Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So pooped. No energy to really blog tonight. But I do want to turn everyone's attention to Twilight Widower's Anonymous if you haven't popped in yet. It's an awesome blog about guys who have lost their loved ones to Twilight. ^__^

I do admit that Chris has become a bit if a "widower" himself. O__o But thankfully it hasn't reached certain, unreachable heights. For example...I have yet to "accidentally" call him Edward, I've never asked him to make me mushroom ravioli (only because I don't trust eating anything he cooks that requires more than boiling water), I haven't rubbed glitter all over his face while sleeping (although I have thought about it O__o), and I've stopped asking him to be my lion to my lamb and go "grr." O__o

(I've kind of mentally left Chris for this... Loves it! lol)

So...have you left a loved one a Twilight Widower? Hmmm???

Love Always,

PS: Annie's haul is next followed by some Edward Apples. ^__^

PSS: It's official...Edward's hair shall remain. ^__^As I said, I can make Hair B upon request. ^__^


Laina said...

Sadly I have no one to lose to Twilight :( Except for my imaginary boyfriend, lol.

Get some much needed sleep chica ^_^


Myrna said...

lol, Nope, no one yet... 0_0 Sooner or later I guess it could happen... ^_^ We all dream of Edward!! lol Take care and rest!! X♥X♥

Olga said...

I don't know why, but when I look at this picture I feel like a pedofile. Haha. Lol. I think I find something for me on this blog, becouse I love Twilight saga *_*. I wait to the new Your things.
Sorry for my English... again.
Have a nice day!

Olga from Poland