Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rob Kisses

Several months ago my shop was featured in Twilightations and Lyssa asked me what's my favorite thing about Twilight. I answered that it was because it was about vampires and I love vampires! Buffy, Underworld, Vampire Diaries, The World is a Vampire by Smashing Pumpkins, Lost Boys, Van Helsing, Nosferatu (classic!!) you name it I probably love it (although I draw the line at super cheesy productions that just makes me gag). Well, recently that answer has changed. My new favorite thing about Twilight? I have met some amazingly lovely people because of it. People whom I've become great friends with, people who constantly make me smile and laugh. ^__^ The success of Twilight has gone far beyond just the books, Stephenie Meyer, the films and yes, dare I say even RPattz? O__o Blasphemy, you say?! Hmph! In my opinion, the root of Twilight's success has become the individuals who make up the Twilight community. Yes, there are the crazies ~__^ (don't deny it :P), but as I've said before, Twilight fans have heart beyond their insanity and rabid madness. ^__^ lol You know I say that with much love and affection! I love you all!

Worked on Christine's order of Dean from Supernatural. Yumm. Jensen Ackles is like a Ken doll from across the train tracks. And I do mean that in a good way. lol I've always had a crush on him ever since Days of Our Lives. Grr.

Which brings me to Bride Bella once more. I was looking at her Wednesday night but was still quite unhappy with her when I figured out what she was missing...A VEIL! Doh! Of course!! For those who ordered Twilight Wedding jewelry from over the past few days (I have now schedule for August 15th) please let me know if you'd like a veil on yours as well. This particular Bride Bella has soft touches of pink which will be the standard "theme" color so if you'd like a different color let me know that too. ^__^ Thankies!!!

Also, I just wanted to quickly touch on why I haven't been posting custom orders or requests in my shop. Simple. I've been avoiding Etsy fees. lol I'm just trying to save money. That's all. ^__^

Have you also heard that a kiss from Robert Pattinson cost $20,000.00 a cheek? O__o For that amount of money it better be THAT cheek he's kissing! OO Pucker up, Rob! lol I kinda feel bad for the guy though. I mean...look at him. He looks like he wants to jump off a building. Who wouldn't with a cougar looking at you like you're fillet minion. Hands off, Sharon Stone!! ~__^

Also wanted to let everyone know that my schedule has hit September. O__o I know. Kinda nutsy but yeah...Someone had also asked me if I can post my schedule up somewhere. I didn't really want to do this since stuff happens and my schedule can change. But I decided to just post what I will have from now to the end of June with a WARNING O__o that this schedule is NOT written in stone. :P So please don't be angry with me if I don't have something particular on the scheduled date. Deal? Yes? Okay. lol

May 27th: La Push (Bella and Jacob); Lion, Lamb and Wolf; Edward Apples
May 30th: Biology Necklaces; RPattz Daniel Bad Mother's Handbook Tribute
June 3rd: Custom Order
June 6th: Alice and Jasper Tribute
June 10th: Twilight Baseball Tribute- Jasper, Alice and Edward
June 13th: The Meadow Necklace Tribute
June 20th: Custom Order
June 24th: Custom Haul; Edward Apples; Edward Pea Coats
June 27th: VACATION!! OME!! YAY!!

Other than that...kinda fell behind this week which completely bummed me out. :( And I was on a roll too. lol I shouldn't have told Myrna 'cause I think I jinxed myself by telling her. ~__^ Luvs ya, M!! Next Wednesday will be....oh wait....never mind...look above. ~__^ And maybe something new. Hopefully. ~__^

Love you all!!


♥ Maya ♥ said...


those little people are so cute

i want one


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Laina said...

I think I would agree with you on the best part of Twilight. I suppose normal people in the world are sick of hearing about it and think that it's just like any other fad and will fade away eventually but I think that it's more than just a good story now. As cheesy as it sounds it's given so many people ways of bonding with another, especially mother's and daughter's again.

I also feel for Rob in that moment, that chick's expression was one of a saber tooth tiger - eek!

Bella looks amazing with her veil. It completes the ensemble fully ^_^

Gosh I can't believe your schedule has already hit September! CrAzY!


Luvs you!

Myrna said...

I agree!!! I hadn't met you and your crazy artwork ^_~ lol and Twilight also, help me create a special bond with my older sister (from years of not talking to her) Weird thing, we have the same personality ^^ So,I have a lot of reasons to thank my Twilight obsession.

Bella looks like the perfect bride. Dean looks amazing (hot!!) lol you will catch up again with the things you have to do. ^_~ Luvs u too!! X♥X♥

Britten said...

I feel the same way about my favorite Twilight thing - the people are THE BEST EVER!

Sheryl said...

OME!! I love the veil on Bridal Bella! She looks absolutely stunning. I bet Edward will fall head over heels in love with her all over again (if your charms were the real E and B)! Love them!

SleeplessStoryteller said...

I know this is an old post now, but I wanted to comment here to let you know that Dean is safe and sound here in Victoria.

He's perfect! Excellent work as always!

As for copycats, (who bug me on so many levels) I'm sure they don't come close to your customer service :)

Thanks again!