Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feeling Zen

Erm...what did I do for the earth on Earth Day? I didn't drive ANYWHERE. YAY! I didn't really need to go anywhere but it still counts! ^__^ I also attempted Yoga and ate a granola bar. Why? I figure it's something tree huggers usually do. I also didn't shave my legs. Kinda weird...and prickly. O__o

(I also didn't kill this squirrel on Earth day ^__^)

Edward and Nessie. Need I say more? If they do end up making Breaking Dawn, the one thing I'm looking forward to would be watching the Behind the Scenes features with Rob and a little girl. I mean...cuteness awkward would that be? I could just picture him cringing and thinking to himself...."Man, I REALLY should've showered today" when the kid starts crying in his arms. ^__^ But who knows? Maybe he'll grow up and like children by that point? O__o

Maybe he'll get one of the female cast members of Twilight Saga impregnated by then and he HAS to like kids! LOL Good times. about casting me as Leah Clearwater! As a Filipino, I can pass off as Native American, I swear! While working at the liquor store I had a guy with his teeth missing ask me if I was an Injun (And yes, he pronounced it exactly like that O__o). I told him yes and began the rain dance while giving him his change. O__o No? Darnit!!

I also wanted to let everyone know that my schedule has been extended and any more inquiries about items I'm not already making on April, May and June can expect to be on the July waiting list. O__o I know, kinda nuts but people seem to be willing to wait to get their orders done which I am VERY grateful for. If only I could give everyone cookies and a hug. So if you want something please make inquiries now! Don't wait 'cause my schedule can very well extend to August! Questions, concerns? Let me know! ^__^

(Rob: "I need another cigarette." Taylor: "I'm practicing my senior photo pic.")

Love you all!

PS: Someone asked me how I got so much done this week. I kinda cheated. I had the sculptures of Edward and Nessie already finished from last month. ^__^ Pat on the back!

PS2: I just reread this...jeez I'm weird. O__o And kinda rambly. And that liquor store story is very true. Well...except the dancing part. But I was dancing in my head. I should stop typing.

PS3: Choosing a favorite Tori Amos song is like asking what my favorite food is. But I will say that Precious Things and Cornflake Girl are some of my favs. ^__^


Myrna said...

Lovely Edward and Nissie piece... It looks amazing ^_^ Ah!! I forgot it was Earth day (Eeek!! What happened to my brain in these days?) Now I feel better 'cause I ate a granola bar lol :P Scary extended schedule... I know you will to great!! ^^ It was fun to wait!!
Take care!!

Laina said...

Hmm for Earth Day I drove 12 miles to school and 12 miles back, oopsie! The whole "I skipped cuz it's Earth Day prolly wouldn't have flown well O_o

Edward and Ness = totally cute!

Man if I was half the size that I am, and a LOT tanner, and if I could act, I would totally want to be Leah Clearwater! lol Guess those are a few things against me/in between me and Taylor, DARNIT! :P

Rob almost looks constipated in that photo, hahahaha! Sorry hun but ya kinda do. Taylor, I will give you a bajillion dollars if you would let me RIP that shirt off!! ~_^

As for the cheating thing, not such a bad idea - I usually always make extra pendants and have several blank ones on hand in case someone wants a custom order or a random idea flies into my head.

BPeterman said...

Hehehe, yesterday was like a little family photo shoot, good job Goober! I love how the new pieces turned out...those Cullens wear some great clothes :)

Britten said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeee! OME!!! I love Edward and Nessie. Is reminding me of the Nativity set I want by James Christiansen where he has Joseph holding baby Jesus with Mary looking on. A rarity indeed.