Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Wednesday!!

(That huge orange, brown thing was a free gift. Unfortunately, I have no idea what it's for and the instructions are in Chinese? O__o)

OME!! The package I have been waiting for for an entire week is finally here. I could just do a happy dance and send it back for all the trouble it has caused me. -__- But I won't because I REALLY need to get to work. I was supposed to get this thing on Friday so I could finally get work done during the weekend but here it is on a freakin' Wednesday!! I know I told some of you that I'll be posting on the 22nd but that's not looking too good at the moment. lol I'll only have a few things up this coming Sunday for a couple of my remaining custom orders and requests then next Sunday will be the day. My cameos will be up and also my auction piece for TwilightMOMS. YAY! It shall be a happy day!!

(Stalled production = decently clean workspace...)

I also want to touch on what will happen when my Alchemy page opens up again. *insert horror sounds and maybe some blood curdling screams* Here we go....please only make an Alchemy requests if your order is outside Twilight. I'm only taking 12 non-Twilight custom orders. Serious inquiries only, please. O__o If you're not satisfied with my pricing or date I'll have it finished (though I do try to be accommodating) then please let me know. I'd rather you tell me so immediately than wait for your answer. And so because of this I will require swift communication in order to get everything scheduled. If I don't have a reply within 3 days from you then your spot will be given to someone else. I'm really sorry I have to add this rule but I waited on four people from custom orders I received last December who barely responded to my e-mails and dragged on their orders until I no longer heard from them. I do apologize but I can't work that way. Not when I know that there are other people out there who know what they want and are not missish about making decisions. O__o Urm, sorry for sounding like a Military brat (though I'm not :P ) but time is of the essence at Shielou. ^__^

(...Take too charms for you...sad Christmas :P)

If your order IS Twilight related then please just contact me. This will be easier for me to do since I like doing "batches" of Twilight items so I have at least 2 or more of everything. Also, make sure you do let me know when you'll need your item(s) by just so I can make a schedule. As I said previously I always try to be accommodating when it comes to due dates so please note as to when you would like your item finished and received. ^__^

(You know how I love naming stuff? Well, I named my car and his name is Carrrlos ^__^ He's a super sexy 95 Grand Prix Pontiac. Oh yeah, baby... (hehe, Myrna, meet my car~__^))

If your custom order has multiple items (both Twilight and/or non-Twilight items) then please make an Alchemy request. I will then make a schedule with all custom orders and requests and I'll let you know when to expect your item(s) by. I hope this makes sense but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. ^__^ YAY! Hope you guys are ready!!

(Liberty: A high maintenance 7-year-old Papillon)

(Koko Bear: A low maintenance, laid back but smelly Shih tzu)

Also, if your item is being sent out as a gift please let me know so I don't add a receipt to the package. Also, please convo me to confirm the address you want the item(s) sent. As always, if you would like to add notes, cards, etc in the package/box let me know and I'll try my hardest to meet your requests. ^__^ Please don't ask for real the Rob Pattinson in a box or a trio of singing parrots. :P I'm not a miracle worker. ~__^

(Hand painted tote bag from last year that's gotten a bit dusty.)

The best way to contact me is through Etsy, and convos usually get a response within three days. If your message is urgent please let me know in the subject so I can respond faster. I get a lot of e-mails on a daily basis and sometimes e-mails can get lost from more recent e-mail stacks so if I have not responded to you in three days please send me another convo reminding me that I have yet to e-mail you in return. I don't try to ignore anyone, I promise! I just suck at keeping my mail organized.

On a sexier note, Michelle mentioned Rob from my last blog post and all I can say is....Yes, I have seen the GQ pictures....

(Ammm...yes please? *drool*)

Leaving you all with hot, broody, sexy RPattz GQ pictures,

PS: Alchemy orders and requests will open on March 30th. ^__^ I know a lot of your are ready with your "lists." ~__^ All I can say is...bring it on! ^__^; Love you all!!!!


Laina said...

YAY!! I'm glad that you got your items ^_^ Although I'm not glad that your schedule is now delayed by 5 days O_o If it were me I would have hurt someone by now, *polishes samurai sword* haha jk

I totally would make a trip to CO and help you bead if I could but I have to return to work on Saturday *sigh*

I can guarantee that my 3 ideas for your Alchemy Page are actually NON-Twilight related ^_^ Although I haven't decided if I want to get all 3 of them at the same time or not. Laina like Shielou enough to not overload her. Laina also likes refering to herself in the third person. *slaps self* haha

Btw, I COMPLETELY LOVE YOUR HANDPAINTED TWILIGHT TOTE!!!!! That is the coolest thing! If only I took the time to paint something like that, haha. It would take me ages to get it to look that neat.

Myrna said...

So,the scary day is approaching... Beware!!! When the custom orders attack!! lol ^_^ Nice car, Nice to meet you Mr. Carrrlos... ^_~ Anyway,glad you got you stuff although it means your small "vacation" is over. The bag is amazing, it looks so perfect!! Rob's pics...hehe *speechless* I LOVE THEM!!! 0_0 Ay, Captain Shy!! We shall all,happily, obey your rules :P lol Hope you finish soon with your orders.
Love u!!

BPeterman said...

What do you mean no trio of parrots?!?! Ugh, well, nevermind then.

Anyone going to the Project Book Babe thing that Stephenie Meyer's gonna be at?

animeangelfish said...

I know I sent in my idea to you about a possible Alchemy request but as I look at it now....While your things are delightful I just don't have that kind of money to be tossing around right now. Especially with this economy :[ *sad face* and I was looking forward to Dustfinger..

paperback.pixie said...

Phew, those Rob I need a glass of water.

And that hand-painted tote is adorable! The hands holding the apple is flawless! Why can't I be talented? Why?!

Good luck with finishing everything! And I promise, I'm only requesting one thing. That's not so bad, right? ;-)

Amber said...

I just posted the blog award from you and featured some of your work. The last time I did that I had a lot of people asking when you'd open up again for custom orders, so I'm sure they'll start coming in from there as well.

Laina said...

Is it sunday yet? I'M DYING INSIDE! rotfl

Dee said...

can't wait for your alchemy page!!!
Yay ^+^

don't work too hard...!!!

i have a crazy charm idea for bella and edward
when she first becomes a vampire
with the mountain lion as edward and
bella in her torn dress...

ps. i hope you take some time for yourself!!!!

Anonymous said...

Two more nights to go...Sat nite and Sun nite. Yippee...Yah! Yah!

Lisa Johnson said...

I'm going over to Etsy right now!!

Thank you so much for the pictures of Rob... yummy!!