Monday, February 16, 2009

Shielou's Many Phases

Hello my lovelies! ^__^ Still finishing up items over on my side! I actually went to my parents house for some free labor but my sister wasn't cooperating and my mom was going to town with me new camera. Thanks fam! YAY! I'll hopefully have everything finished sometime tomorrow. ^__^ But I wanted to quickly talk about the new items I had posted last night.

Okay, so.....I don't even know where to start. I guess we'll start with my personal favorite, the "Biology" necklaces. ^__^ I've been wanting to make this piece since last year so I was glad to finally be able to sit down and get it done! The moment when Bella and Edward finally talk is obviously one of the most defining moments in Twilight. And thus I didn't want to design them as basic charms. So I added little touches including Bella's orange bag pack and of course "The Golden Onion." Oooo...I think the heavens opened and the angels sang for a moment there. ~__^

As for Edward, I was reading Britten's awesome blog (Check it out here!) when the movie first came out and she noted how much she would have loved to read Edward's journal that was sitting on his desk, and I was like, "Oh heck yez, me too! I wanna know all the juicy tidbits of this vampire. Not to mention his family!" Cause we all know he would've written plenty about the rest of the Cullens. Like maybe catching Emmett trying on Rose's clothes on a boring day 'cause you know Emmett would do something like that. ~__^ So I went ahead and added the infamous notebook, protectively tucked under his arm. Darn him. ^__^ (Erm...if you do buy one of these necklaces I don't recommend trying to rip it from him. There's nothing actually written inside. O__o Sorry! Just use your imaginations! ^__^ Plus, I'm not replacing it just because you can't control your urges to know Edward's deepest, darkest secrets...and possibly a blackmail picture of Emmett in lacy Victoria's Secret undies. Dirrty teddy bear :P)

(Ammm...I think that's the last of your worries, Teddy...O__o)

But what I love most about this piece are the "Phase beads". For all the hardcore Twilighters out there, we all know that during Biology Bella and Edward were looking at onion root slides under the microscope. And if you didn't know that then you should be ashamed of yourself! Now get out! Just kidding! I love you all. lol ^__^ I Yahoo'd (And no, I don't Google. I'm a rebel like that. :P) the phases and found pictures of them and was like, "Hey, these look kinda cool. Maybe I can make them into beads." So that's how that came about! ^__^

Moving on! Okay so...I had a couple of requests for Bella and Reneesme jewelry. ^__^ Again, I didn't want to take the easy route of a basic charm for them so instead I sculpted out Bella holding her daughter in her arms. While reading Breaking Dawn, the clearest moment in my head was when Bella and Nessie finally met each other face to face. I'm not sure why it was so vivid in my mind but it was so clear that I knew if I was going to make a charm of them that it would have to encapsulate what I had pictured in my head. No excuses, no shortcuts. ^__^ Quite trying to make but it was all worth it because I personally love it. And I think some people can get away with saying "Oh, it's a charm of me with my daughter." O__o Well, if you're a brunette and your child's a lovely redhead. ^__^

(I was also a bit surprised about the immense response to this particular item. Maybe 'cause I've been staring at it for 2 weeks....O__o)

I also wanted to quickly remind everyone to be careful with my more intricate items including Edward Pillow Charms and the Bella and Nessie charm above. I do the best I can to ensure that my charms are sturdy but realize they are still made of clay and clay can break. So I don't recommend sleeping, bathing, swimming (especially for Edward pillow charms since his pillow is made of fabric) or any hardcore, rigorous activities (this includes rolling around on the ground, WWE wrestling (O__o) and other hanky pankies you crazy lot do on your free time ~__^) .

I'll also be working on a very ellaborate piece this week that I'll be posting on Ebay to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Procedes will go to TwilightMOM's official charity called Alex's Lemonade Stand (Check it out here!!). It's a great charity and I'm very excited (especially with what I have in mind!)!! ^__^ I can't say much more but please stay tuned!!

You guys still with me? O__o I told you I have much to post! So on to the next! This next one I was barely able to part with. I was thinking of keeping him for myself 'cause he's just so darn cute and the thought of having a mini Edward just chillaxin' on my chest was causing serious heart palpitations. He's part of my new line of what I'm calling "Cameos." Others will include The Meadow scene and Bella and Edward laying in bed together ^__^. *giggle*.......

O__o I can't believe I just giggled. Jeez. You'd never think I was already 24. *rolls eyes*

Leaving you all with Edward in bed thoughts,

PS: Questions, concerns, you know what to do! ~__^ I also want to thank my awesome new IM pals. You know who you are and I love you all! I'm not on often (My Busy sign is always up most of the time) but when I can take a break I tend to chat with whoever's on. ^__^ My account id is shielouperez if you'd like to join in on the short bouts of madness! O__o

PSS: Last night was insanity. O__o My mom noted to me that I post really late and that it's kinda mean. I have a very weird circadian clock. I wake up at around 9, drink a Red Bull and get to work at around 10 and I pretty much don't stop until 1-2 in the morning. I should've realized that normal people don't stay up as late as I do. I'm sorry! I don't do it on purpose. :( I'll try and start posting earlier. ^__^


BPeterman said...

Shielou, the whole collection was great! Looking forward to ebaying for the charity :) Shame shame on Emmett, I always figured he was up to something freaky!!

Laina said...

Dude the biology necklaces turned out to be killer! I love the phase beads because I just had to do the same thing in Bio last semester. A bit lameo for college but hey it was right on timing for Twilight =D

The Bella and Renesmee charm is absolutely adorable! I can't really think of anything more appropriate to say, lol.

Can't wait to see the eBay piece that you'll be doing! Since it's a charity auction that's great, but I'm afraid to see how high the bids might go O_o

Can't wait to see more cameos! The Edward one turned out to be really sweet!

paperback.pixie said...

Love Edward's face in the drawing! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love them all! I really love your idea on the "phases" necklace, that was genius! Also the Bella and Renesme necklace is so darling... :)

Great job all around girl!! I can't wait to own more pieces of yours :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Shielou!
I love the biology necklaces and also your Bella and Renesmee figurine. It has amazing detail!
Edward's face in the drawing is priceless! :D
What's your AIM?

DEE said...

OMG Shielou
I've MISSED YOU!!!<3<3

you made my HEART pump up so bad
when i saw your Cameo of EDWARD!!!!

its tooo tooo tooo CUTE *kawaii^_^*

miss you


ps Dee said...

my bf really liked your
Renesme & Bella necklace
he said it looks like me and our daughter
curls and everything...teehee

Lyssa said...

Wow, you are awesome!! I love all those designs!!!
K I have an award for you over at my "make" blog:

luv2k2p2 said...

Wwaaaa (sobbing loudly) - I missed your unveiling of new Sheilou
uniqueness...where was I???? Under a rock no doubt! Sheesh - kill me already!

Can I just give you my bank account number, hahahahaha...
love Bella and Nessie, toooo cute. Exactly how I envisioned them....The bio necklace, WOW incredible (like you , lol)

Edward on the cameo, LOVE IT!!!!

Okay...I'm getting all hot and bothered for the MEADOW SCENE CAMEO,(sparkly Edward, ohhhh - yummy, and Bella too of course!

The charity story made me cry - You are one amazing person - thank you for helping Alex's Lemonade Stand!!!!

By the way, nice Emmett's fishnets!
Barb and Emma

Britten said...

Eeeee! I love that you added his little book! Thanks for mentioning my blog =)