Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summah, Summah Time!

I have a new set of jewelry pieces I'm calling "The Isle of Esme Collection." First up? Isle Esme Earrings. YAY! I do apologize if some people are offended by the fact that Eddie's partly covered up by a beach ball. :( ~__^ You know you love it!

And to continue with the half, nekkid Edward theme, finally got into making some New Moon pieces. Ever since I saw that pic of Robert Pattinson in Italy O__o I really had a burning desire to capture the moment. :P Woot!

Also wanted to give a shoutout to anyone who is interested in obtaining a charm ring? Message me because I will have to order supplies for it. I currently only have 3 left, two are already called for. ^__^ Thanks everyone!

Happy Father's Day Weekend to all the awesome DADS out there!

(I'll probably get disowned for putting my dad's pic in my blog but I LOVE YOU, DAD! Don't be too angry! lol He's awesome! :P)


PS: I'm so glad many of you have taken an interest in For the Bald and Beautiful. I'm still sending out invitations for authors for the blog! YAY!


Laina said...

Awww the new pieces look great!!
I love the start of the Isle Esme pieces! SO adorable ^_^

Happy Father's Day Shielou's Dad! lol

Love ya girlie!

CanDyRavE said...

OH! I love the New Moon inspired piece! I am a Team Jacob girl, but even I got hot and bothered by the RPattz pics!! I can't wait to see New Moon!!

Myrna said...

Woohoo!! New pieces!!! Love them, absolutely gorgeous. Wee!! New Moon is coming and you are already full of inspiration ^_~ Take care and rest!! Be happy!!

paperback.pixie said...

The Isle Esme pieces are so sweet!! Amazing job, as always :-)

rubiesymusica said...

I am loving the new pieces! How big a finger can that ring fit? Big girl, big fingers. I was gonna order a cell phone charm but maybe this would be something less likely to be damaged?