Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where has Shielou been?

Holy badunkers, Batman, I'm alive! (And yes, I just made up another word. I should start my own Dictionary and call it Shielounisms) Anyhow! Yeah....I'm a bit out of it. I haven't stopped working since Tuesday and there's really no end in sight. O__o And to be completely honest, I actually don't mind. I know, have issues. O__o

Soooooooooooo.............I love Paula. I wish all my major custom orders went as smoothly as hers did. A total breeze despite the number of orders. Totally patient. Never nitpicky. I love her. And that is all I'll say. She's awesome. Plus, she's agreed to adopt me! ^__^ Love you, Paula! Expect me in the next couple of weeks. I'm free of fleas and completely housebroken. Woot!

I'll admit, I almost had a heart attack when Paula said she wanted a bracelet with all the Cullens in their baseball uniforms. I freaked out a little, almost peed in my pants, the whole ordeal. But I calmed down and looked at it more as a challenge. I thought to myself "Bring it." For some people the concept of hats, caps, beanies, fedoras, etc is quite simple. Plop it goes on your head and off you go. But when it comes to my little charms...the concept isn't as simple. But I figured out a way and I'm quite happy with the outcome. ^__^

(From Left to Right: Emmett with his cap all a skewed (silly teddy bear ~__^), Mommy Esme, Daddy Carlisle and his scarf, Bella (who was wearing something other than blue), Edward (who was the easiest to make ^__^), Alice (loves her!), Jasper (so austere ~__^), and Rose.)

I must actually thank Laina (sweetgal981) for the hats. She had ordered a charm a while ago that required a hat and I knew then I had to make it happen. To me saying "No" means admitting defeat and I refuse to be defeated. O__o Whoa...Narnia moment. (Anyone else watching this on ABC channel right now? lol)

Carlisle also gets his own necklace. Finally! YAY! He's wearing the outfit he wore at the police station when Waylon died. He also has his doctor's bag and a specially ordered stethescope charm. Too cute. Carlisle's pretty cute too. ~__^

I also had two options for Paula for her Jasper and Alice charms. She chose this because it reminded her of one of Alice's many bracelets. ^__^

(Dyed turquoise Jasper beads *giggle* and glass beads)

Also, I wanted to share with you guys this hilarious Twilight spoof Paula's daughter had made (She's the one receiving this bounty of jewelry. Lucky. Jeez, Mom. Would you buy some of my stuff and give 'em to me?!). It brought on the LOLz. Must see. Must watch.

Leaving you all with happy cardboard-Edward thoughts,

PS: Thanks so much to everyone for all your ideas. My list has grown considerably since then. If you have anymore let me know! Don't be shy! This is the world wide web. There's no need for shyness. ^__^ See you all on February 4th for my next haul! You guys excited or what?! YAY! It shall be a happy day. And I shall sing and do a dance. And then I shall pass out. Just kidding! Too much work for sleep. Pfft. Who needs sleep anyway! ~__^

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Next Big Haul!

Hello my lovelies! ^__^ So...big news. I'll be working on some major custom orders in the next few days that's due soon including another 8-charm bracelet. O__o *groan* Even typing it makes me antsy. ~__^ So my next huge haul for my shop won't be until next month. I know! "What the heck, Shielou, you freakin' slacker! Jeez!!!! You're fired!!" O__o

1) Paula's Cullen Family Baseball Bracelet
2) Paula's Jasper and Alice Bracelet
3) Paula's Carlisle Cullen Necklace
4) Cin's Annette Keychain
5) Konstantine's Jasper Baseball Necklace
6) Christine's Bella and Edward Necklace
7) Dee's Lion, Lamb, Wolf Choker
8) Otaku's Lion, Lamb, Wolf Choker

If you feel your order needs to be on this list then convo me. But if it can wait a bit longer then not only will I be eternally grateful but I'll also give you a cookie. And trust me, I don't share my cookies with just anybody. ~__^

I'm aiming for February 4th for my next huge haul in time for my giveaway @ Twilightations on the 5th! Also, I hope to have some brand new items up by then including my much anticipated Edward vs. The Pillow necklaces. Which is making me even more nervous because if it sucks then everybody will be like "Ugh, I waited for THAT?!" Then I'd cry in a corner. :S And I also think it's due time that Emmett finally make an appearance @ Shielou. The poor boy would be ashamed...maybe even a bit upset at his lack of presence in my shop. I love you, Emmett. Who's my favorite teddy bear?

