Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Presenting....The Meadow....

I feel like I've been very fortunate to be able to do what I do and share it with everyone online. ^__^ Creating art whether it's in the form of jewelry, paintings or even just trying to capture the beauty of a gorgeous afternoon is what makes me content. But being able to share it with all of you is what makes me happy. ^__^

This is my way of not only giving back to the Twilight Community who has in turn given me the ability to do what I love most in the world, creating art, but this also my way of thanking all of you. ^__^ You have all contributed to making this necklace. From those who have supported my Etsy shop since it opened just a couple of months ago to my watchers, my blog commentators, occasional stalkers and even ninjas...you all had a hand in making this possible. Thank you so much for all your never ending support, for the e-mails that keep me smiling and laughing and the occasional hot pictures of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner that pops up during the Saturday before my Sunday hauls to remind me to relax for a minute and just admire. ~__^ Thank you to those who I chat with online about everything and absolutely nothing and to those who have sent me gifts I never expected and always made my day a little brighter. This is for all of you!

The Meadow Necklace is now up on Ebay. Proceeds will go to TwilightMOMS's official charity Alex's Lemonade Stand. If you are unable to bid, please think of making a small donation to the cause or just spread the word. ^__^ Let's prove once and for all that although Twilighters are quite insane (don't deny it!!), our hearts are always in the right place. ^__^

Thank you so much to everyone!! I REALLY love you guys. *tear* *sob* ~__^

With many sparkling and lovely thoughts,

PS: Questions, comments, concerns? Don't hesitate to contact me!

PS2: For whoever wins the bid, if you prefer a different necklace to go with the pendant I can certainly accommodate you with your preference. I just have A LOT of green colored beads so Bidder's choice!

PS3: I'm still taking custom orders (3 more spots!!) and requests. Please contact me through Etsy for more information or if you would like to make a custom order/request. It will remain open until the end of the week. Please be patient with me while I work out a schedule and e-mail everyone for the cost and estimate as to when it will be ready. ^__^ Thanks everyone!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twilight Inspirations...

The best thing about the Twilight DVD? Inspirations Galore!! Most of what I have for this haul are a little bit more intricate than my basic charms but I really wanted to push myself and think outside the box. ^__^ Plus, why not go for it? Push the boundaries. I have the Cullens home!!! ~__^ They were fun to make despite a sore right arm, neck, back and head. -__-; I actually have more charms but they're still not finished. Kinda bummed about that but I've been working non stop since Monday of last week and I'm literally exhasuted. My body is sore and my right arm has been killing me. ;__; Also note that due to some VERY annoyingly late shipments I've been VERY behind in my schedule so please excuse the lack of jewelry and some glazing. You guys still love me, right? :S

More cameos. I love the fact that they're all bed scenes. lol I should call them Dirrty Cameos instead. ~__^ This has a standard matte finish.

Cameos: Bella and Edward in Bed in Twilight (I had to do something like this...lol)

Cameos: Bella and Edward in Bed in Isle of Esme (What? O__o It had to happen...)

I wanted a way to make certain scenes with certain details into jewelry. So I came up with this idea which are basically little (little? O__o more like flippin tiny headaches from hell O__o) dioramas encased in polymer clay hearts and frozen in resin I'm calling Pillow Books. Why Pillow Book? Pillow Books are actually from Japan and you can learn more here. My Pillow Books are nothing like real Japanese Pillow Books but they're kind of like Pillow Books in that they're thick and they tell a story. ^__^

The first two are of Jacob because I feel like the kid needs some Shielou lovin'. Also added some steampunk elements to them because I love the style and the gears reminded me of Jacob's love of machines. The other one is Bella and Edward's Wedding because I wanted to sculpt flowers and play with some clay I had yet to use. I had two of these but as usual I had to go and ruin the other one in the last minute. :( These have a standard matte finish. I find that it's a nicer contrast to the glossy resin. Hope you guys like! ^__^

Pillow Books: Jacob and his Rabbit (Thanks to Barb who gave me the idea. The Cullens and their cars will soon follow ^__^); Jacob Hot Werewolf (Ahrrwooo!! O__o); Bella and Edward Marriage March (Thanks again to Barb and Laina for pushing :P)

The Meadow Scene Pendant. Check back in a couple of days when I put it up on Ebay to bid on this piece. Proceeds will go to TwilightMOMS' official charity Alex's Lemonade Stand. More on this later but I wanted to show it to you all!! ^__^ YAY!!

