Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pillow Talk

The infamous Edward vs. The Pillow necklace has finally arrived @ Shielou! There's not much to say. He's pretty self explanatory. I realize Stephenie's vampires don't have fangs BUT come on! I had to add it! It just wouldn't be the same. ~__^Also, the pillow is made of white felt. I originally had it as clay but it was far too heavy and his arms kept falling and it was this whole big mess.

(Silly virgin vampire ~__^)

Which leads me to the Edward vs. The Pillow 2.0 necklace (which is my personal favorite ~__^) that I call "The Aftermath: The Massacre in Little Isle Esme." Sounds kinda brutal but I find it rather fitting. I mean...what would go through your head if you walked in on Edward with a torn pillow in his mouth and feathers everywhere?

O__o That's actually a really good question. Knowing me I'd probably jump on the bed and chant "Me next!!! Me next!! Me neeeeext!!" like a raving Twilight lunatic.

O__o And yes, I have issues. But we should all know this by now!

(Feathers! Wheee! FYI, I currently have feathers everywhere on my desk at the moment. It looks like a bird had died on my table. O__o But I'd like to think that Edward had torn into a pillow and went to town in my work station. *__* Yes. I do like that imagery.)

I've also started adding a signature to all my charms. So if you see an SP on the back of the charms it means it's completely hand sculpted and hand painted by me. Plus, who would turn down stamping their initials on Edward's bum anyway? ~__^

But other than that...I wish I had more pieces finished. But my charms do take time and I hate rushing because mistakes are very costly and I want to give you the best product I can possibly make. ^__^

(Shielou's awesome computer screen background. I think I snatched this from an RPattz website. O__o Oh and Red Bull. Robert and Red Bull. What my life consists of. O__o Like my messy desk?)

Which led me to the decision to post hauls every other week instead every week. It will give me 2-3 days for sculpting (which is, in my opinion, the most time consuming), 2 days for painting (which is my favorite part! YAY! Paint!!), 2 days for touch-ups and additions (for me sewing tiny pillows for Edward can be a nightmare O__o Bloody fingers aren't pretty especially when you don't have a sexy vampire around to clean it up :P), 1 day for glazing (and yes, believe it or not glazing is a critical step in my work. It' the last step for my charms and it's a make or break moment because if the glazing gets screwed up then it won't be sold), 2 days for making jewelry and sketching custom orders (a lot of my jewelry pieces are one of a kind, I try to avoid going back and doing the same thing again which can be even more time consuming but I personally think it's great ^__^), 1 day for posting and responding to e-mails (it takes forever taking pictures, cropping and describing my items. I wish I can just say "If you really want the details then Convo me ~__^), 1 day for shipping and supply shopping (YAY! Shopping!) and 2 days for a much needed breather and responding to more e-mails. Which all equals to 14 days which is perfect! ^__^

(Barb's requests! Just so you guys know that I did try this week! :P)

Hopefully this scheduling will be more productive for me. But who knows at this point. O__o Ever since opening up my shop I have struggled to manage my time. I really believe that time management is an important factor in having an Etsy shop. It's also one of my many downfalls since I lack proper organization skills. O__o And as I mentioned previously, I tend to make things on a whim rather than a really thought out plan. I LOVE making lists, I mean LOVE. I can make lists from here to eternity but it's very rare that I actually stick to them. Which is unfortunate because my lists are freakin' awesome! ~__^ (ie: New Year's Resolution List)

I need a manager. However, I'm much too stubborn and too independent when it comes to my work to follow one. Trust me, Chris has tried on several occasions to manage me and all he got in return were stern "I could kill you" glares and "You're such a douche" eye rolls. O__o I know! I should be ashamed. ^__^

(Shielou's daily diet. Wonder why I'm so freakin' hyper all the time? O__o *twitch*)

