Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I finally get to have some time off!!! Although I did start earlier than planned, thus the lack of extras. lol It was mine and Chris' 5th Anniversary on June 21st so we're doing something this weekend. I'm not sure what it is. He says it's a surprise. I just hope we're not camping 'cause Shielou doesn't do camping. O__o And if we do, I'll have to grin and bare it 'cause that's what I get for dating with an outdoors-man. T__T I'm bringing five variations of mosquito repelant just in case. :P Ugh. I wish I was more outdoors-y, I really do, but I just wasn't meant for the wild. I know. Pathetic.

(Chris has threatened retaliation if I EVER put a pic of him in my blog. Thus, I will put pics of myself instead. Baby Shielou committing fashion treason by wearing socks with sandals. I am ashamed. )

But I'm also glad to have this time off in order to really look at the shop in a different perspective. My goal has always been to keep Shielou fresh and updated. I never look back to see what I could have done differently, it's always what I can do next or what I can do to make it better. Changes are inevitable and always frightening. But I've always believed that despite the doubts and the constant fear, changes allow you to grow. And to me that's the most important part in all this, to continue developing and learning. ^__^

(Baby Shielou after being arrested for indecent exposure. Naughty, naughty.)

So I hope with this short vacay comes more new ideas, including the following! I think I've come to terms that a full blown sculpture is still a ways away. ~__^ But it's all about the baby steps! Christy, I hope you like it. It's not exactly my basic charm and it's certainly not what I had planned ~__^ but I'd like to think it's somewhere in the middle. ^__^

(Cake and Eddie? O__o Perfect combination!)

Answering e-mails and sending out remaining items on the morrow. I will be sending invoices tonight as well. Please make your payments by tomorrow morning if you want your items sent this week. If not, it will have to wait until Monday. ^__^ Still asking if anyone is interested in a Charm Ring so please e-mail me so I can get supplies for them. ^__^ Otherwise it can be another wait. SOOO, no updates on Saturday so I'll see you all on MONDAY next week! Yipeee!!!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summah, Summah Time!

I have a new set of jewelry pieces I'm calling "The Isle of Esme Collection." First up? Isle Esme Earrings. YAY! I do apologize if some people are offended by the fact that Eddie's partly covered up by a beach ball. :( ~__^ You know you love it!

And to continue with the half, nekkid Edward theme, finally got into making some New Moon pieces. Ever since I saw that pic of Robert Pattinson in Italy O__o I really had a burning desire to capture the moment. :P Woot!

Also wanted to give a shoutout to anyone who is interested in obtaining a charm ring? Message me because I will have to order supplies for it. I currently only have 3 left, two are already called for. ^__^ Thanks everyone!

Happy Father's Day Weekend to all the awesome DADS out there!

(I'll probably get disowned for putting my dad's pic in my blog but I LOVE YOU, DAD! Don't be too angry! lol He's awesome! :P)


PS: I'm so glad many of you have taken an interest in For the Bald and Beautiful. I'm still sending out invitations for authors for the blog! YAY!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Thoughts!!!

Remember when Bella was fantasizing about Edward biting her? Well, the following was inspired by that, blood and all. Also darkened his hair a bit, still red but more of an antique copper than the usual bright bronze my Eddie's hair usually gets. And don't worry! I have a posting dedicated to this moment where I'll also have Bella and another statement piece. ~__^

Ring-a-ring-ring! Alex asked for a Nekkid Jacob Ring and I said, "Heck yez!!!!!" Uber, ridiculously so, but so cute!!!

Also wanted to talk about some great news. I decided to put 5% of my sales into different charities every month or two that I will talk about here in my blog. As I told a customer sometime ago, I'm not loaded but I'd like to think I am creatively, and I want to contribute in any small way I can. And what a better way to help different organizations and issues that I believe in than to create art. ^__^

The rest of this month as well as next month will be a charity called RENEW, an independent organization dedicated to putting a stop to sexual exploitation of children and women in the Philippines. I was born and raised there before I moved here to the US when I was 8. As a child I was never allowed out of my parents' sight in fear that I would be kidnapped, raped, killed, or worse, sold into prostitution. As early as I could remember I always had some level of understanding when it came to the dangers around me, but in all honesty, all I let myself think about was that I wasn't allowed to play with the other children outside. I won't deny that it was a bit of a lonely childhood but I'm grateful to my family for being so protective of me as a child because what if? What if, God forbid, I had been one of the unlucky ones? Forced at a young age to sexually service foreign pedophiles who took advantage of 3rd world countries where corruption is rampant.

What really triggered me into getting involved in this kind of cause were various news clips and documentaries I had seen both on TV and online. It's heart wrenching to know that out there, little children are being victimized in such disgusting ways, and especially in my own country. It's not right for any child to fear being abused and used as a sexual commodity.