Leaving you all with lovely, Twilighty meadow thoughts,

PS: This is a shout out to anyone who speaks Portuguese and Polish. I need your help!! Please contact me! And I'll give you a cookie...and as most of you know...I don't share my cookies with just anyone. :P

PS2: Just a couple of notes before I open the floodgates for custom orders and requests tomorrow: 1) If you have more than one item (let's say 3) that is not Twilight related and are planning to make an Alchemy request then that's 1 full order. 2) I will have an announcement as to when I'll be closing Twilight related requests in my shop as well as here in my blog. 3) Please be patient with me while I take everyone's orders and requests down and make a schedule. I will then contact you letting you know when to expect your items. ^__^ Questions, concerns? You know the drill!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Wednesday!!

(That huge orange, brown thing was a free gift. Unfortunately, I have no idea what it's for and the instructions are in Chinese? O__o)

OME!! The package I have been waiting for for an entire week is finally here. I could just do a happy dance and send it back for all the trouble it has caused me. -__- But I won't because I REALLY need to get to work. I was supposed to get this thing on Friday so I could finally get work done during the weekend but here it is on a freakin' Wednesday!! I know I told some of you that I'll be posting on the 22nd but that's not looking too good at the moment. lol I'll only have a few things up this coming Sunday for a couple of my remaining custom orders and requests then next Sunday will be the day. My cameos will be up and also my auction piece for TwilightMOMS. YAY! It shall be a happy day!!

(Stalled production = decently clean workspace...)

I also want to touch on what will happen when my Alchemy page opens up again. *insert horror sounds and maybe some blood curdling screams* Here we go....please only make an Alchemy requests if your order is outside Twilight. I'm only taking 12 non-Twilight custom orders. Serious inquiries only, please. O__o If you're not satisfied with my pricing or date I'll have it finished (though I do try to be accommodating) then please let me know. I'd rather you tell me so immediately than wait for your answer. And so because of this I will require swift communication in order to get everything scheduled. If I don't have a reply within 3 days from you then your spot will be given to someone else. I'm really sorry I have to add this rule but I waited on four people from custom orders I received last December who barely responded to my e-mails and dragged on their orders until I no longer heard from them. I do apologize but I can't work that way. Not when I know that there are other people out there who know what they want and are not missish about making decisions. O__o Urm, sorry for sounding like a Military brat (though I'm not :P ) but time is of the essence at Shielou. ^__^

(...Take too long....no charms for you...sad Christmas :P)

If your order IS Twilight related then please just contact me. This will be easier for me to do since I like doing "batches" of Twilight items so I have at least 2 or more of everything. Also, make sure you do let me know when you'll need your item(s) by just so I can make a schedule. As I said previously I always try to be accommodating when it comes to due dates so please note as to when you would like your item finished and received. ^__^

(You know how I love naming stuff? Well, I named my car and his name is Carrrlos ^__^ He's a super sexy 95 Grand Prix Pontiac. Oh yeah, baby... (hehe, Myrna, meet my car~__^))

If your custom order has multiple items (both Twilight and/or non-Twilight items) then please make an Alchemy request. I will then make a schedule with all custom orders and requests and I'll let you know when to expect your item(s) by. I hope this makes sense but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. ^__^ YAY! Hope you guys are ready!!

(Liberty: A high maintenance 7-year-old Papillon)

(Koko Bear: A low maintenance, laid back but smelly Shih tzu)

Also, if your item is being sent out as a gift please let me know so I don't add a receipt to the package. Also, please convo me to confirm the address you want the item(s) sent. As always, if you would like to add notes, cards, etc in the package/box let me know and I'll try my hardest to meet your requests. ^__^ Please don't ask for real the Rob Pattinson in a box or a trio of singing parrots. :P I'm not a miracle worker. ~__^

(Hand painted tote bag from last year that's gotten a bit dusty.)

