Saturday, June 6, 2009

No Pain, No Gain

I'm literally about to fall asleep. lol Super nutsy week but hopefully I can recuperate after some sleep and get back on the horse by Monday with my schedule in tact. ~__^ I'm so glad some of you have taken interest in my sculpture dolls. I'm still trying to refine it but hopefully I'll have something I'm completely happy with soon. ^__^


I also wanted to talk about a new show coming out that I'm uber excited about. Vampire Diaries has been green lit and will be premiering as a series this fall on the CW. For those who don't know Vampire Diaries is based on LJ Smith's bestselling novels of the same title. People have been mistaking it as a TV copycat version of Twilight but know that Vampire Diaries came out in the early 90's and Twilight came out in 2003. There has been a bit of hostility between rabid fans of both series, I really would like to throw my Team Switzerland flag on this subject. Personally, I'm super excited about the show. After years of no Buffy I'm happy to see another vampire series on TV. ^__^ And I really would like to encourage those who aren't familiar with it or have gotten the wrong impression of Vampire Diaries to give it a chance!!

And yes, I will admit it now, I kinda grew a crush on Paul Wesly who plays Stefan. O__o Traitorous? Probably. lol I think it has a lot to do with the fact that he kind of reminds me of David Boreanaz who played Angel in Buffy. They both have those deep setted dark eyes. I know. I'm pathetic. lol

I also grew a crush on Chris Pine who plays Kirk on Star Trek. Yumm. Yes please!!

Okay, enough with hot guys. See you all on Wednesday with Twilight Baseball charms. ^__^ Night, everyone!! Thanks so much!!

Luv always,


Myrna said...

OMG!!! I didn't know!! I love the series!!! Yes, it was way before Twilight. My older sister bought it years ago and she used to hide it from me so I wouldn't read it ^_^ lol I couldn't find them all, she is really good at hiding stuff ^^ Weee, more vampires!! No, I think is ok,can't get enough of hot guys ^_~ Glad to hear you are going to rest, you deserve some sleep. Take care!! X♥X♥

BPeterman said...

Oooh, David Boreanaz! He is some serious eye candy :)

Laina said...

Of course we love your sculpting! I hope that you have plenty of great ones to come ~_^

I haven't heard about Vampire Diaries until now so I'll have to check out the books and the show if I get a chance - working at night really doesn't allow me to follow show seasons throughouly if at all.

And I think it's silly for people to hate on other things that seem remotely like Twilight. There were so many vampire-themed things before it, and it's not like Stephenie invented the vampire or werewolf. She brought them even further into the limelight than they've always been but there are plenty of other things out there that are just as worthy of fans and appreciation. As a hopeful writer I can definitely say that my pieces may not reach the level of stardom that hers have, but it would be magnificent to have a following if any at all, lol.