Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Next Big Haul!

Hello my lovelies! ^__^ So...big news. I'll be working on some major custom orders in the next few days that's due soon including another 8-charm bracelet. O__o *groan* Even typing it makes me antsy. ~__^ So my next huge haul for my shop won't be until next month. I know! "What the heck, Shielou, you freakin' slacker! Jeez!!!! You're fired!!" O__o

1) Paula's Cullen Family Baseball Bracelet
2) Paula's Jasper and Alice Bracelet
3) Paula's Carlisle Cullen Necklace
4) Cin's Annette Keychain
5) Konstantine's Jasper Baseball Necklace
6) Christine's Bella and Edward Necklace
7) Dee's Lion, Lamb, Wolf Choker
8) Otaku's Lion, Lamb, Wolf Choker

If you feel your order needs to be on this list then convo me. But if it can wait a bit longer then not only will I be eternally grateful but I'll also give you a cookie. And trust me, I don't share my cookies with just anybody. ~__^

I'm aiming for February 4th for my next huge haul in time for my giveaway @ Twilightations on the 5th! Also, I hope to have some brand new items up by then including my much anticipated Edward vs. The Pillow necklaces. Which is making me even more nervous because if it sucks then everybody will be like "Ugh, I waited for THAT?!" Then I'd cry in a corner. :S And I also think it's due time that Emmett finally make an appearance @ Shielou. The poor boy would be ashamed...maybe even a bit upset at his lack of presence in my shop. I love you, Emmett. Who's my favorite teddy bear?

(Aww...don't be like that! We wuv you...want a cookie? ^__^)

But that's pretty much it from me. Off to work I go. ^__^ On another note, if you guys have a favorite moment from the movie or in any of the books and would like to see it in jewelry form then comment below! ^__^ I would really love to hear your opinions. ^__^

Much luv,


Stitch-n-Snitch said...

Wow--you've got a lot on your plate. NO WAY you're a slacker! ;)

I'd love to see some jewelry from the "newly unbreakable" Bella from Breaking Dawn. How about the first hunting trip?

DEE said...

YOu are the BEST!!!!<3
not a SLACKER!!!

my order can wait ^_^ no rush<3<3
because when your paitent you get the best!!!!

<3 i would love to see in Breaking Dawn
& EDWARD in his TUXEDO....or them in bathing
suits on ESME ISLAND!!!!!...<3<3


ps. i'll keep thinking and let you know
my brain is going crazy thinking of like a million!

Anonymous said...

Like the others said before me... you're not a slacker! You've gotten a lot done and we all know you have your own life too ;)

i'll be thinking about what scenes i especially liked... i know of few scenes that are my favorite, but they'd be hard to make into little sculptures ya know? like when they're at the restaurant and he says "i can't stay away from you anymore"... and maybe even a pregnant Bella? there are so many... i'll have to think and let you know :)


Laina said...

Ahh the possibilities are endless! I wrote a novel so I have to convo you ;)

animeangelfish said...

OMG wow. that is alot on your plate! I can't believe it.
I can't wait for Emmett to appear. My favorite part from the movie would have to be him in the kitchen waving with the knife in his hand xD that would be hard to do so anything with Emmett really... NEVER see stuff of Leah Clearwater out there and I'm curious as to what you would picture her as...which could be difficult considering she hasn't been cast yet..

iluvme21 said...

You definitely aren't a slacker in any sense of the word!!

I for one can't wait for some of Emmett! I think it'd be really cool if there was one of him in a bearsuit, like the pic you posted (which is so cute!). I think that would be adorable.

And like someone said before, I agree that it'd be really interesting to see how you would make Leah Clearwater. She's my fave in the book. A little interpretation of a toddler Nessie might be really cute, too!

luv2k2p2 said...

I love my necklaces - Alice and Edward with apple! They're pure genius like you! You're so not a slacker...You just keep on keepin on....

hey, so how about...
1. Emment in his cute baseball outfit? Purple sweat suit with his baseball hat on crooked
2. Two Jacob charms - as a man plus a wolf with an "A" alpha charm????
3. Sparkly Edward, Bella, and flowers from the meadow scene?
Love ya from luv2k2p2

Laina said...

Oooo I LOVE the sparkly Edward idea!! And I know the perfect glitter you could use! If you want to do that just convo me and I'll tell ya ;) :D

Anonymous said...


Do you sell anything about Twilight?
Or I have to order?

Could you please give me some detail?
I love all your Twilight thing. Do you sell them?

Please E-mail me!

Thank you so much.

wepasagirl27 said...

You are totally not a slacker! I love my bracelets and necklace!!! :) You did an absolutely amazing job on all three. They are completely unique just like you! Thanks for the awesome birthday present!

Apparently you're my new sister as well, lol.

Some ideas...hmm...what about...

-Jacob and Renesmee
-Emmett and Rose
-Carlisle and Esme
-Vamp Bella
-The Bad Vamps and the Volturi haven't made their appearances either
-BFF Charlie and Billy charms would be adorable!
-A Bella, Edward and Renesmee bracelet would be so cute =^.^=
-One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Charlie has his shotgun, you could do a Bella and Charlie combo with a little shotgun charm ^,^
-I know most of them haven't been cast yet, but it would interesting to see a Pack bracelet with lil Sam
- I like what DEE said earlier, Isle Esme would be cute, you could have it be a hawaiian theme with hibiscus flowers and flip-flops.

I'll comment with more later when my creative juices are flowing better. ^_^