Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Office Space

I know I didn't get much done for Wednesday but I was organizing my crap because I have a brand new work space!!! Our study has been transformed into...Shielou-topia. ^__^My very own office. I'm no longer stuck in the dining room. And Chris can no longer dog on me about my crap surreptitiously traveling into the living room! YAY!! Quite happy with it. Needs a little lovin' and personal touches but it's mine! ALL MINE!!! Muwahahaa!!

(Yay! My own space!!!)

I want to thank everyone's support on my desire to attend TwiCon '09. But it's looking grim at the moment. I just have a short time to get everything done and I don't think it'll be even worth it. BUT I hope to do it next year. No, let me rephrase that. It's GOING to happen next year. As I said, I don't care what I have to do to make it happen but it's going to happen. I've rarely met any goals I set for myself in all my 24 years but I have to meet this one. I just have to. Failure is not an option in this matter. I have to go. I must. This is my calling....O__o...Okay, a little over dramatic but I'm desperate to make it as a vendor at TwiCon '10. Unless there isn't going to be a TwiCon '10 in which I'll just cry in the corner. But I'm trying to have a positive outlook!! ^__^

(Oh yeah! Color coordinated, baby!)

Also, just saw a couple of baby pics of Rob on ET. OME! My favorite would have to be the following. LOL I wonder what Rob would look with a leash now? Preferably leather with spike studs and...erm...never mind. ^__^;;

(Hehe...cutie on a leash. ~__^)

Leaving you all with uber cute Rob thoughts,

PS: I've had a bit of a tough week, some of you know the reason why, and I just want to thank everyone for their continuous support and love. Especially your comments, feedback and e-mails. You guys always make me smile and laugh and make the negativity disappear. You have no idea how much it means to me. ^__^ Love you all!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Forks or Dallas?

I'm feeling MUCH more stellar today. ^__^ After I finished all my orders yesterday I was just NOT feeling it. I stayed up Friday night until 3am to finish orders (and to finish a book too lol) then woke up at 7:30 to glaze and finish jewelry pieces. Lack of sleep makes me nauseous. Chris usually drags me to bed kicking and screaming from my work station at a rather decent hour but unfortunately he is off gallivanting in the Godforsaken mountains camping. And yeah, no, I wouldn't go with him even if he paid me. Ew. Camping? :P So as usual, left to my own devices for less than 24 hours, I got myself sick. YAY! Fun times. And very typical of me. ~__^

(I go through about an average of 3 detail brushes a week and double that on Aleve. ^__^)

But anyway! My goal to take a trip to Forks, WA this summer has taken a back seat. My new goal? I WANNA BE A VENDOR @ TWICON 09!!!!!!!! *starts flailing and having a seizure* O__o I'm okay....

It's a little bit on short notice since I just found out about it yesterday (I know, you'd think I was living under a rock!). So I'm not entirely sure if it's going to happen this year. If I stop taking custom orders now (I know, *gasp* but hear me out for a moment) and save any extras I make I may be able to get enough stuff done to make a decent show. BUT a booth at the con is $750.00. O__o And despite what you may think I don't make bank. Unfortunately. Art school isn't cheap, my friends....erm....I mean art schoolZ. Plural. ^__^; But if they're having one next year then I'm DEFINITELY going. I don't care if I have to walk there with all my crap. But we'll see...and hope. Anyone going? ^__^

(I managed to finish just one extra pair of Twilight Proms this week. YAY!)

I'll also be ordering supplies in the next couple of days since I'm currently low on Swarovski pearls (they're my new obsession O__o) and Swarovski crystals in varying colors but mostly in blues. So if anyone has ANY specifics as to what materials, colors, etc you prefer PLEASE don't hesitate in letting me know. I'm more than happy to try and get whatever you like. ^__^

On another note, I won't have any updates this coming Saturday because it's specifically reserved for Myrna's giganto haul. O__o It's huge. Massive. O__o But drop by anyway because I'll be talking about it on here. Well...if she allows me. ^__^ I should ask first. lol

(Jacob Pillow Book: Team Arwroooo!!)

