Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's Get Married!!!

Wow. I'm exhausted. Jinii's order took longer than I anticipated but that was only because I was trying to make my life more difficult. I originally planned to just paint Bella's wedding dress but I found that idea much too boring for my taste. O__o So I tried to figure out a way to make her pop. I mean, she's the bride! And was apparently dressed by Alice herself which meant that the girl had to look darn good. ~__^ I tried to incorporate several fabrics into her charm. Three Bellas later (not to mention a migrain and several hysterical episodes), I finally settled for a cream lace. And I must say that I like the outcome. YAY! Success! ^__^


Other than that...not much on my side. Kinda stressing out about a new project coming up in a couple of weeks that's FREAKING me out like you will not believe. Yes, I'm talking about YOU Christy. lol ~__^ I'll get over it. I usually do. ^__^ This Saturday is Christine and Michelle's orders. Oh, and MORE Edward Apples and of course the Edible Bellas. You'd think I'd be sick of making Edward Apples but I'm not. Especially when I finish one and he's looking up at me with those big golden eyes. *sigh* ^__^ See you all on Saturday!!


PS: No extras since I didn't think anyone would be really interested. I may be wrong though so let me know if you'd like your own Twilight wedding jewelry. ^__^

PS2: Someone asked why I didn't have a hypothetical relationship with Taylor from my previous post. Erm...because it would be hypothetically illegal. I'd go to hypothetical jail before I could say "Grrr, Taylor, grr."

PS3: I'm starving. I'm so hungry I could eat paint. But I won't 'cause that's kinda gross. Thought I'd share though. ^__^ lol

PS4: They're not glazed yet because I wanted to make sure Jinii was happy with the slight changes I made. ^__^


Laina said...

Dude that looks great!

Um of course we would like to see some wedding jewelry!! A necklace of Bella and Edward would be uber CUTE! Hopefully you won't stress over making her dress too much ^_^

BPeterman said...

That piece is so beautiful! Oh, and I'm happy you're not into jailbait.

Helena said...

That is gorgeous. Just curious, why did you stop glazing hair?

Myrna said...

Awesome!! Love the Twilight wedding jewelry,it looks amazing!! It was a great idea to add some fabric,Bella looks adorable ^_^ Bravo!! lol ^_~


paperback.pixie said...

They are all so adorable, I can't stand it! And I love Bella's outfit -- it's so sweet and romantic.

I might convo you on Etsy, in case you need more pictures or description for mine :-) Yay!

practimom said...

They all look marvelous, darling!! I am so sorry I am putting you under stress!! don't freak out! take all the time you need. You know it will be perfect anyway!! I mean, have you seen the stuff in your blog?! Perfect!! (I am so LOL!)

Britten said...

I can't believe Bella's dress!! It is your best work yet!!

Is that actual lace you used for her dress or is that clay that looks like lace?? If it's clay, are you freaking kidding me??? 0_o