Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've been so super busy that my brain hasn't really had time to think or function properly for a while now. I'm just trying to get my orders done and make up for lost time from last week. I can't thank Christy enough for her patience with me since she's given me total leeway on getting her ornament done. Have I told you lately that I love you, Christy? lol I'm caught up with my scheduled orders once again thanks to her but I will still be finishing up Eddie the doll. ^__^ YAY!

(Things that inspire me, quotes that keep me going, some thank you notes I've received. ^__^ And yes...I'm cheesy. :P)

So Jess contacted me a while ago and asked for a particular Jasper and Alice jewelry piece that scared a bit at first. She wanted them "dancing" in the cafeteria. O__o I know. It freaked me usual but after much thought it finally came to me. My one fear was that something like this was just going to be way too fragile to make into a necklace but the answer was a rather simple one...a simple back plating much like a cameo. ^__^ And yes, Jasper has his tray of gross cafeteria food that I'm thinking he's quite happy he doesn't have to eat. Eew. O__o

(Let's dance!)

Also, Edward and Jasper Baseball goes up a notch for version 2.0. Edward is now carrying a little baseball and Jasper a little baseball bat he can pummel jerks with. ^__^ YAY! my hero!!

(Don't mess with me!!)

Please come back this Saturday. I hope to have some new items out for sale. ^__^ YAY!!

(Edward left me a note on my car...^__^)



Laina said...

Aw I'm sorry that you've been so frazzled lately. But at least you're caught up on scheduled orders! I bet you can wait for your vacation coming up next month :P

The things that inspire you hanging is really neat! If I had an office that was specifically for writing I would totally have a bunch of stuff up like that! One day I will have a writing room/office! ^_^

The Jasper and Alice cameo is totally cute! That was a neat idea and the tray looks adorable!

And the new baseball versions look awesome!

I should definitely get that decal for me car! Where did you find it?

Take care!

Myrna said...

Love the comments idea,no you are not cheesy lol I think is nice to have something that reminds you to keep going no matter what... I really think I should do something similar 0_0 in my room, days get crazier and what I find is desperation X_X. Wee!! Jasper and Alice in a cameo!!?? Brilliant!! They look like if they would dance forever lol ^_^ And of course the new versions of Edward and Jasper look awesome!!
And also, nice sticker for your car, I like it very much, it's cute. Carrrlos most be very happy to join the Twilight fans ^_~
Hope you get some rest soon, you do deserve it!! Eat your sweets and be happy!! X♥X♥

I_heart_twilight said...

Wow, you are so talented. I saw one of your pieces and have been searching online as to where to order/buy one, please help!