This has been a longtime coming. I just want to give some love to some of my fellow friends' Etsy shops because I love them all dearly. Laina, my little ninja and dearest Etsy friend, at sweetgal981 sells awesome jewelry. My favorite would have to be her Corset Line. Very fresh, very funky. You must check it out! My boyfriend's mom, Terri, at Rondinelli also sells jewelry. She's new on Etsy and calls it EtsyBetsy. LOL She's so cute. And also Heather, whom I have nicknamed CAPS because of her use of capital letters on all her messages to me, at LUCITTA. ^__^ Love you all!

Other than that...Flightless Bird, anyone? ^__^

Leaving you with sweet Prom thoughts,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feeling Zen

Erm...what did I do for the earth on Earth Day? I didn't drive ANYWHERE. YAY! I didn't really need to go anywhere but it still counts! ^__^ I also attempted Yoga and ate a granola bar. Why? I figure it's something tree huggers usually do. I also didn't shave my legs. Kinda weird...and prickly. O__o

(I also didn't kill this squirrel on Earth day ^__^)

Edward and Nessie. Need I say more? If they do end up making Breaking Dawn, the one thing I'm looking forward to would be watching the Behind the Scenes features with Rob and a little girl. I mean...cuteness awkward would that be? I could just picture him cringing and thinking to himself...."Man, I REALLY should've showered today" when the kid starts crying in his arms. ^__^ But who knows? Maybe he'll grow up and like children by that point? O__o

Maybe he'll get one of the female cast members of Twilight Saga impregnated by then and he HAS to like kids! LOL Good times. about casting me as Leah Clearwater! As a Filipino, I can pass off as Native American, I swear! While working at the liquor store I had a guy with his teeth missing ask me if I was an Injun (And yes, he pronounced it exactly like that O__o). I told him yes and began the rain dance while giving him his change. O__o No? Darnit!!

I also wanted to let everyone know that my schedule has been extended and any more inquiries about items I'm not already making on April, May and June can expect to be on the July waiting list. O__o I know, kinda nuts but people seem to be willing to wait to get their orders done which I am VERY grateful for. If only I could give everyone cookies and a hug. So if you want something please make inquiries now! Don't wait 'cause my schedule can very well extend to August! Questions, concerns? Let me know! ^__^

(Rob: "I need another cigarette." Taylor: "I'm practicing my senior photo pic.")

Love you all!

PS: Someone asked me how I got so much done this week. I kinda cheated. I had the sculptures of Edward and Nessie already finished from last month. ^__^ Pat on the back!

PS2: I just reread this...jeez I'm weird. O__o And kinda rambly. And that liquor store story is very true. Well...except the dancing part. But I was dancing in my head. I should stop typing.

PS3: Choosing a favorite Tori Amos song is like asking what my favorite food is. But I will say that Precious Things and Cornflake Girl are some of my favs. ^__^

Saturday, April 18, 2009

April Snow!? WTF!!

I thought it's supposed to be spring? But it has snowed here in Colorado for the past two days. O__o You know what this means? Apocalypse is imminent. I just hope it can hold off long enough for ALL the Twilight movies to come out. I mean...I have my priorities you know.... RPattz goodness before death! ~__^ Just kidding! The world isn't really going to end anytime soon. O__o Or is it?

I kinda felt my previous Arts were missing something and I finally figured out what! His guitar and harmonica were missing! ^__^ So cute! Plus, there's nothing sexier than a man with a guitar. Well...maybe a man with a box of chocolates for you. ~__^ Or a man with a guitar AND a box of chocolates. If a guy like that comes knocking at your means he's a keeper. ^__^

And then there was Dali, looking all cute and young without that serious pornstache. ^__^ Ugh! I'm dying to watch Little Ashes! Any form of RPattz is good. ~__^ I had more Dalis but as usual...I had to go and ruin two of them. O__o I've been off my game lately. I need to get it together 'cause next week isn't going to get any easier. Yikes!!

And of course more Alice...

Also, wanted to bring up Alex Meraz. Most of you know that this hottie will be playing Paul in New Moon. I always thought he was sexy and approved of the casting choice. ~__^ I mean...look at him. O__O The guy is so hot he can melt all the snow in the vicinity of my apartment. But I now have a much greater respect for him after finding out he's an artist himself. Check out his MySpace portfolio. Right? Hot, talented and oh so charming. now have some serious competition. Better start showering...and I mean DAILY. We'll send you a box of Axe in both showergell and deodorant forms. ~__^ You're welcome!! ^__^

See you all next Wednesday!! Where I hope to sneak in a NEW item! Muwahaha! And no, Laina, you may not know what it is!! :P (Luvs ya!) lol

Leaving you all with hot, sexy Alex Meraz thoughts,

PS: Currently listening to Tori Amos...Loves her! ^__^

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Alice Day!