(Aww...don't be like that! We wuv you...want a cookie? ^__^)

But that's pretty much it from me. Off to work I go. ^__^ On another note, if you guys have a favorite moment from the movie or in any of the books and would like to see it in jewelry form then comment below! ^__^ I would really love to hear your opinions. ^__^

Much luv,

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Erm....what day is it? And why is there paint all over my face?

*Wakes up suddenly and looks around in a confused daze before peeling away a sheet of paint palette off my face*

Soooo, I actually worked this week. O__o I know, call the press. I think it started well when my first batch of clay figurines came out healthy! YAY! I'm quite the proud Momma. It should disturb me that I've just referred to my clay sculptures as new born babies but it doesn't. Thus, I got a decent amount of work done. You proud or what? ^__^

I could've gotten more done but unfortunately Chris has been fiddling with my camera and now it's all kinds of wonky from what you can probably tell from my posts. :( Sad. And I thought I had issues with technology. But there's always next Sunday so YAY! ^__^ Actually, I really need to get working on some custom orders. Frightening custom orders. O__o

Also, I've updated my Shop Policies section due to a few issues that occurred in the past couple of months. ^__^ we go...

I ship worldwide via USPS First Class. Unfortunately, I have no way of tracking these items or have any knowledge as to when it will arrive to your mail box. It varies depending on your country. I've had items outside the US arrive in 1 week and some that arrive in 6 weeks. You can always contact me to choose the option of USPS Priority Mail International which is a guaranteed 6-10 days but this costs around $20.00 depending on the size. So if you want to shell out the dough let me know! ^__^

(Vanity Fair outtake....Robert and Taylor having a "moment." Say it with me now...."Awww!" It's always sweet to see good looking guys bonding over a good game of nipple twisting. ~__^ )

I also cannot be responsible for items that are lost or damaged during shipping considering that it's not in my hands. I try my best to ensure that my charms do not break easily (Trust me, Chris has happily tested quite a few of them. We currently have a chipped counter top from him trying to break my stuff). And, more than anything, I make sure that my charms can endure the shipping process. My items are always shipped in bubble wrap envelopes and my more expensive jewelry pieces are always placed in boxes. I suggest you contact me to add insurance before purchasing an item if you do not want to take the chance because even though I would really love to I just cannot replace them for free. :( Of course, if circumstances call for it and I like you :P, I can happily do an exchange in which I send you a new charm/jewelry piece and you send me whatever had been broken. ^__^ Sound fair? Other than that, all sales are final. ^__^ And I especially won't do exchanges just because you think one clay charm is cuter than the one you got. In which I'll just reply..."Seriously?" O__o

(Peanut Gallery....)

ALSO, for my custom orders, I always try to do a sketch. Now, understand that I DON'T actually have to do this for anyone. I do this because I want to make sure that you and I are on the same page. My sketches will always vary and I always do a sketch of the charms first and foremost and maybe a couple of different options for the design of the jewelry piece. Sketches take time and it's free. I'm more than happy to jot down little notes as to certain changes you would like. Myrna's initial sketch, for example, had horizontal blue stripes on Keroppi's shirt. She mentioned she would like it vertical instead so I just made a 'lil note. ^__^ But if I have to redraw something just because Suzy doesn't have a blue ribbon in her hair or her dress isn't the actual pink color you wanted or you changed your mind and want Suzy wearing a school girl uniform then it becomes a bit unreasonable not to mention troublesome because that's more of my time going into a sketch that's for free. If you, for some reason, do not like my initial sketch and want something redrawn then I will happily do so for a $10.00-$15.00 charge that must be paid in full first. :( Sorry, I REALLY hate to do this but some people just take advantage of this free offer. SO, if you do a custom order, make sure you state whatever you want right off the bat. ^__^