I've also been having issues with my hands lately, which escalated a bit this week. I'm not entirely sure what's going on with them. I'm not in pain, which I'd like to think is a good sign, but sometimes the joints in my fingers stiffen and it's hard to bend them. I'm hoping it's not early signs of arthritis since that does run in my family. I'm a bit freaked. I'm only 24 after all but I'm trying to be optimistic about it. I'd like to think it's only the cold weather and/or maybe my hands are just trying to tell me I shouldn't work so much. ~__^

(Edward digital painting STILL in progress! UgH!! But he's lookin' hawt! Grr... O__o)

But I would like to thank all of you for your absolutely wonderful ideas for jewelry from my previous blog post. I have most new items sculpted out and only need painting so please bare with me while I experiment and continue to finish! I know you're all as excited as I am to see new items but I just can't rush it. Also, I'm still NOT taking any custom orders at the moment but I'll have an announcement as to when that will happen! ^__^So please be patient while I continue to finish the requests I have now and getting new items up and all that jazz. ^__^ I'm only one person and on top of that I'm completely addled brain so you must forgive me! O__o Pretty please? ~__^

Leaving you all with flying feathers and nekkid Edward thoughts,

PS: Head on over to Twilightations and become part of my giveaway with Lyssa! My giveaway is the winner's favorite Twilight character on a necklace with beadings of their favorite color! If you've already bought an item from me and you participate in the giveaway and win I will make a special jewelry piece for you! *__* I'm not entirely sure what it'll be yet but I'm pretty sure we'll come up with something. ~__^

PSS: So it's about 8:00 in the morning and I'm completely sold out. lol I actually thought if I posted my stuff late then they wouldn't be sold until the following morning at the earliest. :P next haul won't be until next week. I'm aiming for February 15th. I'll keep you all updated with my progress! ^__^

PSSS: (I know I'm pushing it :P) My Yahoo Messenger name is shielouperez. ^__^ IM me we'll chat! Well....if I'm on. ~__^


Anonymous said...

Lol, They were gone! I should up all night last night huh! Anyway, hoping you have more up today and I'll wait.

Laina said...

I hope your hands feel better/ work better soon! They say that continuing your craft and keeping your hands active can help prevent or diminish arthritis if you have it or if you're at risk of getting it.

I can't wait to see what other new designs you have coming out! =)


Lyssa said...

Nice on the new designs! I love the pillow work!! lol I laughed when I saw them.
And nice job on being sold out! Your fans love you!
Well I can't wait to see what happens over at your giveaway! You should take a break or work too much!

luv2k2p2 said...

Okay -
Can I just say....ohhhh I love my cute baseball necklaces and they're on your blog!Thank you!

Pillow talk ones are a RIOT! hahaha

BFF necklace - Alice and Bella?
Cullen bro necklace -Em, Ed, & Jaz
(like you need any, plus your hands hurt, yeesh, what am I thinking)

Anyhoo - Please take care of yourself and I NEED THE NAMES OF THOSE SPAS!!!!!

I luvs ya,
Barb :-)

BPeterman said...

Try paraffin hand dips, they are supposed to work well for people who do have joint issues, at least that's what I hear, and they do feel GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Great work girl! I love them! I definitely giggled when I saw them :) especially the one with the little feather on Edward's head! I'm going to need one of those eventually ;)

I hope your hands feel better! But what everyone else said about them is true, all good advice :)

<3 jaymei

Laina said...

Dude I can't wait for your next haul! I'm excited to see some new ideas (again), lol. But don't work yourself to death! :D :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats on selling them so quickly! I am still loving my Alice necklace so much:) I blogged all about it over at my LJ and at the JasperAlice LJ community. And now you have me watching Twilightations as well.

Georgia said...

I lurve your beautiful work :)

I have been drooling over it since Britten bought her first necklace from you, I adore it!!!


CassH said...

Hello shielou!

It just occurred to me that you may not be getting my emails because I was actually replying to your comment on my blog (I am so blur sometimes!)