Also want to take this time to announce that I'm also growing out my hair for Pantene's Beautiful Lengths. It's an organization that creates free wigs for women with cancer. Why? Well, last week I cut off a good chunk of my hair for bangs and thought to myself, "Wow, I've got balls. While most girls my age would freak out about cutting their own hair, here I am cutting mine with no qualms." I've been cutting my hair myself since I was in middle school. Never successfully O__o but my hair grows so fast that it doesn't really matter in the end. So I figure for someone who doesn't really give a toss for their own hair, how about giving it away to someone who might appreciate it? ^__^

I'm also asking anyone out there who would like to join me in this endeavor? ^__^ I think it would be really fun. ^__^ I've just started a community blog I've called For the Bald and Beautiful that people can join, take pictures of themselves as their hair grows, show off different hairstyles they can do with their awesome hair, and of course pictures when they finally cut it off! Also, just anyone who would like to get involved in anyway for any reason at all!! Please e-mail me at, convo me on Etsy or leave a comment below if you're interested! ^__^ YAY!!

But I'm keeping positive and doing my thang! ~__^ I figure that the more I keep myself occupied with positive things the more I can ignore all the negatives. ^__^ Thank you to everyone for the good vibes. You're all an inspiration to me in one way or another. ~__^


A few videos with information about child exploitation. WARNING: The following videos are not for sensitive individuals or for young children. And, it could very well make you cry. But I hope, instead, that in the end you are inspired to help in some way. ^__^

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I believe in Karma...

I hate admitting it because it's admitting that I have an annoying characteristic that irritates even myself, but copycats ruffle my feathers. I've run into a few consistently over the past couple of months. At first it saddened me, then I feared the competition, then it angered me and then all I kept thinking about was Yoda when he told young Anakin Skywalker in that awesome way of his, “...Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” So now it has gotten to the point where I'm just like "Whatever, dude. I'm with Yoda." I refuse to waste anymore energy on something I can't control. One of the downfalls of having your own "business" (still hate that word by the way :P) is that there will always be those nipping at your heels. But these days I've learned to feel sorry for these individuals. What a sad and unimaginative life copycats must lead that their only source of creativity is stealing from the hard work of others. O__o Wow...Harsh? Maybe. Dramatic? Yeah, definitely! lol

(Daniels! Ice Cream or Chocolate? Hmmm....)

I share this with everyone not to garner pity or allies or to get an "Aww,'re better than that" but to assure my loyal customers, previous customers, future customers, lurkers and even copycats alike who are reading this that I take great pride in what I do. Yes, you can probably find charms like mine on the net for half the price, but know that every charm I create is made with great detail and great care. I can assure you that this isn't my way of making a quick buck. Shielou is VERY important to me, important enough that I made the decision to make this a career rather than choose the profession I had studied and hoped for. But I'm okay with that, I'm okay of being a "starving artist"...well...more like "decently fed" :P because I REALLY love what I do and the sacrifices are worth it. ^__^

So to copycats everywhere--and I say this with much sincerity--Good luck in all your endeavors...because you'll need it! ^__^ Ooohh, snap! lol *sigh* That was probably really childish on my part but I never claimed to be very mature either. :P With that said, all I can do now is ignore them and keep my focus on what's ahead. I'll continue on and keep moving forward, keep coming up with new ideas, designs and techniques, because at the end of the day the only person who can really hold me back is myself. I won't let copycats get to me any longer, because I know I'm the better person in every which way that counts. ^__^ So bring it!!

(Ed Head and I chillin' like a pair 'o villains...Or weird, big eyed freaks. ~__^)

But on a much happier note I finally have a couple of new items including a pair of Bella and Edward earrings. I don't really make earrings because personally I avoid wearing them at all cost. I just don't like the feel of them. I know, I'm weird but they're sooo cute!!

Also, if Edward is bound for hell then I'd love to tag along too. ~__^ Just kidding! I feel like this piece was a long time coming. No one has ever asked for it but I was watching Twilight (again) and thought..."Hey! This moment deserves an inspired jewelry piece!" They're sturdily glued together so they hang nicely embracing. Awww! I didn't add his sunglasses for a number of reasons, the main one being who would want to cover up those golden eyes? But upon request I can add the sunglasses. If I must. :P

Please come back this Wednesday where I hope to have new items! I learned that the best way to deal with copycats is to stay ahead. As I said previously, bring it! I don't mind working even harder! I will not be defeated. Forgive me if I sound like some freaky warrior going into battle but I'm feeling really good and positive. My gloom in the past couple of weeks has dimmed. It's true what Buddha said, "Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace." ^__^


"...I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul." ~Invictus

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've been so super busy that my brain hasn't really had time to think or function properly for a while now. I'm just trying to get my orders done and make up for lost time from last week. I can't thank Christy enough for her patience with me since she's given me total leeway on getting her ornament done. Have I told you lately that I love you, Christy? lol I'm caught up with my scheduled orders once again thanks to her but I will still be finishing up Eddie the doll. ^__^ YAY!