I feel these changes are pretty fair considering they're quite basic policies in most Etsy shops. And yes, I've looked, including yours, Laina! Muwahaha! O__o Now, I always try and be fair so if anyone has any questions, concerns or issues don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always open and try to answer questions as best as I can. If I don't get back to you right away it's not because I'm ignoring you it's usually because I'm thinking of the best answer to your question. If a ridiculous amount of time has passed and you still haven't received a response e-mail it's probably 'cause I've innocently forgotten so try e-mailing me again. ^__^ As I've said previously, I'm pretty bad with e-mails and it's only because I lack basic communication skills. I blame my mom. ^__^ HI MOM!

Along with actually working I came out with a new item as well. ^__^ YAY! I was going to wait to come out with this but I figure why wait? I always thought that Bella's edible art was quite cute. I tend to do the same thing when I'm bored. As a rebel *giggle* rules such as "Don't play with your food" was never ingrained in me. That and "Don't talk with your mouth full" and the classic "Don't throw your food at strangers." O__o....What? I TOLD you I have bad communication skillz.

Other than that, I've been doing a lot of snacking and checking out Robert Pattinson websites for the latest news and pictures. I must constantly be informed! O__o I really hope I'm not the only one who does that because that would just be really sad. By the way, did you all see the Taylor Lautner interview with All Access? O__o I feel like a dirrty old woman. A six pack I could've handled but that eight pack caused serious heart palpitations. Ugh, someone slap me.

(Hello! O__o)

Leaving you all with happy, half nekkid werewolf thoughts,
Shielou ^__^

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events...And is that a Video Blog?

Whoa! Okay, so my list of stuff I wanted to get finished literally fell through my fingers. I unfortunately didn't get to everything because I had a curious case of crafting bad luck for the past couple of days. Earlier this week my first batch of clay sculptures all got damaged in the oven. As usual, I was thinking about food. O__o I know, go figure. Specifically baking some chocolate chip cookies and while I was thinking about gooey chocolate goodness I set the oven at 350 instead of 250. Five minutes after putting in my charms I smelled smoke and knew I was screwed.

*Sigh* So that was an entire day and a half wasted. *tear* Thirty. Thirty charm sculptures that went *poof*. I was so upset I made myself a batch of cookies (darn those chocolatey goodness for making me totally absentminded! And yes, I'm actually blaming innocent cookies for my wandering thoughts :P) and gorged myself. Which then made me feel better. ^__^..... well....sort of. The stomach ache afterwards wasn't fun. O__o

THEN, while glazing the charms I was able to redo and paint, I spilled the bottle all over the carpet O__o. So after cleaning it up I looked around and realized it had been my last bottle of glaze. So I had to rush to the nearest craft store and...they didn't have any of the glaze I needed. SOOO I went to the next one and again they didn't have the glaze I wanted so I grabbed the Satin Glaze version instead. It's not as glossy as the usual glaze I use BUT I actually like it better. I dunno. It seems to work on some charms but let me know what you guys think.^__^

But I did finish some of what I had on my list. Finished my major custom orders that are now up in my shop. Except one. Sorry, J! BUT I do have a bunch of Edward Apples Necklaces (3 more to be exact. Take that. ~__^ I had more but they got all wonky O__o), a simple Jacob necklace in his prom outfit and an Alice necklace. They have yet to be photographed but hopefully I'll have those up soon. Hooray! I didn't stick to my list but I'm gonna make up for it this week! ^__^ I swear. Hopefully. O__o If not, you can all stone me. :S

I'd like to thank Lauren for finally giving me a chance to sit down and do a Jasper and Alice bracelet. I've always liked Jasper's white jacket from the movie in the cafeteria scene. I don't know why but Jackson Rathbone just looks uber sexy in it. Especially with that collar up like that. ^__^ Grrr, baby! So I actually had this particular clay sculpture of Jasper with the collar up. ^__^

I tend to think Myrna kinda has it out for me. Keroppi was her next challenge thrown my way. But I was glad to do it. Personally, I'm more of a Pochacco and Badtz Maru girl. O__o I like puppies and grumpy penguins.

