Saturday, May 2, 2009

Myrna is Trouble

I feel both dread and elation when I get an order from Myrna. Dread because she always manages to scare me for some of the things she asks for and elation because the end result of her challenges always surprise me. ~__^ Somehow it all works out and I'd like to think that despite her "diva" demands (I'm kidding!) I'm better off at the end of the day because I've learned how to do something new.

Myrna's freakin' adorable little alien with piercings, a bunny, a carrot that a towel? lol I don't even care that he confuses me, he's soooo cute. I told her I was going to keep him. I may very well do so. Muwahaha!

(Lip piercings look pretty cute on aliens)

I was a little scared to make these guys. Sephiroth and Genesis from Final Fantasy. I think it was the the shoulder armors that got to me. But in the end they were quite easy but I tend to make little issues like that into big problems. O__o But I was happy that they turned out better than I thought they would. lol And this time I learned to get wing charms so I don't have to make them. Right, M? ~__^

(I feel like they should be holding hands or something...)

I want to thank Myrna for giving me the opportunity to step away from Twilight for a couple of days. ~__^ See you guys on Wednesday where I hope to get some new items up since I kinda fell behind this week. lol Thanks everyone!

Luv Always,

(Currently listening to crazy Korean music. Personally, it's not the type of music I like listening to. I just don't know what it is about Korean music that intrigues me so. It's kinda like crack. You knows it's bad for you but you just can't stop. Weird. Maybe it's the campy choreography? Oh well...honey, honey, honey!)


Myrna said...

Sorry... I guess I always think that u can do everything (which you can!! ^_~ Look how lovely everything turn out. THE MAGIC OF SHY!!!) *happy dance* Yay!! My alien!! He is addicting (I got pics of him everywhere in my house... Can't help it >_<)!! Yes, I also thought it was towel,then my sister told me it was a scarf... It still looks like a towel to (My alien? ;_; Can I still have it? lol)
S and G from Final Fantasy (Aaaaah!! *slap* They are adorable,cute, awesome... I am speechless...) Yep, the wings sounded scary...I admitted. I thought of eliminating them but, but, I wanted the wings...he,he... (sorry... 0_0) Still, That was a great idea!! I LIKE IT!!! They look amazing!! Thanks so much for,even when you feel kind of scare on how it will turn out, accepting my customs orders!! I am really happy with all of them and very glad you enjoy making them too!! Thanks!!^_^ So happy!! As always, your work is spellbinding!! X♥X♥


P.s. Music sounds like PERFUME,and is there little dances that make them stick to me. Also anyone interested on aliens: They have a lot of options to save.

Laina said...

Haha the alien dude is kinda weird but kinda cute in his own way! What is he from?

The S and G look great girlie! I bet you did have fun working on something non-Twilight related.

Can't wait to see my haul!! May 8th right? AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! It's got some Twilight in it but not all of it is Twilight-related! Plus I CANNOT WAIT for you to make my characters! OMG that will be a glorious day ~_^

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! *slap* Okay I'll stop :P

Laina said...

May 6th, even better! Woohooo! =)

paperback.pixie said...

Hope you're feeling better, Shy! I was so sick last week too. The worst!