Sunday, January 18, 2009

Erm....what day is it? And why is there paint all over my face?

*Wakes up suddenly and looks around in a confused daze before peeling away a sheet of paint palette off my face*

Soooo, I actually worked this week. O__o I know, call the press. I think it started well when my first batch of clay figurines came out healthy! YAY! I'm quite the proud Momma. It should disturb me that I've just referred to my clay sculptures as new born babies but it doesn't. Thus, I got a decent amount of work done. You proud or what? ^__^

I could've gotten more done but unfortunately Chris has been fiddling with my camera and now it's all kinds of wonky from what you can probably tell from my posts. :( Sad. And I thought I had issues with technology. But there's always next Sunday so YAY! ^__^ Actually, I really need to get working on some custom orders. Frightening custom orders. O__o

Also, I've updated my Shop Policies section due to a few issues that occurred in the past couple of months. ^__^ we go...

I ship worldwide via USPS First Class. Unfortunately, I have no way of tracking these items or have any knowledge as to when it will arrive to your mail box. It varies depending on your country. I've had items outside the US arrive in 1 week and some that arrive in 6 weeks. You can always contact me to choose the option of USPS Priority Mail International which is a guaranteed 6-10 days but this costs around $20.00 depending on the size. So if you want to shell out the dough let me know! ^__^

(Vanity Fair outtake....Robert and Taylor having a "moment." Say it with me now...."Awww!" It's always sweet to see good looking guys bonding over a good game of nipple twisting. ~__^ )

I also cannot be responsible for items that are lost or damaged during shipping considering that it's not in my hands. I try my best to ensure that my charms do not break easily (Trust me, Chris has happily tested quite a few of them. We currently have a chipped counter top from him trying to break my stuff). And, more than anything, I make sure that my charms can endure the shipping process. My items are always shipped in bubble wrap envelopes and my more expensive jewelry pieces are always placed in boxes. I suggest you contact me to add insurance before purchasing an item if you do not want to take the chance because even though I would really love to I just cannot replace them for free. :( Of course, if circumstances call for it and I like you :P, I can happily do an exchange in which I send you a new charm/jewelry piece and you send me whatever had been broken. ^__^ Sound fair? Other than that, all sales are final. ^__^ And I especially won't do exchanges just because you think one clay charm is cuter than the one you got. In which I'll just reply..."Seriously?" O__o

(Peanut Gallery....)

ALSO, for my custom orders, I always try to do a sketch. Now, understand that I DON'T actually have to do this for anyone. I do this because I want to make sure that you and I are on the same page. My sketches will always vary and I always do a sketch of the charms first and foremost and maybe a couple of different options for the design of the jewelry piece. Sketches take time and it's free. I'm more than happy to jot down little notes as to certain changes you would like. Myrna's initial sketch, for example, had horizontal blue stripes on Keroppi's shirt. She mentioned she would like it vertical instead so I just made a 'lil note. ^__^ But if I have to redraw something just because Suzy doesn't have a blue ribbon in her hair or her dress isn't the actual pink color you wanted or you changed your mind and want Suzy wearing a school girl uniform then it becomes a bit unreasonable not to mention troublesome because that's more of my time going into a sketch that's for free. If you, for some reason, do not like my initial sketch and want something redrawn then I will happily do so for a $10.00-$15.00 charge that must be paid in full first. :( Sorry, I REALLY hate to do this but some people just take advantage of this free offer. SO, if you do a custom order, make sure you state whatever you want right off the bat. ^__^

I feel these changes are pretty fair considering they're quite basic policies in most Etsy shops. And yes, I've looked, including yours, Laina! Muwahaha! O__o Now, I always try and be fair so if anyone has any questions, concerns or issues don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always open and try to answer questions as best as I can. If I don't get back to you right away it's not because I'm ignoring you it's usually because I'm thinking of the best answer to your question. If a ridiculous amount of time has passed and you still haven't received a response e-mail it's probably 'cause I've innocently forgotten so try e-mailing me again. ^__^ As I've said previously, I'm pretty bad with e-mails and it's only because I lack basic communication skills. I blame my mom. ^__^ HI MOM!

Along with actually working I came out with a new item as well. ^__^ YAY! I was going to wait to come out with this but I figure why wait? I always thought that Bella's edible art was quite cute. I tend to do the same thing when I'm bored. As a rebel *giggle* rules such as "Don't play with your food" was never ingrained in me. That and "Don't talk with your mouth full" and the classic "Don't throw your food at strangers." O__o....What? I TOLD you I have bad communication skillz.

Other than that, I've been doing a lot of snacking and checking out Robert Pattinson websites for the latest news and pictures. I must constantly be informed! O__o I really hope I'm not the only one who does that because that would just be really sad. By the way, did you all see the Taylor Lautner interview with All Access? O__o I feel like a dirrty old woman. A six pack I could've handled but that eight pack caused serious heart palpitations. Ugh, someone slap me.

(Hello! O__o)

Leaving you all with happy, half nekkid werewolf thoughts,
Shielou ^__^


animeangelfish said...

You posted this at 11:11 YOU SHOULD MAKE A WISH! I love your stuff as usual. :) Sorry for all the drama concerning my order :S I hate being a bother. I know if I ever have any extra cash lying around I'm going to do a custom order of earrings...hmmmm. Maybe apples. xD
I saw that picture of Rob, Cam, Kristen and Taylor and couldn't stop giggling for about an hour. I mean...HOW AWKWARD. Titty twisters..*shakes head*.
That looks like alot of work. I do not envy you...and your scary commissions.

Stitch-n-Snitch said...

Wow, you have been super busy. Everything looks great, of course!

I'm so happy that I have my own Alice necklace to go with my Bella and Edward and the Edward holding the apple because I was quick on the draw and snagged her out of your shop. :)

Anonymous said...

Hiii! *waves*

Glad to see another post :) You've been quite the busy girl around there! Lots of work done! Lovely work though always :) I loved the picture of the group as well... Rob makes me have heart palpitations lol. But don't feel bad, you're not the only lurker around here with the Rob/Twilight sites.... O___- lol.... I do it as well. One has to stay informed right?!

Laina said...

I'm totally proud of you girl! I happened to catch you when you were listing again, not that I'm stalking you or anything *cough cough* And I thought, "Dang she's got alot this week!" haha

Frightening custom orders? Errmm, I hope my new one isn't so scary, lol.

I'm suprised that some people get anal about your sketches. I understand the whole "making a lil note part," that should be good, or at least you'd think, but some people are very visually-oriented and like to see every little detail planned out. But hey :)

OH I LOVE THAT VIDEO!! My friend Rachel does the same thing! She's constantly looking up all things twilight related - I usually rely on her for all the inside scoops, hehe. She told me about that video and I was like "HOLY CRAP!" Ahh good times! lol

Can't wait for next Sunday!

Laina said...

By the way I have been stalking your shop again to gather all of the resources needed to explain my master plan to take over the world! Mwuahahaha . . . err . . . I mean to explain my next order in an obsessively detailed outline of my own :D

You should be afraid . . . very afraid!

Haha just kidding! I think you will enjoy making this one and I will probably be impatiently waiting, lol.