Sunday, January 4, 2009

Off to a Good Start in '09.....^__^

YAY! Thank you to all who participated in my December Giveaway! It was uber exciting and I was so glad to be able to do it. ^__^ Congratulations to mysticjess for winning the Twilight Giveaway and Myrna for winning the Shielou Giveaway! ^__^ For everyone else, thank you soooo much, and never fear because this certainly won't be my last giveaway, I promise! There will be plenty more chances! ^__^

Also, I wanted to give you guys a peek at my newly extended work station. YAY! All I really wanted for Christmas (other than awesome cool socks!) was more work space. My one lonely table was just getting hammered from abuse. Poor thing has paint and glaze splattered all over it. O__o Fortunately, I had a couple more tables added and so I now have a table solely for sculpting, a table solely for painting and another for both making jewelry and shipping. It's not The Office but it does its job. ^__^.......Er.... O__o but if it were The Office I'd be Jim (see which The Office character you are!). I've been watching the show nonstop for the past week. My boyfriend's a fan. ^__^

Now, we originally had a Dali painting above my work table (Dali's my boyfriend's favorite artist. Kinda ironic ~__^ Can't wait until Little Ashes!) but I had a habit of just gazing at it while I was supposed to be working. His paintings are absolutely fascinating. You can't help but just stare at it whether to put some kind order to it or just bask in its lack of orderliness. Anyhow, although I have greatest respect for Dali I abhor wasting time so what did I do? I put up posters of Bumble Bee and Jack Skellington instead. Haha! I know, Dali is turning in his grave. I should be ashamed's Bumble Bee and JACK!!

(The Apotheosis of Homer by Salvador Dali)

(Bumble Bee and Jack! Yay!....And is that...Taylor Lautner down there?)

So I figured that if I state what I'll be working on in my blog there's a better chance that I'll get them done. Like what I did on my Dec. 16 blog. I think it's because I know people are reading it and are expecting stuff on a certain day. And if there's anything I hate it's disappointing you guys so it'll give me motive. ~__^

January 11th Posts

1) Laina custom order

2) Myrna custom order

3) TDreamer custom order
4) Alice & Jasper Bracelet (possible custom order)

5) Alice & Jasper Necklace in Blue
6) Edward Apple Necklace in Green

7) Edward Apple Necklace in Purple (custom order)
8) Edward Apple Necklace in Red
9) Edward Apple Bracelet in Fancy Blue and Gold

10) Edward Apple Necklace in Blue
11) OME Edward Necklace in Original

12) OME Edward Necklace in Original

13) OME Edward Necklace in Red

14) Lion, Lamb and Wolf Choker in Red

15) Lion, Lamb and Wolf Choker in Purple

16) Mini Bet on Alice Necklace in Red

17) Mini Bet on Alice Necklace in Red (possible custom order)

18) Bella and Edward Necklace in Jade

19) Bella and Edward Bracelet in Red

20) Bella and Edward Bracelet in Turquoise

21) Twilight Bella and Edward Prom Necklace in Blue (custom order)

22) Twilight Bella and Edward Prom Champagne Kisses Necklace (custom order)

23) Twilight Bella and Edward Prom Bracelet in Gold

I realize the list is kind of...aiming high. O__o Maybe a little too high? But I figure I really should take at least ONE of my New Year's Resolutions seriously since I've pretty much failed on most of them. Damn those cats and their cute way of flushing toilets! And damn Rob for being cute period. *__* His hair.....that smirk.....all that....chest hair? O__o I know, I have issues. >__<

I also wanted to quickly mention that you know you've reached a certain level of "fame" *giggle, giggle* ~__^ when you begin to inspire others. ^__^ Check out some sites here and here!

My mom says I should be annoyed but I refuse to be. You only become annoyed when you lack the confidence to be creative, when you lack the confidence in yourself and your work. I wasn't the first one to make clay characters. I was inspired by others as well. ^__^ And people who I inspire to make their own clay charms then inspire me to push forward and to think outside the box. And the challenge of coming up with new ideas is what keeps artists, like myself, excited. ^__^ We can't quit, we can't give up, we can't get bitter about it but "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." ~Walt Disney moving forward!!! ^__^

Lotsa luv,


Anonymous said...

Dali is my favorite artist as well! haha, I have a huge subway poster of one his pieces in my room :) I can't wait for Little Ashes either, I think Rob will do a great job!

Thanks for the encouragement! I might... we'll see :)


Laina said...

Dang girl you have alot on that list! lol
So stoked that mine is on the top ;)
As Dory once said, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" :o)

Stitch-n-Snitch said...

I think your charms are still the cutest! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree Stitch...:)

Lyssa said...

I agree with Jack skelington...
LOVE that movie
ANd don't worry about those other sites, you are the original and yours are way better!

Anonymous said...

Your merchandise had been recognized at Trendhunter Magazine. Here is the link -

Your biggest fan

animeangelfish said...

Ooo, that's so exciting. You have a lot of things to do! The only reason I even JOINED Etsy was to get alerts from your shop. It's really sad actually because every time I try to order something it's already sold. I'm tempted to do a custom order(event hough it would end up being exactly like something you've done before) but seeing the massive list you have there I would kick myself for adding to it.
Here's to hoping you don't keel over getting all this done!!