Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twilight Inspirations...

The best thing about the Twilight DVD? Inspirations Galore!! Most of what I have for this haul are a little bit more intricate than my basic charms but I really wanted to push myself and think outside the box. ^__^ Plus, why not go for it? Push the boundaries. I have the Cullens home!!! ~__^ They were fun to make despite a sore right arm, neck, back and head. -__-; I actually have more charms but they're still not finished. Kinda bummed about that but I've been working non stop since Monday of last week and I'm literally exhasuted. My body is sore and my right arm has been killing me. ;__; Also note that due to some VERY annoyingly late shipments I've been VERY behind in my schedule so please excuse the lack of jewelry and some glazing. You guys still love me, right? :S

More cameos. I love the fact that they're all bed scenes. lol I should call them Dirrty Cameos instead. ~__^ This has a standard matte finish.

Cameos: Bella and Edward in Bed in Twilight (I had to do something like

Cameos: Bella and Edward in Bed in Isle of Esme (What? O__o It had to happen...)

I wanted a way to make certain scenes with certain details into jewelry. So I came up with this idea which are basically little (little? O__o more like flippin tiny headaches from hell O__o) dioramas encased in polymer clay hearts and frozen in resin I'm calling Pillow Books. Why Pillow Book? Pillow Books are actually from Japan and you can learn more here. My Pillow Books are nothing like real Japanese Pillow Books but they're kind of like Pillow Books in that they're thick and they tell a story. ^__^

The first two are of Jacob because I feel like the kid needs some Shielou lovin'. Also added some steampunk elements to them because I love the style and the gears reminded me of Jacob's love of machines. The other one is Bella and Edward's Wedding because I wanted to sculpt flowers and play with some clay I had yet to use. I had two of these but as usual I had to go and ruin the other one in the last minute. :( These have a standard matte finish. I find that it's a nicer contrast to the glossy resin. Hope you guys like! ^__^

Pillow Books: Jacob and his Rabbit (Thanks to Barb who gave me the idea. The Cullens and their cars will soon follow ^__^); Jacob Hot Werewolf (Ahrrwooo!! O__o); Bella and Edward Marriage March (Thanks again to Barb and Laina for pushing :P)

The Meadow Scene Pendant. Check back in a couple of days when I put it up on Ebay to bid on this piece. Proceeds will go to TwilightMOMS' official charity Alex's Lemonade Stand. More on this later but I wanted to show it to you all!! ^__^ YAY!!

Leaving you all with lovely, Twilighty meadow thoughts,

PS: This is a shout out to anyone who speaks Portuguese and Polish. I need your help!! Please contact me! And I'll give you a cookie...and as most of you know...I don't share my cookies with just anyone. :P

PS2: Just a couple of notes before I open the floodgates for custom orders and requests tomorrow: 1) If you have more than one item (let's say 3) that is not Twilight related and are planning to make an Alchemy request then that's 1 full order. 2) I will have an announcement as to when I'll be closing Twilight related requests in my shop as well as here in my blog. 3) Please be patient with me while I take everyone's orders and requests down and make a schedule. I will then contact you letting you know when to expect your items. ^__^ Questions, concerns? You know the drill!!


Laina said...

Dude all of the items look great!!
The cameos are totally detailed that I'm aching just looking at them O_o

I love the Pillow Books! Those are so cool! The brown Jacob one with the wolf is my fave ^_^

The Meadow scene looks AMAZING! God it's gorgeous! It would have been fun to bead it but that didn't work out, oh well ~_^ Can't wait til you post it!


Myrna said...

Amazing!! ^_^ You see, u will do great on everything... the cameos are great, they look lovely (and not dirty *sigh* lol) The Pillow book idea, "Ingenioso"!!! (means "brilliant" in English, forgot the exact work, can't find my dictionary 0_0) the name you choose to called them, it's perfect. Matches very well with the whole concept. I love it!! The Meadow scene...Wow, its out of this world... (What can I say? Your art is unique, you will never find something like that anywhere.) Although it most have being torture all those days you to spend finishing each piece, You did an Amazing job!!! *cheers* Now you can eat candy in peace... lol Take care!! X♥X♥ ^_~

Anonymous said...

Hi Shy!
LOVE your new pieces!
You said you needed to fins someone wh speaks portuguese?
*me me me*
sadly, im STUCK in portugal, so i had to learn.
whats up?
hit me back at my etsy page (lunaby)

best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness they're all wonderful! I especially love the meadow scene ones... OMG such detail!

You always do such great pieces :)

<3 Jaymei

luv2k2p2 said...

OMG - that meadow scene is too die for....ahhh....sparkly Edward...ohhhh I love it.

Love all the new cameos. They are bee-u-tiful!

Okay - I hear a bath bomb, bubble bath, and champagne calling you. Also a total body massage....Hey Chris get the massage oil. Shy is in serious need of some R&R!!!!

Lubs you and take care of yourself!

Barb & Emma

paperback.pixie said...

In awe, as usual! Everything is so beautiful. LOVE the cameos od Bella and Edward in bed -- you even put Bella under the covers to keep her warm! So adorable :-)

Dee-shizzles said...

so AWSOME!!!

the pain will pay off with thoes yummy



love all the ideas you came up with totally
*kawaii* cute!!!!.....
can't wait to see everyone with the cars..

Thanx for holding the LA PUSH BABIES for me
before the NINJA (laina) *snickerstoself* beats
me to it!!!.....joke joke joke....

Laina you promised i can be your MINI NINJA!!!

Love ya lotz Shy dont work to hard!!