Saturday, June 13, 2009

I believe in Karma...

I hate admitting it because it's admitting that I have an annoying characteristic that irritates even myself, but copycats ruffle my feathers. I've run into a few consistently over the past couple of months. At first it saddened me, then I feared the competition, then it angered me and then all I kept thinking about was Yoda when he told young Anakin Skywalker in that awesome way of his, “...Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” So now it has gotten to the point where I'm just like "Whatever, dude. I'm with Yoda." I refuse to waste anymore energy on something I can't control. One of the downfalls of having your own "business" (still hate that word by the way :P) is that there will always be those nipping at your heels. But these days I've learned to feel sorry for these individuals. What a sad and unimaginative life copycats must lead that their only source of creativity is stealing from the hard work of others. O__o Wow...Harsh? Maybe. Dramatic? Yeah, definitely! lol

(Daniels! Ice Cream or Chocolate? Hmmm....)

I share this with everyone not to garner pity or allies or to get an "Aww,'re better than that" but to assure my loyal customers, previous customers, future customers, lurkers and even copycats alike who are reading this that I take great pride in what I do. Yes, you can probably find charms like mine on the net for half the price, but know that every charm I create is made with great detail and great care. I can assure you that this isn't my way of making a quick buck. Shielou is VERY important to me, important enough that I made the decision to make this a career rather than choose the profession I had studied and hoped for. But I'm okay with that, I'm okay of being a "starving artist"...well...more like "decently fed" :P because I REALLY love what I do and the sacrifices are worth it. ^__^

So to copycats everywhere--and I say this with much sincerity--Good luck in all your endeavors...because you'll need it! ^__^ Ooohh, snap! lol *sigh* That was probably really childish on my part but I never claimed to be very mature either. :P With that said, all I can do now is ignore them and keep my focus on what's ahead. I'll continue on and keep moving forward, keep coming up with new ideas, designs and techniques, because at the end of the day the only person who can really hold me back is myself. I won't let copycats get to me any longer, because I know I'm the better person in every which way that counts. ^__^ So bring it!!

(Ed Head and I chillin' like a pair 'o villains...Or weird, big eyed freaks. ~__^)

But on a much happier note I finally have a couple of new items including a pair of Bella and Edward earrings. I don't really make earrings because personally I avoid wearing them at all cost. I just don't like the feel of them. I know, I'm weird but they're sooo cute!!

Also, if Edward is bound for hell then I'd love to tag along too. ~__^ Just kidding! I feel like this piece was a long time coming. No one has ever asked for it but I was watching Twilight (again) and thought..."Hey! This moment deserves an inspired jewelry piece!" They're sturdily glued together so they hang nicely embracing. Awww! I didn't add his sunglasses for a number of reasons, the main one being who would want to cover up those golden eyes? But upon request I can add the sunglasses. If I must. :P

Please come back this Wednesday where I hope to have new items! I learned that the best way to deal with copycats is to stay ahead. As I said previously, bring it! I don't mind working even harder! I will not be defeated. Forgive me if I sound like some freaky warrior going into battle but I'm feeling really good and positive. My gloom in the past couple of weeks has dimmed. It's true what Buddha said, "Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace." ^__^


"...I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul." ~Invictus


Stephanie said...

I ADORE my earrings. I wear them at work all the time and have gotten several comments on them. Love the new "Going to Hell" set. Perhaps it is time to start setting some more $ aside for the shielou fund.

Alex said...

Shielou you're amazing. Don't worry about the copies people make, you already have people willing to wait for your items (i'm one of them), I think that it's proof that you're unic and irreplaceable to us.

Alex said...

LOL I mean UNIQUE!!!! OME I need some sleep:)

Anonymous said...


Laina said...

Gurrl we've had so many convos about them losers I don't even know what to say anymore!

*slap* Sorry got a little redneck there, :P. But seriously though I think you're entering the right place with dealing with them - ignoring them, or at least trying to ^_^

The earrings turned out to be SO cute! I really should get a pair from you eventually =)

The Going to Hell pieces turned out to be uber neat too!

Looking forward to Wednesday's post ;) Get some rest!


Myrna said...

Copycats will always be there but, no one can copy your works. Your techniques are out of this world, unique like Alex said and we all think that way ^_~ You put everything you got into it and it shows!! All your pieces are more than perfect!!

It was really cute to make a new piece to capture that moment in the movie, they look lovely.

P.s. Love the Lazy bunny!! lol ^^

Anonymous said...

I hate copycats..The copycat finish product! I saw it!!! All I can say... Non quality type of jewelry. Sory to say but I am not going to spend a single penny for this piece of crappy work and hang it around my neck. Ekkkk! No way!

Anonymous said...

Your work is excelent and the best!
By the way, did you get a new hair cut? I like it! You look cute (as always).

Jessa said...

I think you are very unique & I don't think people can replicate your work. I bet people are hounding you still about making them customs even though you state that your schedule is fully booked! Take that as reassurance that your fans & future customers will come back again & again. I believe that when you put your heart into it it makes the biggest difference. I've been feeling the same way lately (yes, I should take my own advice)...and it's all because I check out the comp. I hate that but can't resist! It's fun to see what's out there but not fun to see something that looks way too similar to your work.

Take care & love that you used the yoda quote :)

CanDyRavE said...

Oh, Shy, you so fierce girl! Lol! You tell them how it is! ;P

I wish I could make stuff as cool as you, lol! We all have our own things that we are good at, you know? What kind of world would we live in where we all looked the same, dressed the same, acted the same, well, well, you get the idea! Lol!

Just keep on doing what you are doing and don't pay any mind to the copycats! ;)

CanDyRavE said...

OME!! I think I found the copycat! Are they for real?? Their 'charms' don't even hold a candle to your mini master pieces! Oh! That reminds me! I need to convo about a possible custom for my daughter's 6th birthday!