Saturday, April 18, 2009

April Snow!? WTF!!

I thought it's supposed to be spring? But it has snowed here in Colorado for the past two days. O__o You know what this means? Apocalypse is imminent. I just hope it can hold off long enough for ALL the Twilight movies to come out. I mean...I have my priorities you know.... RPattz goodness before death! ~__^ Just kidding! The world isn't really going to end anytime soon. O__o Or is it?

I kinda felt my previous Arts were missing something and I finally figured out what! His guitar and harmonica were missing! ^__^ So cute! Plus, there's nothing sexier than a man with a guitar. Well...maybe a man with a box of chocolates for you. ~__^ Or a man with a guitar AND a box of chocolates. If a guy like that comes knocking at your means he's a keeper. ^__^

And then there was Dali, looking all cute and young without that serious pornstache. ^__^ Ugh! I'm dying to watch Little Ashes! Any form of RPattz is good. ~__^ I had more Dalis but as usual...I had to go and ruin two of them. O__o I've been off my game lately. I need to get it together 'cause next week isn't going to get any easier. Yikes!!

And of course more Alice...

Also, wanted to bring up Alex Meraz. Most of you know that this hottie will be playing Paul in New Moon. I always thought he was sexy and approved of the casting choice. ~__^ I mean...look at him. O__O The guy is so hot he can melt all the snow in the vicinity of my apartment. But I now have a much greater respect for him after finding out he's an artist himself. Check out his MySpace portfolio. Right? Hot, talented and oh so charming. now have some serious competition. Better start showering...and I mean DAILY. We'll send you a box of Axe in both showergell and deodorant forms. ~__^ You're welcome!! ^__^

See you all next Wednesday!! Where I hope to sneak in a NEW item! Muwahaha! And no, Laina, you may not know what it is!! :P (Luvs ya!) lol

Leaving you all with hot, sexy Alex Meraz thoughts,

PS: Currently listening to Tori Amos...Loves her! ^__^


Anonymous said...

Lol, You're so funny!! I just love your blog. My week is not complete without checking your very entertaining blog!

Britten said...

DUDE! Tori Amos is the shizzle! My favorite by far. I've loved her for 14 years now (eek gads I'm old!)

What are your favorite songs of hers? Mine are "Cooling", "Apollo's Frock", "Never Seen Blue" and tons of others, of course. =)

Laina said...

Geez! in the words of Eric, "Let a playa play" :P

And you and I both know that I don't bug you nearly as much as I wish I could. I've had to restrain myself from hiking it to Colorado to tickle your silly artsy self into telling me everything that you're posting next!! ~_^

Btw snow = TOTAL LAMENESS :(

BPeterman said...

Well, I already loved your blog, but now that you posted Alex on here, I'd say it's the best blog ever. EVER! Wouldn't he make a wonderful personal space need it, snow is pretty, but I agree with's lame!

silargu said...


Kendall said...

Oooh! I love Tori Amos. And knowing that you like her and are so awesome with all your little Twilight people etc, makes you that much cooler! Love your stuff!

paperback.pixie said...
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paperback.pixie said...

Okay, I'm still cracking up at that apocalypse comment, lol!!