(Things that inspire me, quotes that keep me going, some thank you notes I've received. ^__^ And yes...I'm cheesy. :P)

So Jess contacted me a while ago and asked for a particular Jasper and Alice jewelry piece that scared a bit at first. She wanted them "dancing" in the cafeteria. O__o I know. It freaked me usual but after much thought it finally came to me. My one fear was that something like this was just going to be way too fragile to make into a necklace but the answer was a rather simple one...a simple back plating much like a cameo. ^__^ And yes, Jasper has his tray of gross cafeteria food that I'm thinking he's quite happy he doesn't have to eat. Eew. O__o

(Let's dance!)

Also, Edward and Jasper Baseball goes up a notch for version 2.0. Edward is now carrying a little baseball and Jasper a little baseball bat he can pummel jerks with. ^__^ YAY! my hero!!

(Don't mess with me!!)

Please come back this Saturday. I hope to have some new items out for sale. ^__^ YAY!!

(Edward left me a note on my car...^__^)


Saturday, June 6, 2009

No Pain, No Gain

I'm literally about to fall asleep. lol Super nutsy week but hopefully I can recuperate after some sleep and get back on the horse by Monday with my schedule in tact. ~__^ I'm so glad some of you have taken interest in my sculpture dolls. I'm still trying to refine it but hopefully I'll have something I'm completely happy with soon. ^__^


I also wanted to talk about a new show coming out that I'm uber excited about. Vampire Diaries has been green lit and will be premiering as a series this fall on the CW. For those who don't know Vampire Diaries is based on LJ Smith's bestselling novels of the same title. People have been mistaking it as a TV copycat version of Twilight but know that Vampire Diaries came out in the early 90's and Twilight came out in 2003. There has been a bit of hostility between rabid fans of both series, I really would like to throw my Team Switzerland flag on this subject. Personally, I'm super excited about the show. After years of no Buffy I'm happy to see another vampire series on TV. ^__^ And I really would like to encourage those who aren't familiar with it or have gotten the wrong impression of Vampire Diaries to give it a chance!!

And yes, I will admit it now, I kinda grew a crush on Paul Wesly who plays Stefan. O__o Traitorous? Probably. lol I think it has a lot to do with the fact that he kind of reminds me of David Boreanaz who played Angel in Buffy. They both have those deep setted dark eyes. I know. I'm pathetic. lol

I also grew a crush on Chris Pine who plays Kirk on Star Trek. Yumm. Yes please!!

Okay, enough with hot guys. See you all on Wednesday with Twilight Baseball charms. ^__^ Night, everyone!! Thanks so much!!

Luv always,

Friday, June 5, 2009

Super Late Blog Post!!

So last year I decided that I wanted to slowly move up from charm making to sculptures. I can't say that the following is really a sculpture. I'm not even finished with it yet but I'm getting there. :S For my first try O__o I'm quite content with it. ^__^ I didn't want to go the complete realistic route. I think that would've been really pushing it. He has gorgeous Marigold acrylic eyes. Tiny!! His hair...OMG!!! O__o Above all else that was the hardest to make and style, believe it or not. I know some may say it's a little too red but it's the same color as Eddie's hair in my basic charms. ^__^ But as I said, he's still not complete. I hope to make another one that's a step up from this one but I wanted to show you all what have kept me in the past couple of days. ^__^

(Crazy sex hair!!)

I just really want to thank Christy for her absolute patience with me. This woman has been waiting since earlier this year for her Edward Christmas Ornament. But I'm glad she gave me total leeway on the project because if it had been anyone else I'm pretty sure they would've thrown up their hands and been like, "Forget it! You crazy mofo!" ~__^ I love you, Christy! I really do!! lol So if everyone can send her happy, mental images of puppies, rainbows and nekkid Robert Patttinson that would be great.She deserves that and so much more!!


At this rate, I hope to start doing full sculptures sometime next year. I just need to continue practicing. ^__^ One step at a time!!


I also want to thank Annie for sending me a Bella tunic. I swear to God I wear it almost everyday except when I'm working 'cause I don't wanna ruin it ever!! Thank you so much, Annie! I LOVE it!!

(Awkward photoshoot!)

Will blog more tomorrow!! Jasper and Alice on the way! Thanks everyone!


(Edward Cullen's theme song for New Moon?)