Monday, April 6, 2009

To the Dogs...

The hardest part about having an Etsy shop is keeping myself organized. Generally, I'm a messy person, I'll be the first to admit that. I have this ridunculous (And yes, I have been watching Bolt :P) ability of losing stuff then going to the store and buying it and coming back and finding it right there under my nose. My work space is usually a never ending game of "Where's Waldo?" Except it's usually "Where's the glaze?", "Where's the ribbon?", "Where's the black clay?", "Where's my MeltyKiss!?!?". O__o

(Watch in the 2:20 mark. It's absolutely ridunculous!)

No one messes with me if I hadn't had my dose of candy. It's even come down to me hiding my stash from Chris... O__o What? Take everything else away from me but just don't take my food away. Simple as that. :P lol

(This is what I watch while working. Travel Channel...and scary gophers...)

On a much lighter note, I'm not sure if anyone has heard of THIS amazing story. I mean seriously? A domesticated dog surviving on a deserted island? O__o Leave me home alone for a weekend and you can be sure I would've burned the place down or drowned myself in the shower or something.

(My keys. It weighs a good pound. ^__^)

But anyway, I'm currently still waiting on some e-mails so I can finally finish my schedule. I'll also be doing sketches of my custom orders in the next couple of days so to my Alchemy Requesters...hold tight!! ~__^

Love you all,

PS: Still reeling from what I believe was a rather successful Ebay auction!! Wooohooo!!

PS2: I love oldies. Currently listening nonstop to Etta James. She's a goddess! ^__^


paperback.pixie said...

Yay! Congrats on the auction, Shy!! That's amazing! The piece is just beautiful -- I can't get over that. And the auction winner is a friend, so it's definitely in good hands :-)

I'm really disorganized, so I know what you mean. But I think artsy/creative types are allowed to be messy, right?

And I walked into a Japanese market for sushi the other day, and so wanted to buy all their candy, lol! Not sure which one I should try first, though, so I'll have to do the research!

Myrna said...

Hope you finish cleaning up Love the Bolt video º_º The dog story, very interesting. I did knew about it but, when my friend told me I thought she was joking... So, there really is a dog who survived in an island alone. I think I would die once I notice there are no sweets on the island or something alike related to food X_X. Well, take your time on the alchemy requests and enjoy your mini spring break...

Luvs X♥X♥

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha! Etta James and I have the same birthday ;)

Hope all is well with you dear!

<3 Jaymei