Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where has Shielou been?

Holy badunkers, Batman, I'm alive! (And yes, I just made up another word. I should start my own Dictionary and call it Shielounisms) Anyhow! Yeah....I'm a bit out of it. I haven't stopped working since Tuesday and there's really no end in sight. O__o And to be completely honest, I actually don't mind. I know, have issues. O__o

Soooooooooooo.............I love Paula. I wish all my major custom orders went as smoothly as hers did. A total breeze despite the number of orders. Totally patient. Never nitpicky. I love her. And that is all I'll say. She's awesome. Plus, she's agreed to adopt me! ^__^ Love you, Paula! Expect me in the next couple of weeks. I'm free of fleas and completely housebroken. Woot!

I'll admit, I almost had a heart attack when Paula said she wanted a bracelet with all the Cullens in their baseball uniforms. I freaked out a little, almost peed in my pants, the whole ordeal. But I calmed down and looked at it more as a challenge. I thought to myself "Bring it." For some people the concept of hats, caps, beanies, fedoras, etc is quite simple. Plop it goes on your head and off you go. But when it comes to my little charms...the concept isn't as simple. But I figured out a way and I'm quite happy with the outcome. ^__^

(From Left to Right: Emmett with his cap all a skewed (silly teddy bear ~__^), Mommy Esme, Daddy Carlisle and his scarf, Bella (who was wearing something other than blue), Edward (who was the easiest to make ^__^), Alice (loves her!), Jasper (so austere ~__^), and Rose.)

I must actually thank Laina (sweetgal981) for the hats. She had ordered a charm a while ago that required a hat and I knew then I had to make it happen. To me saying "No" means admitting defeat and I refuse to be defeated. O__o Whoa...Narnia moment. (Anyone else watching this on ABC channel right now? lol)

Carlisle also gets his own necklace. Finally! YAY! He's wearing the outfit he wore at the police station when Waylon died. He also has his doctor's bag and a specially ordered stethescope charm. Too cute. Carlisle's pretty cute too. ~__^

I also had two options for Paula for her Jasper and Alice charms. She chose this because it reminded her of one of Alice's many bracelets. ^__^

(Dyed turquoise Jasper beads *giggle* and glass beads)

Also, I wanted to share with you guys this hilarious Twilight spoof Paula's daughter had made (She's the one receiving this bounty of jewelry. Lucky. Jeez, Mom. Would you buy some of my stuff and give 'em to me?!). It brought on the LOLz. Must see. Must watch.

Leaving you all with happy cardboard-Edward thoughts,

PS: Thanks so much to everyone for all your ideas. My list has grown considerably since then. If you have anymore let me know! Don't be shy! This is the world wide web. There's no need for shyness. ^__^ See you all on February 4th for my next haul! You guys excited or what?! YAY! It shall be a happy day. And I shall sing and do a dance. And then I shall pass out. Just kidding! Too much work for sleep. Pfft. Who needs sleep anyway! ~__^


Laina said...

OMG that video was flipping hilarious!! I would not be able to do that without laughing! Was that a school project of some kind? Gotta love the glitter at the end!! lmao! hahahahahaha

Wow girlie that bracelet turned out to be totally rad! They all look so cute! Especially Mr. Monkey Man Emmett with his sideways cap ~ adorable!

Can't wait for your next haul! And I definitely CANNOT wait for the results of all of your new ideas, whenever that may be ^_^

P.S. Glad I could be of help with the hat thing! I absolutely love my little J. Loren! Everybody who sees him thinks it's so cute! I can't wait for the real J. to see it when they come back to town ;)

Later tater!

Anonymous said...

You're blog is quite intertaining. I just loveeedddd itttt! Can't wait to see all your new creations. You're such a talented artist.

wepasagirl27 said...

Wow, a whole blog post devoted mi madre. I feel proud. ^-^

They look fantastic and I can't wait to see them up close and personal. It was a lot of fun to collaborate with you and my mum on the jewelry. I can't even pick a favorite. I love them all! You put so much detail into everything you do.

I'll definitely be watching for your next haul. Can't wait to see Edward vs. the pillow, lol.

By the way, adopted sister, thanks for posting my video. I'l be a YouTube superstar in no time!

Stitch-n-Snitch said...

The baseball bracelet is incredible, really. I'm in awe of your crafting prowess! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay - can I just say you're craftsmanship and artistry never fail to amaze me! I can hardly wait for the unveiling on Feb 4th!

luv2k2p2 said...

OMG-You've done it again!!!!
The things you made for Paula are FABULOUS! Lucky U - Paula. Her daughter's video is HILARIOUS!!!

I think we should declare a "Sheilou Day", now that would be fun! Can hardly wait for Feb. 4th