMG! I have chills from the New Moon clips!! I can't wait to see it!!

I saw the Alice trailer yesterday and it looks so awesome!

The new upgrades look very cool! I always love seeing your new stuff!

Laina said...

Dude I totally wish I could have gone to ComiCon! I would have screamed my head off! AHHHHHH!

Jacob shirtless *with the long hair* just completed MY LIFE!! HOLY SHIZNIT!

I'm already excited to see Alice in Wonderland! I saw the preview yesterday and Johnny looks nuts!! But in a good way ~_^

CanDyRavE said...

Oh! Have you seen the trailer for 'Where The Wild Thing Are'?? It looks soo good!

BPeterman said...

Oh, I love the prom stuff! It's one of my favorites :) Have a good week, Shielou!

Jessa said...

LOL, Shy, I know you would've fallen off your seat if you saw Johnny Depp walk on stage. I almost did & I probably like him half as much as you do!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ComicCon clip with Bella running & Edward walking into the sunlight!!! Now that was beautiful hotness & people were just screaming their heads off. Chris Weitz was holding out on us! We had no idea there was another clip after the motorcycle scene & I thought that was pretty awesome...Team Jacob got some points from me because he was *ahem I know he's underage people* looking hot in that clip. Anyways, can you tell I had a good ol' time? :)

I love your new stuff! Can't wait until you do your big post! YAY!


Anonymous said...

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