The best way to contact me is through Etsy, and convos usually get a response within three days. If your message is urgent please let me know in the subject so I can respond faster. I get a lot of e-mails on a daily basis and sometimes e-mails can get lost from more recent e-mail stacks so if I have not responded to you in three days please send me another convo reminding me that I have yet to e-mail you in return. I don't try to ignore anyone, I promise! I just suck at keeping my mail organized.

On a sexier note, Michelle mentioned Rob from my last blog post and all I can say is....Yes, I have seen the GQ pictures....

(Ammm...yes please? *drool*)

Leaving you all with hot, broody, sexy RPattz GQ pictures,

PS: Alchemy orders and requests will open on March 30th. ^__^ I know a lot of your are ready with your "lists." ~__^ All I can say is...bring it on! ^__^; Love you all!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's another word for "Delay"?

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well! I just wanted to let you all know that my next haul will be delayed due to some back orders and shipment issues with my supplies. So no updates this Sunday. :( Sad. I hope this isn't an inconvenience to anyone but this will give me some time to get all my new items out before I start taking on new custom orders. Yikes!! Even the thought of opening up my Alchemy page makes me nervous. ~__^ Plus, I took a couple more days off this week than I normally do to recuperate. lol And yes, I loved it!! :P

(Still playing around my new camera so more random pictures. This time it's of clay, clay, clay, clay, oh! And more clay! YAY!!)

But as I said previously I will be posting updates on my blog as to some of the items I will have. I'm really excited about the new jewelry I'll be having up for my next haul. I've got some seriously crazy ideas in my head but it should be fun! But we'll see 'cause you never really know if your crazy insane ideas will take. ~__^

(Barb's blue Bella mittens makes another appearance. Cause they're awesome and bright!)

Also, my auction piece for TwilightMOMS will be finished this month, hopefully it will be up when I post my next haul but as I said my supplies have yet to arrive so production has stalled. Lame. -__-

(Our last remaining living plant. O__o Jeez, someone should really water you...)

But onto some really funny news. I'm so glad that I've gotten a couple of you addicted to the amazingness that is MeltyKiss. I've gotten a couple of questions about it so I'd like to take this time to get you all drooling for this melt-in-your-mouth piece of chocolate goodness. First, where can you get Melty Kiss? Ebay is a great place to get MeltyKiss. I mean, come on! You can get anything on Ebay! I usually get my stash from Ebay as well as JBox because they always have new items and their selection is always changing which is a concept I love!! Can't you tell?? ~__^ You can also try to check out your nearest Asian markets/stores.

(Chris' obsession: video games and Battlestar Galactica. And yes, he's a nerd but so am I so I guess it's quite fitting. ^__^)

What other flavors are there of MeltyKiss? They have a nice selection but the ones I know of are Green Tea, Dark Rum (with alcohol), Almond, Strawberry, Gold Bean Winter Premium (limited!), Creamy Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. I've tried all of these and loved them. My personal favorites are Green Tea and Strawberry. LOVE.

(Old brown boots and one of Barb's green wristies!!)

But that's it from me! I'll keep you guys posted!! If you have any questions, concerns...you know the drill!! Happy DAY!!

Leaving you all with happy chocolate thoughts,

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Surprise In Every Box

I think I finally have the hang of it with my camera, Goober. He made my life easy yesterday and today. ^__^ So he's no longer on my list of things I must destroy when I take over the world. O__o

(I luvs you, Laina. lol)

But I just wanted to announce that all reserved items have been shipped. Whew!! ^__^ YAY!! Along with that comes....a story. Yes. I'm going to tell you a rather boring story so prepare yourselves. *Ahem* Myrna and I have a great affinity for all that is chocolate. Yumm.... ^__^And during one of our chats she and I got to talking about Japanese chocolates. Anyhow, I promised her that once I got my recent shipment of Japanese goodies I would send her some chocolates. And I am sooooo happy to announce that my shipment from Japan has finally arrived!! Happy day!!!

