Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's another word for "Delay"?

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well! I just wanted to let you all know that my next haul will be delayed due to some back orders and shipment issues with my supplies. So no updates this Sunday. :( Sad. I hope this isn't an inconvenience to anyone but this will give me some time to get all my new items out before I start taking on new custom orders. Yikes!! Even the thought of opening up my Alchemy page makes me nervous. ~__^ Plus, I took a couple more days off this week than I normally do to recuperate. lol And yes, I loved it!! :P

(Still playing around my new camera so more random pictures. This time it's of clay, clay, clay, clay, oh! And more clay! YAY!!)

But as I said previously I will be posting updates on my blog as to some of the items I will have. I'm really excited about the new jewelry I'll be having up for my next haul. I've got some seriously crazy ideas in my head but it should be fun! But we'll see 'cause you never really know if your crazy insane ideas will take. ~__^

(Barb's blue Bella mittens makes another appearance. Cause they're awesome and bright!)

Also, my auction piece for TwilightMOMS will be finished this month, hopefully it will be up when I post my next haul but as I said my supplies have yet to arrive so production has stalled. Lame. -__-

(Our last remaining living plant. O__o Jeez, someone should really water you...)

But onto some really funny news. I'm so glad that I've gotten a couple of you addicted to the amazingness that is MeltyKiss. I've gotten a couple of questions about it so I'd like to take this time to get you all drooling for this melt-in-your-mouth piece of chocolate goodness. First, where can you get Melty Kiss? Ebay is a great place to get MeltyKiss. I mean, come on! You can get anything on Ebay! I usually get my stash from Ebay as well as JBox because they always have new items and their selection is always changing which is a concept I love!! Can't you tell?? ~__^ You can also try to check out your nearest Asian markets/stores.

(Chris' obsession: video games and Battlestar Galactica. And yes, he's a nerd but so am I so I guess it's quite fitting. ^__^)

What other flavors are there of MeltyKiss? They have a nice selection but the ones I know of are Green Tea, Dark Rum (with alcohol), Almond, Strawberry, Gold Bean Winter Premium (limited!), Creamy Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. I've tried all of these and loved them. My personal favorites are Green Tea and Strawberry. LOVE.

(Old brown boots and one of Barb's green wristies!!)

But that's it from me! I'll keep you guys posted!! If you have any questions, know the drill!! Happy DAY!!

Leaving you all with happy chocolate thoughts,


Myrna said...

Now I will satisfy my lovely chocolate dreams... I think I should get around 20 boxes of Meltykiss,they probably won't last long lol ^_~. Its sad that you wont have your next haul this Sunday but, I guess its good for you. You can take a few days more and do whatever you want :P Yay!! Alchemy Page!! I have my list ready!! teehee... :D lol Hope you get your days to relax and that all your crazy ideas come to life... Good news is I have time to buy some candy before your next haul comes. My house is empty, it has no sweets ;_;.

Anonymous said...

I am loving all your pictures, so much fun:) Bella's mittens are awesome, I so want a pair! Have fun with the next haul, looking forward to the next alchemy drop. *coughhaveideacough*

Anonymous said...

Lol!! I have my list ready for the past 2 weeks!! *excited and I can't wait...hold on... anymore...Come on open that Alchemmmyyyy pageee*!!Muwahahaa!!

paperback.pixie said...

Definitely take the time to rest :-) And not be scary, but I'm so waiting on that Alchemy page, lol!

Have you seen Rob in GQ yet?? Sigh...

luv2k2p2 said...

Thank you for Jasper! Emma loves him and the candy too. Muah to you for sending along the yummy treats.

Thanks for showing my gloves and wristlets again! I bet they look great on you - I'm working on something new for you go along with those cool stripped socks you got (had to get Emma a pair too) Darn you Shy for being such a cool trendsetter! Ahhhh I lubs you.....Yes, we're all waiting breathlessly for the new page....I love your "Ta Da" moments!!!!

Barb & Emmy

Laina said...

I can't wait for your new items!! If you're excited then I'm TRIPLE EXCITED!!!! aka Stoked ^_^

Thanks for the info on melty kiss! I'm sure I'll end up craving it sooner or later so I may put that info to use ~_^

Glad you got to have a couple extra days off! Hopefully those supplies won't put a huge damper on things. It's always a pain when supplies either show up later than expected or show up incorrect -_-

I'm also excited for your Alchemy Page to open up! I had a couple ideas but now I'm not so sure. Hmm I'll get to thinking I suppose, haha.

Laina ^_~

Britten said...

Can't wait to see the TMs piece you have been working on! I'm also going to have to check out MeltyKiss! ♥

Laina said...

Okay I've done my thinking and I have three ideas for your Alchemy page :D Uh... oh... mwahahaha

Anonymous said...

Me too .. I've 1 page. Yikes! Just kidding!!

Nicci S said...

Where did you get bella mittens they are great!!!