Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I finally get to have some time off!!! Although I did start earlier than planned, thus the lack of extras. lol It was mine and Chris' 5th Anniversary on June 21st so we're doing something this weekend. I'm not sure what it is. He says it's a surprise. I just hope we're not camping 'cause Shielou doesn't do camping. O__o And if we do, I'll have to grin and bare it 'cause that's what I get for dating with an outdoors-man. T__T I'm bringing five variations of mosquito repelant just in case. :P Ugh. I wish I was more outdoors-y, I really do, but I just wasn't meant for the wild. I know. Pathetic.

(Chris has threatened retaliation if I EVER put a pic of him in my blog. Thus, I will put pics of myself instead. Baby Shielou committing fashion treason by wearing socks with sandals. I am ashamed. )

But I'm also glad to have this time off in order to really look at the shop in a different perspective. My goal has always been to keep Shielou fresh and updated. I never look back to see what I could have done differently, it's always what I can do next or what I can do to make it better. Changes are inevitable and always frightening. But I've always believed that despite the doubts and the constant fear, changes allow you to grow. And to me that's the most important part in all this, to continue developing and learning. ^__^

(Baby Shielou after being arrested for indecent exposure. Naughty, naughty.)

So I hope with this short vacay comes more new ideas, including the following! I think I've come to terms that a full blown sculpture is still a ways away. ~__^ But it's all about the baby steps! Christy, I hope you like it. It's not exactly my basic charm and it's certainly not what I had planned ~__^ but I'd like to think it's somewhere in the middle. ^__^

(Cake and Eddie? O__o Perfect combination!)

Answering e-mails and sending out remaining items on the morrow. I will be sending invoices tonight as well. Please make your payments by tomorrow morning if you want your items sent this week. If not, it will have to wait until Monday. ^__^ Still asking if anyone is interested in a Charm Ring so please e-mail me so I can get supplies for them. ^__^ Otherwise it can be another wait. SOOO, no updates on Saturday so I'll see you all on MONDAY next week! Yipeee!!!



Jessa said...

Happy Anniversary!! Have fun on your vacay & "Be Safe" :)

BPeterman said...

Happy Vacation! Enjoy your long weekend :)

Laina said...

Well that makes two of us who aren't outdoors-y. I don't even like to go to the beach - then again that's probably because our beaches here are nasty and have dead fish floating around, so can you really blame me? lol. And when 'roughing it' means no indoor plumbing, forget it!

Enjoy your vacation! And happy anniversary!


Kendall said...

I love the full version! Very cute! Have a good time, whatever you do for vacation.

Myrna said...

Lol, Super cute pics of little Shielou!! :P Have fun on vacation (well-deserved vacataion ^^)!! Take care!!