I'm waiting for her to ask me to do a full, foot tall, realistic sculpture of a nekkid Robert Pattinson in a centerfold pose, laying on a couch with his trademark sleepy eyes and a guitar covering his jahoobas (a la Titanic, anyone?). O__o.......Actually, I'm MORE than happy to give that a try, Myrna. Convo me ASAP! ~__^

Actually, I thought about this and figured it wasn't such a bad idea. I need to put my art education to good use! ~__^ I've seen some amazing polymer clay sculptures on line and I really want to take a stab at it but of course put my own twist in it. I'm not entirely sure when I'll be able to find the time or even if I'll be even half decent at it but you'll never know if you don't try. ^__^

What brought this on, you may ask? WELL...I've recently learned that someone else online is planning on selling their Twilight figurine clay charms on Etsy. It was only a matter of time. It was inevitable and so in some way I had accepted it. It's the way of the world. ^__^ But all I'll say is that real artists and innovators are the ones who think outside the box and come up with exciting and unique ideas. So you know what? Bring it. 'Cause I've got ideas to spare. :P

Now, don't misunderstand, I fully support anyone out there who wants to make clay charms. But be different. Be inspired but be original. Here's a great article that touches on this issue: 12 Secrets to Starting a Home Base Craft Business.

Which then leads me to this...a video blog? When did this happen? Amm....this week. Thanks to Sonja (piratedog on Etsy) for giving me the idea for my first vblog topic. ^__^ It covers the materials I use for my charms. There are a couple moments in the beginning where the video goes wonky for some reason but that goes away. ^__^ Enjoy!!

I hope at least 1/3 of you didn't feel like you wasted 10 minutes of your life. Although I don't claim to be an expert on charm-making but I hope it was somewhat informative. ^__^ I'm not going to be doing a lot of blogs. They just take too much time. Lucky you!! ~__^ But I hope that this one was at least helpful and/or amusing. ^__^ And seriously, I'm REALLY not a pill popper. O__o *twitch*

ALSO -I know I'm going on and on O__o- but please visit Lyssa's blog Twilightations! She's doing an entire month of giveaways and I'm also a part of! I'll be up in February but check out all the other sponsors and support handmade craft items!! Fabulous stuff!! And becoming part of the giveaway is so simple!

But that's all for now! Questions, concerns, er.....reminders O__o, blasts, wanna yell at me for a custom order I haven't gotten know what to do! Comment below, convo me, etc! ^__^ But for now, I'm going to pass out on my bed. ^__^

Butt loads of love,

PS: The song in the beginning and end of my vblog is called "I Hear you Everywhere" from the Chobits soundtrack. ^__^ And yes, I'm kind of an anime freak. O__o *twitch* ALSO, I'd like to thank whoever let me know of this article from my last blog post. ^__^

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Off to a Good Start in '09.....^__^

YAY! Thank you to all who participated in my December Giveaway! It was uber exciting and I was so glad to be able to do it. ^__^ Congratulations to mysticjess for winning the Twilight Giveaway and Myrna for winning the Shielou Giveaway! ^__^ For everyone else, thank you soooo much, and never fear because this certainly won't be my last giveaway, I promise! There will be plenty more chances! ^__^

Also, I wanted to give you guys a peek at my newly extended work station. YAY! All I really wanted for Christmas (other than awesome cool socks!) was more work space. My one lonely table was just getting hammered from abuse. Poor thing has paint and glaze splattered all over it. O__o Fortunately, I had a couple more tables added and so I now have a table solely for sculpting, a table solely for painting and another for both making jewelry and shipping. It's not The Office but it does its job. ^__^.......Er.... O__o but if it were The Office I'd be Jim (see which The Office character you are!). I've been watching the show nonstop for the past week. My boyfriend's a fan. ^__^

Now, we originally had a Dali painting above my work table (Dali's my boyfriend's favorite artist. Kinda ironic ~__^ Can't wait until Little Ashes!) but I had a habit of just gazing at it while I was supposed to be working. His paintings are absolutely fascinating. You can't help but just stare at it whether to put some kind order to it or just bask in its lack of orderliness. Anyhow, although I have greatest respect for Dali I abhor wasting time so what did I do? I put up posters of Bumble Bee and Jack Skellington instead. Haha! I know, Dali is turning in his grave. I should be ashamed's Bumble Bee and JACK!!

