Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Thoughts!!!

Remember when Bella was fantasizing about Edward biting her? Well, the following was inspired by that, blood and all. Also darkened his hair a bit, still red but more of an antique copper than the usual bright bronze my Eddie's hair usually gets. And don't worry! I have a posting dedicated to this moment where I'll also have Bella and another statement piece. ~__^

Ring-a-ring-ring! Alex asked for a Nekkid Jacob Ring and I said, "Heck yez!!!!!" Uber, ridiculously so, but so cute!!!

Also wanted to talk about some great news. I decided to put 5% of my sales into different charities every month or two that I will talk about here in my blog. As I told a customer sometime ago, I'm not loaded but I'd like to think I am creatively, and I want to contribute in any small way I can. And what a better way to help different organizations and issues that I believe in than to create art. ^__^

The rest of this month as well as next month will be a charity called RENEW, an independent organization dedicated to putting a stop to sexual exploitation of children and women in the Philippines. I was born and raised there before I moved here to the US when I was 8. As a child I was never allowed out of my parents' sight in fear that I would be kidnapped, raped, killed, or worse, sold into prostitution. As early as I could remember I always had some level of understanding when it came to the dangers around me, but in all honesty, all I let myself think about was that I wasn't allowed to play with the other children outside. I won't deny that it was a bit of a lonely childhood but I'm grateful to my family for being so protective of me as a child because what if? What if, God forbid, I had been one of the unlucky ones? Forced at a young age to sexually service foreign pedophiles who took advantage of 3rd world countries where corruption is rampant.

What really triggered me into getting involved in this kind of cause were various news clips and documentaries I had seen both on TV and online. It's heart wrenching to know that out there, little children are being victimized in such disgusting ways, and especially in my own country. It's not right for any child to fear being abused and used as a sexual commodity.

Also want to take this time to announce that I'm also growing out my hair for Pantene's Beautiful Lengths. It's an organization that creates free wigs for women with cancer. Why? Well, last week I cut off a good chunk of my hair for bangs and thought to myself, "Wow, I've got balls. While most girls my age would freak out about cutting their own hair, here I am cutting mine with no qualms." I've been cutting my hair myself since I was in middle school. Never successfully O__o but my hair grows so fast that it doesn't really matter in the end. So I figure for someone who doesn't really give a toss for their own hair, how about giving it away to someone who might appreciate it? ^__^

I'm also asking anyone out there who would like to join me in this endeavor? ^__^ I think it would be really fun. ^__^ I've just started a community blog I've called For the Bald and Beautiful that people can join, take pictures of themselves as their hair grows, show off different hairstyles they can do with their awesome hair, and of course pictures when they finally cut it off! Also, just anyone who would like to get involved in anyway for any reason at all!! Please e-mail me at, convo me on Etsy or leave a comment below if you're interested! ^__^ YAY!!

But I'm keeping positive and doing my thang! ~__^ I figure that the more I keep myself occupied with positive things the more I can ignore all the negatives. ^__^ Thank you to everyone for the good vibes. You're all an inspiration to me in one way or another. ~__^


A few videos with information about child exploitation. WARNING: The following videos are not for sensitive individuals or for young children. And, it could very well make you cry. But I hope, instead, that in the end you are inspired to help in some way. ^__^


Myrna said...

Yay!!! Edward ^_^, he looks hot!! lol Wow, the ring idea is great, looks lovely. You can stare at Jacob for hours... ^_~

It is very nice that you decided to join the RENEW foundation. It is really sad to hear news all over the world of this kind of problems. You are very creative in all the things you do and it is great that you help the best way you can.

Also, I think your new blog is awesome. Good luck growing the missing inches, I think I should join too... 0_0 Happy to hear that you are working on many positive things!! It's good to know they are still there. Take care, rest and be happy!!! X♥X♥

Laina said...

OME Edward looks amazing! Love the outfit, totally killer ~_^

That's awesome that you're helping the RENEW Foundation! I've been thinking about donating to one of the Cherokee Reservations (them's my people! :P) but I'm not sure how to go about it, let alone with what fundage O_o

Totally LOVE the Jacob ring! I am in love with you and you should totally propose to me with the second one ~_^



Jessa said...

Wow!! I love it Shy! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Funny, because I love that clip in the movie. I like his ruffled shirt collar too :)

I think that's great that you are doing the charity thing. I'm doing something like that on my shop too & it feels good knowing you are doing something positive.
I couldn't watch the youtube clips because i have two young toddlers. It'll really get me down but I do know that those things happen over there. My cousins would hold my hand on both sides of me so ssomething like that wouldn't happen to me also.

I have done the hair thing though except with Locks of Love & that was awesome. I'll have to post pics on your other site!

Take care & glad you have happy thoughts :0)

CanDyRavE said...

I love all the new stuff that you come up with! Your blog is seriously the only one that I follow, lol!

That's great that you are donating some of your earnings for such a great cause. Then on top of that, you want to donate your hair! That's really awesome of you Shy! My daughter is going to donate her hair to locks of love, but it's not quite long enough yet. I have to go and sign up for your community so I can post pics of her!

Keep up the awesome work!

Laina said...

You know, I've bee thinking, with all of your new ideas mojo you have going on you could make a Charlie charm! Aww how cute would he be in his uniform and mustache?

Britten said...

I, for one, am so glad you are with Yoda - May the Force Be With You...Always, Shielou!

You're so awesome with your awesome charity lovin' and I'm ♥'n the charity you have currently picked. Muy importante!