I got two requests for Alice in her cafeteria outfit which I was grateful for because I haven't made this version of Alice in quite a while. ^__^

Have you also noticed that my pics are getting better? *happy dance* Goober (my camera) and I are getting along quite well, thank you. Now I don't have to smash him into little pieces. O__o You may also be wondering where I got the name Goober from. Well, one of my fav Disney movies is Meet the Robinsons and one of the cutest characters in the film is named Goober.

My next posting date is this Saturday. And just a hint...well...actually it's not really a hint. O__o I'll be posting every Wednesday and Saturday for the months of April and May. O__o I know what you're thinking. It's going to be a bit of a challenge but it's gonna happen (it better, otherwise I'm going to have a lot of peeved peeps on my back :S) and we're gonna make it. I hope you all are ready because the following weeks are going to be brutal. BRUTAL. I have my boxes of Meltykiss...I hope you all have yours too!! ~__^


(Happy music to soothe and calm a petrified soul like mine...O__o)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not really a big deal but still!!!

I was talking to Britten, Administrator at TwilightMOMS, and she told me how she was wearing one of my Edward Apple pieces during her interview with E! Entertainment. OME! At least I can say I was there in spirit...kind of! LOL

Good times....~__^


Monday, April 6, 2009

To the Dogs...

The hardest part about having an Etsy shop is keeping myself organized. Generally, I'm a messy person, I'll be the first to admit that. I have this ridunculous (And yes, I have been watching Bolt :P) ability of losing stuff then going to the store and buying it and coming back and finding it right there under my nose. My work space is usually a never ending game of "Where's Waldo?" Except it's usually "Where's the glaze?", "Where's the ribbon?", "Where's the black clay?", "Where's my MeltyKiss!?!?". O__o

(Watch in the 2:20 mark. It's absolutely ridunculous!)

No one messes with me if I hadn't had my dose of candy. It's even come down to me hiding my stash from Chris... O__o What? Take everything else away from me but just don't take my food away. Simple as that. :P lol

(This is what I watch while working. Travel Channel...and scary gophers...)

On a much lighter note, I'm not sure if anyone has heard of THIS amazing story. I mean seriously? A domesticated dog surviving on a deserted island? O__o Leave me home alone for a weekend and you can be sure I would've burned the place down or drowned myself in the shower or something.

(My keys. It weighs a good pound. ^__^)

But anyway, I'm currently still waiting on some e-mails so I can finally finish my schedule. I'll also be doing sketches of my custom orders in the next couple of days so to my Alchemy Requesters...hold tight!! ~__^

Love you all,

PS: Still reeling from what I believe was a rather successful Ebay auction!! Wooohooo!!

PS2: I love oldies. Currently listening nonstop to Etta James. She's a goddess! ^__^

Sunday, April 5, 2009

OME!!! We made $290.00 for ALS!!

I was praying to God that we'd just get ONE bid on The Meadow Necklace! I never imagined it would go up to $290.00 flippin' awesome dollars! Wow you guys! Thanks so much to those who helped spread the word and to those who looked, bid, the works. You guys are the absolute best! I really have no words.....which is funny because I usually have much to say. ~__^

All $290.00 will go to Alex's Lemonade Stand, TwilightMOMS's official charity. I'm in absolute awe of all you. I hope that this won't be the last time I do something like this. But even now I already have some ideas for future charity projects. ~__^ Thank you so much! Many thanks to Britten, TwilightMOMS Administrator Extraordinaire, who helped me get this up and running! Thank you to Lyssa, Amber and TwiCrack for spreading the word on their blogs. And to all of you! This is proof that Twilighters are bomb, insane but bomb. ~__^

Love you all,

PS: Have I mentioned lately that I love you guys? ~__^

Saturday, April 4, 2009

24 Hours Left to Bid!!!

Just a quick reminder letting you all know that there are 24 hours left to bid on The Meadow Necklace on Ebay!! All proceeds will go to TwilightMOMS's official charity Alex's Lemonade Stand. If you are unable to bid, please think of making a small donation to the cause or just SPREAD THE WORD!! ^__^

Much love,