(The Apotheosis of Homer by Salvador Dali)

(Bumble Bee and Jack! Yay!....And is that...Taylor Lautner down there?)

So I figured that if I state what I'll be working on in my blog there's a better chance that I'll get them done. Like what I did on my Dec. 16 blog. I think it's because I know people are reading it and are expecting stuff on a certain day. And if there's anything I hate it's disappointing you guys so it'll give me motive. ~__^

January 11th Posts

1) Laina custom order

2) Myrna custom order

3) TDreamer custom order
4) Alice & Jasper Bracelet (possible custom order)

5) Alice & Jasper Necklace in Blue
6) Edward Apple Necklace in Green

7) Edward Apple Necklace in Purple (custom order)
8) Edward Apple Necklace in Red
9) Edward Apple Bracelet in Fancy Blue and Gold

10) Edward Apple Necklace in Blue
11) OME Edward Necklace in Original

12) OME Edward Necklace in Original

13) OME Edward Necklace in Red

14) Lion, Lamb and Wolf Choker in Red

15) Lion, Lamb and Wolf Choker in Purple

16) Mini Bet on Alice Necklace in Red

17) Mini Bet on Alice Necklace in Red (possible custom order)

18) Bella and Edward Necklace in Jade

19) Bella and Edward Bracelet in Red

20) Bella and Edward Bracelet in Turquoise

21) Twilight Bella and Edward Prom Necklace in Blue (custom order)

22) Twilight Bella and Edward Prom Champagne Kisses Necklace (custom order)

23) Twilight Bella and Edward Prom Bracelet in Gold

I realize the list is kind of...aiming high. O__o Maybe a little too high? But I figure I really should take at least ONE of my New Year's Resolutions seriously since I've pretty much failed on most of them. Damn those cats and their cute way of flushing toilets! And damn Rob for being cute period. *__* His hair.....that smirk.....all that....chest hair? O__o I know, I have issues. >__<

I also wanted to quickly mention that you know you've reached a certain level of "fame" *giggle, giggle* ~__^ when you begin to inspire others. ^__^ Check out some sites here and here!

My mom says I should be annoyed but I refuse to be. You only become annoyed when you lack the confidence to be creative, when you lack the confidence in yourself and your work. I wasn't the first one to make clay characters. I was inspired by others as well. ^__^ And people who I inspire to make their own clay charms then inspire me to push forward and to think outside the box. And the challenge of coming up with new ideas is what keeps artists, like myself, excited. ^__^ We can't quit, we can't give up, we can't get bitter about it but "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." ~Walt Disney moving forward!!! ^__^

Lotsa luv,

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ready, Set . . . 2009!

Happy New Year!! I hope you all had lovely holidays!! My Christmas went well. I spent some time with my family, ate like the world was going to end the next day and read books until my eyes began to bleed. What else? I spilled some wine on a brand new shirt. O__o That was fun. This is why I don't drink, even after working at a liquor store for a couple of months. Shielou+Alcoholic Beverages=BAD. It's like giving a monkey a gun and letting it lose in a zoo. You just don't do it.....O__o....And I kinda think I just insulted myself....

(Jasper and Bella being awkward....)

Quite a tame holiday for some but I loved it! ^__^ The only downside? I got sick. I know!! Bummer. I'm still suffering through the remnants of a common cold so that's why I haven't been able to do much this past week. I feel much better though so I'm getting back on the horse reinvigorated. I hope to finish my preliminary sketches for custom orders this week in order to start on making them next week. ^__^


Also....thank you to everyone who participated in my December Giveaway! YAY! I won't be announcing the winners until this coming Sunday. And yes....I'm making you all wait. Muwahaha!


PS: I know, random pictures. :s