Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Office Space

I know I didn't get much done for Wednesday but I was organizing my crap because I have a brand new work space!!! Our study has been transformed into...Shielou-topia. ^__^My very own office. I'm no longer stuck in the dining room. And Chris can no longer dog on me about my crap surreptitiously traveling into the living room! YAY!! Quite happy with it. Needs a little lovin' and personal touches but it's mine! ALL MINE!!! Muwahahaa!!

(Yay! My own space!!!)

I want to thank everyone's support on my desire to attend TwiCon '09. But it's looking grim at the moment. I just have a short time to get everything done and I don't think it'll be even worth it. BUT I hope to do it next year. No, let me rephrase that. It's GOING to happen next year. As I said, I don't care what I have to do to make it happen but it's going to happen. I've rarely met any goals I set for myself in all my 24 years but I have to meet this one. I just have to. Failure is not an option in this matter. I have to go. I must. This is my calling....O__o...Okay, a little over dramatic but I'm desperate to make it as a vendor at TwiCon '10. Unless there isn't going to be a TwiCon '10 in which I'll just cry in the corner. But I'm trying to have a positive outlook!! ^__^

(Oh yeah! Color coordinated, baby!)

Also, just saw a couple of baby pics of Rob on ET. OME! My favorite would have to be the following. LOL I wonder what Rob would look with a leash now? Preferably leather with spike studs and...erm...never mind. ^__^;;

(Hehe...cutie on a leash. ~__^)

Leaving you all with uber cute Rob thoughts,

PS: I've had a bit of a tough week, some of you know the reason why, and I just want to thank everyone for their continuous support and love. Especially your comments, feedback and e-mails. You guys always make me smile and laugh and make the negativity disappear. You have no idea how much it means to me. ^__^ Love you all!


Myrna said...

Your new office looks awesome and comfy (and organize!!)!! lol It feels nice to have everything in the same place... ^_^ Rob's pics are super cute, he is so adorable (^^) Yay!! positive thoughts!! Of course, next year for sure you will be there in TwiCon'10 showing the world what you can do lol (I should go too since, I think I will need some days out of my house... woohoo!! Party!!) It's true,this week is... not a very good one (the hell of finals X_X)But, u make us smile too ^_~(a lot) XD Take Care!! X♥X♥

luv2k2p2 said...

Hey Shy,

You're new office space looks fabuloso!!! It's gonna make you so much more relaxed to have your own space and's not good to have someone bugging you especially during an inspiring moment while your working.

You kinda get into the zone and have your mojo flowing...ya know what I mean!!!

I hate crappy weeks, this has been a really icky one for me as well...what's with that anyway...

Okay...Om Om Om...I'm sending everyone positive vibes now...we're all going to have a
a huge turn of events and all will be mellow!!!!

Yep, Myrna's right make us all smile too,so you better take of yourself or you'll find us all on your doorstep, pounding on the door, disturbing you're reverie (Rob day dreaming, of course), making sure everything's okay!

luvs you,
Barb & Em

Anonymous said...

Hi Shy,Your office looks great!
I hope you're okey. I has really been a dreadful week for everyone (for me too.. :'( .. )