Sunday, March 1, 2009

1, 2, 3...Go!!

Green: Available @ Shielou
Red: No longer available

Yellow: On hold

NOTE to Skittles and newbies alike: If you've just come across my blog please visit my Etsy shop Shielou, set up your own Etsy account (it's free!) and send me an e-mail (aka Conversation) and I'll answer all inquiries. ^__^

Once again having issues with my camera. I dunno. I think I'm just technically deficient. Or an idiot. Maybe both. O__o Yeah. Probably both.

Dee convo me for your Lion, Lamb, Wolf choker if you're still interested. Luvs you! Same with you Otaku! ^__^ Laina, I have your Bella AND your Sneak Attack Custom Order. :P Needless to say I forgot what you wanted with them. lol Sonja, I have your Edward. Charlotte, I have your Alice. Hope I'm not too late for Kylie's birthday!! Yikes! O__o

A: RPattz Bracelet: You Choose the Color for Beads!! (from left to right: Art from How To Be, Edward from Twilight, Cedric from Harry Potter and Dali from Little Ashes); B: Cullen Boys: Dressed in their outfits in the Cullen House when Bella comes over (from left to right: Emmett, Jasper, Edward and Carlisle); C: Lion, Lamb and Wolf Charm Bracelet in Purple (Edward as a lion, Bella as a lamb and Jacob as a wolf; D: La Push: Bella and Jacob in Genuine Jade and Swarovski hearts (middle 14mm Emerald heart, 2 10mm Bermuda AB heart, 2 10mm Emerald AB hearts)

E: Jasper during the field trip (with bag and umbrella) in Purple; F: Jasper during the field trip (with bag and umbrella) in simple leather, G: Edward with an Apple and E charm in simple leather; H: Edward in his Pea Coat in simple leather, I: Alice in her dress @ the Cullen House with A charm in simple leather

As always, I try to make 2 of everything in case one gets faulty. So I have the following without jewelry pieces. If you're interested in obtaining a piece(s) convo me and let me know how you would like it put in jewelry form. The simplest I can make them is as a necklace in a leather cord with a lobster clasp (starting @ an avg. of $30.00 each, but please convo me for better pricing estimates). ^__^

J: Art from How To Be (convo me if you'd like to see my reference pic); K: Cedric from Harry Potter (convo me if you'd like to see my reference pic); L: Salvador Dali (convo me if you'd like to see my reference pic); M: Original Mini Edward; N: Original Mini Edward; O: Carlisle @ the Cullen House; P: Emmett @ the Cullen House; Q: Jasper @ the Cullen House; R: Edward Baseball; S: Edward in his Pea Coat; T: Alice for robotsrock; U: sweetgal981 Haul

I will blog more tomorrow for updates and to clue you in as to my next new items, the charity auction and all that jazz! Please convo me if you would like to get something reserved, if you have any questions, if you'd like any other information about the items above, etc!!! I love you all! Knock yourselves out and I will talk to you all lataz! O__o

*passes out*



BPeterman said...

They are so cute, all of them! Although I am definitely an Edward-gal, I was happy to see the Jacob stuff, he's so cute half-dressed!! You are awesome, my dear!

DEE said...


damn you Laina you wicked fast ninja..teehee ^_^
next time i shall be the fastest one!!!

Shielous #1 Fan!!!..

dont work too hard, but keep bringing us those
awsome twilight figures!!!

Skittles said...

WOW these are incredible! I love them all, you're very gifted. I do have a question though and mind my ignorance but I never blog or anything so I was wondering if this was the best place to contact you to reserve an item or request something, sorry I'm really not sure. I love the one with the different Rob characters. Anyway I hope you see this and its okay :)

Laina said...

Gurrrl the different characters of RPattz look so cool! Little Cedric is adorable! lol

Thanks for finishing that custom for me! She's going to FREAK OUT when I give it to her :D

All of the new items look so cool Shielou! I love the AB connector beads in the Lion, Lamb, Wolf bracelet ~ really cool!

Lol, I'm sorry Dee, I was actually surprised that it wasn't taken when I got to it because the Lion, Lamb, Wolf bracelet was, along with like 3 other items, so I wasn't first this time, lol. She'll make another one even if we have to storm her door in CO and make her :P

paperback.pixie said...

The Salvador Dali one is so adorable!

Barb said...

Love the R. Pattinson bracelet and the Cullen boys they are both soooo cute. Dali one came out fabulous!

Hey Skittle:
Go to Etsy Shielou
You can also contact her there to reserve necklaces, etc.

Skittles said...

Thanks Barb, I'll head there :)