(Posting and Shipping Aftermath.....Frightening....O__o)

Japanese junk food is bomb. And because I was going to send her some yummies and I love to share, those who ordered shtuff from me should be getting a piece of Japan with their shipment 'cause I like to spread the love....in the safest way I know how. lol But if somehow they all melt on their way to you then....yeah. Oops? You'll get melty Japanese chocolate. Melts in your package but not in your mouth. O__o Wow, if you take that out of context then it sounds really dirrty. Okay, mind now out of the gutter. -__-

(So pretty much everybody should have gotten a piece or two of Lotte and/or Meltykiss ^__^ Pocky's MINE!!!! :P)

So I was talking to my shop ninja, Laina, and we have both agreed that the fairest way to obtain my pieces would be to post everything in one go here in my blog and then have everybody reserve items. Just so not everyone is waiting for something until God forbidden hours of the morning (wait, don't we all the do that now anyway? ~__^) and everyone can see what I have at the same time so no one is left "Aww, but I like the other one better!! Darnit, SHY!!!! Darn you!!! You're going do Hades for this!!!"

(Totally Random....Socks of the month...Jolly Roger in green and black stripes!! Get a pair here!!)

But if anyone has any suggestions as to a better way to decrease some of the insanity that arrives every other Sunday then please feel free to share. ~__^ But that's all for now. ^__^ I hope to keep you guys updated this week as to what I'll have next Sunday. The more you push the more it's likely to happen. I work well under pressure. O__o *twitch*

Leaving you all with yummy Japanese goodness thoughts,

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lame-o with some Woot Woots!!

My main hard drive in my computer went caput last night Fin. Donzo. End. We had a power outage this weekend and the power surge fried my Randy. And yes, I named my computer. :P

(Why? Why?!)

But I'm grateful that my backup hardrive (which had my most important files) was saved. Relief! My portfolio, my pics, my references are all safe. Unfortunately, all my beloved Bookmarked pages on Firefox are gone!!!! NO!! My supply shops! My tutorials!! My free manga!!!I know. I'm a total geek. O__o I'm currently working on Chris' computer which is giving me a headache 'cause his computer screen is huge and I'm little so I feel like I'm looking at a movie screen.

(Random picture of strawberries. What? I'm testing out Goober (the name of my new camera for those who don't know who Goober is))

(Random picture after I helped myself to a few bites. ^__^ And yes, they were yummy)

So a couple of things I wanted to touch on in my haul for this weekend. La Push, baby, it's La Push. O__o Doesn't seem to have the same effect as when Eric said it in the movie. Oh wellz. ~__^ I had wanted to get this piece done since last year so once again I was glad to finally be able to sit down and do it!! This is also Chris' favorite for some reason. Forget Edward Apple, Bella and Nessie, he likes the charms with the hoods. I don't really understand why but there you go? Guys are weird. O__o

(Went a little Jade crazy with this bracelet. I LOVE Jade. Gotta be my favorite stone ^__^ It's hard to part with them. lol)

Also, as most of you know, I love RPattz, Spunk Ransom. Whatever you wanna call him. :P So I felt like creating other characters Mr. Sex God had played. ^__^ I'd post my reference pics but I obviously can't get to them at the moment until I get my main hard drive replaced. :( SAD.

(My favorite would have to be Dali. ^__^ This is the young version of Dali before the infamously extreme porn 'stache ~__^)

I also have to give some love to Barb who sent me the most amazing things ever!!! A pair of blue Bella mittens and green wristlets!! Can't stop wearing them 'cause they are AWESOME!!! Which leads me to The Cullen Boys Bracelet. She had suggested a couple of posts ago that I should make a jewelry with all the uber hot male Cullens, thus here it is with blue and green Swarovskis to match the amazingness of my hand warmers. ^__^

(Me pretending to work while wearing a Bella Mitten and a Wristlet! The wristlet is far more greener than in the pic. Gorgeous!!)

(Gotta catch 'em all! Cullen boys!! O__o)

And on another awesome note...Lyssa (must check out Twilightations if you haven't already as well as Stuff Lyssa Makes) passed on an award to me! Who knew? ~__^ And to think that only a couple of months ago my blog seemed completely lost in obscurity. But I kept chugging on because I figure it's a good place to vent my utter dorkiness and geekery even if no one cares. ^__^ Happy day! *lol*

Once you win this award you are to list 5 of your addictions & then pass it on to five fabulous friends. Here are my 5 addictions:
#1: Etsy (Loves it!!)
#2: Swarovski Crystals (I have a problem)
#3: Japanese Junk Food (Must try out MeltyKiss!! MeltyKiss=LOVE)
#4: Robert Pattinson (Hellooo, how you doin'?)
#5: Crafting (YAY!!)

