Saturday, May 16, 2009

Twilight Compatibilities

Not that I give too much "hoopla" on Astrological compatibilities (Chris and I are considered very incompatible but we've been together for almost 5 years O__o Frighteningly true lol) but yes, I admit, I have checked out what would happen if by some miracle I ended up with Robert Pattinson. O__o I know. Sad. But it was fun anyway. ^__^ Rob is a Taurus and I'm a Scorpio. So the jury is in's 50/50. Bleh. Supposedly we'd be very compatible in the sack *insert eyebrow wiggles* BUT we have very strong, opposite personalities and we're both super stubborn (which is completely true on my part) and this may very well be our downfall in our hypothetical relationship. I don't like bending to his will (although I'm pretty sure it would be easy to) and he refuses to do the same. Bastard. But I'm supposedly (allegedly!) the biggest troublemaker in our imaginary relationship. All I can say is..."Pfft." So...what will happen to this relationship? After some serious, never ending bed tussles I'll end up leaving him because beer, pizza, watching him play his guitar and hanging out with his annoying drunk friends will become too predictable for me. O__o Final Verdict? I'm an idiot.

(A "batch" of Edward Pea Coats for those who get confused with my terminologies :S)

But that doesn't even come close to my hypothetical relationship with Edward. He's a Gemini. We're very curious about one another, which can be a good thing. But they did say that curiosity killed the cat. O__o Supposedly he wants our imaginary relationship to be "fun" (wait...Edward wants a fun relationship? O__o) while I want it to be intense (sounds totally backwards? O__o). So, what will happen to this relationship? Edward and I break up after his version of "fun" (ie: endlessly playing the piano for the 100th Sonata he has written for me and his annoying habit of giving me mini heart attacks while driving like one of those douche bags from The Fast and Furious) and his continuous insistence that we shouldn't do it in the tree tops due to the obvious hazards. In which I will then reply, "But it would be 'fun'!". Final Verdict? On top of being an idiot I'm also useless.

(Half nekkid Jacob now with a tattoo ^__^)

On a much happier note, I managed to finish Annie's haul. She also wanted a Meadow necklace so I changed it up a bit. This one is smaller than the previous one upon her request because she's petite. ^__^ This will also be the final design for any future requests on The Meadow Necklace. There will be obvious variations with each one especially with the foliage and Swarovski crystal placements. ^__^ YAY!


Next week? More Edward Apples and some Edible Art Bellas. ^__^ Please contact me to make sure I have you down for any of these two. I'm pretty sure I have everyone down but you never know 'cause I can be a total spaz. ^__^; Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! See you on Wednesday for Jinni's order!


PS: Check if you're compatible with Rob, Edward and/or Taylor (who is an Aquarius and since Jacob's birth date is still up in the air).

(Currently listening to The Bird and The Bee. Also check out their cover for Don't Stop the Music!)


Laina said...

Dude the Edward Pea Coat Cameo is SOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!

I still have yet to get an Edward Pea Coat, damn! :P

Half nekkid Jacob with a tattoo is EFFIN HOT!! I LOVE how you did his hair! ~_^ Super shmexi, yum! haha

The idea of having a smaller meadow necklace was a really neat idea! The brown on both sides of the bottoms evens it out well - good job!

Myrna said...

Yuppie!! Compatible with Rob (Leo + Taurus=Balance, happiness and a happy ending...^_^) but, not compatible with Jacob (Leo+Aquarius= no balance,challenge or frustration 0_0) lol So much fun!! The Meadow looks gorgeous as always(with the variations, everyone can have their own unique meadow) and Jacob looks SeXy!! I love how all the Edward Pea Coats look together... its cute ^^ Take care!! X♥X♥

Olga said...

OMG! The meadow jawellery is beautiful, gorgeous, amazing! I love it and want so much. Edward, Bella, Swarovski crystal placements...lots of details and colors *_*.
Jacob has a tatoo! He looks dangerous and archly.
Edwards? Never too much! ~_^
You are not an idiot!
I like this song! It's so romance and beautiful.
Sorry that You have to read my entangled English.
I hope You understand what I write.
Respects for You.

Olga from Poland.

BPeterman said...

All those Edwards in one picture...makes me so happy! Yes, I love the new meadow necklace, too, and I think I'll need one at some point. LAINA, WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE A PEA COAT? You need one! He's perfect :) So is that shirtless Jacob...and shirtless Paul...and we need a shirtless Edward at some point, Shy.

Laina said...

Hehe I know I should get one when Shy has the chance to make some more, lol. I think one with his jacket open and glitter would be perfect! But that's just me :P

I luv thee Shy!
That is all ~_^