Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stray Items


UPDATE on Reservations!!!!

Red: Reserved/No Longer Available
Green: Still Available
Yellow: Amm...being contemplated?

*twitch* I have a lot to talk about. Mucho grando (Okay, so Spanish isn't my forte. I only took French in high school. :P Je voudrais un baguette et jambon? hehe I just asked for bread and ham. ^__^ Yep...I only know how to ask for food in French. Go figure. O__o At least I'll never go hungry in France. YAY! Oui, oui.). O__o What was I talking about again? Oh yes, my haul! ^__^ Crazy week. Insane. I think I lost a couple of years from my life due to the stress. Oh well. Live in the moment, right? ~__^

For those who have been wanting to get their hands on an Edward Pillow Necklace! Below is a group picture of what I have (Without pillows but they will and with feathers!! I had someone complain that they couldn't see his erm...bottoms O__o). Convo me on Etsy as to which one you would like and I'll have it finished, posted and reserved for you!

(A: Light Sapphire with clouds; B: Jamaican Sky with clouds; C: Dark Green with gold stripes; D: Burgundy Wine with gold hearts; E: Midnight Violet with silver stars)

Here's the rest that didn't get their pictures taken or was attached to their jewelry pieces! :( If you see something you like convo me and I'll have it reserved for you! YAY!

(A: Emmett Necklace in Purple and Burgundy; B: Emmett Necklace in Simple Leather ; C: Edward in his Pea Coat Necklace in Blue; D: Bella and Edward Prom Necklace in Blue; E: Bella and Edward Prom Bracelet in Red; F: Edward Apple; G: Edward Apple Necklace in Purple; H: Edward Apple Necklace in Green; I: Dr. Carlisle Necklace in Blue; J:Bella and Edward Baseball Necklace in Blue; K: Jasper and Alice Necklace in White and Black; L: Bella and Reneesme Necklace; M: Alice Baseball Necklace; N: Alice Baseball Bracelet in Blue and Black

Also got a new camera yesterday for Valentine's day from Chris. YAY! I LUV!Unfortunately I don't know how to work it. O__o But it's pretty nifty. So, Mom, you can have your camera back. :P

(Sexy! I shall name him Goober....just 'cause I like naming shtuff.)

Also note that this will be my last batch of Edward Apples and Edward Pillow Aftermaths for the month of February. I won't be making them again until March probably. Sorry, I need to work on some Lion, Lamb, Wolf Chokers (Gotta apologize to some of my girls who have been waiting) and some other stuff that I don't really remember right now. O__o But I know they're important and NEED to get done!

Anyhow! Will blog more tomorrow. ^__^ For now, I'm just gonna go and pass out. After I take a nice, LONG shower. And have a baguette with some jambon. YUMM....

Leaving you with happy jambon thoughts,


practimom said...

Oh, Bella and Reneesme are the cutest ever! I love all of your art! I cannot wait to see my ornament (even though it is probably #254,125 of your special order to do list :)!!!) Well, it's your own fault for being so talented!!*giggle*

paperback.pixie said...
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paperback.pixie said...

Thank you so much for reserving Edward for me!

Everything is so adorable! And I'll definitely be requesting something once you open that up again...I just have to think of something good :-)

BPeterman said...

Shielou, you are awesome. I bet your hands are rebelling now, after that haul! Thanks for everything, you deserve a pay raise!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness are you amazing! I love the Bella and Renesme pendant.... sooo darling. I must have one eventually ;) But no rush, get everything you need to get done first :P Just keep that in the back of your mind :D hehehe

Great job on everything! You're a fantastic artist and really have a great craft, I wish I was as talented :P

<3 Jaymei

Laina said...

I love you . . . that is all ~_^