I pass this onto:
#1: Laina
#2: Jaymei
#3: Amber
#4: Britten
#5: Michelle (I think this is a good opportunity to finally post something in your blog ~__^ lol)

Happiness!! Also, anything that's left at the end of today will be finished and just put up in my shop for sale. All reserved items should be finished today and posted tomorrow. Everything will then be shipped out by Wednesday!!! Then back to sculpting, painting, etc.

(The extent of my Swarovski crystals addiction. O__o I know, I have a problem)

I've also been receiving inquiries about my auction piece for TwilightMOMS charity. I have started on it and it should be finished sometime this month. Still waiting on some supplies I had ordered online. ^__^ And no, you may not know what it is or what it will look like. :P lol

Leaving you all with good and happy feelings despite a broken computer,

Sunday, March 1, 2009

1, 2, 3...Go!!

Green: Available @ Shielou
Red: No longer available

Yellow: On hold

NOTE to Skittles and newbies alike: If you've just come across my blog please visit my Etsy shop Shielou, set up your own Etsy account (it's free!) and send me an e-mail (aka Conversation) and I'll answer all inquiries. ^__^

Once again having issues with my camera. I dunno. I think I'm just technically deficient. Or an idiot. Maybe both. O__o Yeah. Probably both.

Dee convo me for your Lion, Lamb, Wolf choker if you're still interested. Luvs you! Same with you Otaku! ^__^ Laina, I have your Bella AND your Sneak Attack Custom Order. :P Needless to say I forgot what you wanted with them. lol Sonja, I have your Edward. Charlotte, I have your Alice. Hope I'm not too late for Kylie's birthday!! Yikes! O__o

A: RPattz Bracelet: You Choose the Color for Beads!! (from left to right: Art from How To Be, Edward from Twilight, Cedric from Harry Potter and Dali from Little Ashes); B: Cullen Boys: Dressed in their outfits in the Cullen House when Bella comes over (from left to right: Emmett, Jasper, Edward and Carlisle); C: Lion, Lamb and Wolf Charm Bracelet in Purple (Edward as a lion, Bella as a lamb and Jacob as a wolf; D: La Push: Bella and Jacob in Genuine Jade and Swarovski hearts (middle 14mm Emerald heart, 2 10mm Bermuda AB heart, 2 10mm Emerald AB hearts)

E: Jasper during the field trip (with bag and umbrella) in Purple; F: Jasper during the field trip (with bag and umbrella) in simple leather, G: Edward with an Apple and E charm in simple leather; H: Edward in his Pea Coat in simple leather, I: Alice in her dress @ the Cullen House with A charm in simple leather

As always, I try to make 2 of everything in case one gets faulty. So I have the following without jewelry pieces. If you're interested in obtaining a piece(s) convo me and let me know how you would like it put in jewelry form. The simplest I can make them is as a necklace in a leather cord with a lobster clasp (starting @ an avg. of $30.00 each, but please convo me for better pricing estimates). ^__^

J: Art from How To Be (convo me if you'd like to see my reference pic); K: Cedric from Harry Potter (convo me if you'd like to see my reference pic); L: Salvador Dali (convo me if you'd like to see my reference pic); M: Original Mini Edward; N: Original Mini Edward; O: Carlisle @ the Cullen House; P: Emmett @ the Cullen House; Q: Jasper @ the Cullen House; R: Edward Baseball; S: Edward in his Pea Coat; T: Alice for robotsrock; U: sweetgal981 Haul

I will blog more tomorrow for updates and to clue you in as to my next new items, the charity auction and all that jazz! Please convo me if you would like to get something reserved, if you have any questions, if you'd like any other information about the items above, etc!!! I love you all! Knock yourselves out and I will talk to you all lataz! O__o

*passes out*