Sunday, December 21, 2008

Overwhelmed O__o

I'm a little freaked out. O__o I had been bombarded by an overwhelming amount of custom orders this week. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great. Woohoo! Champagne for everybody. ^__^ I can thank the Alice and Jasper fans for the current chaos in my Alchemy Requests Folder (check it out here and here). It's just that custom requests usually came in trickles....not necessarily I think the best way to describe it is that I kinda feel like the only cashier at Walmart during Black Friday. O__o Which is a frightening scenario, you must agree. So I've decided to take it bit by bit, first come, first served type of deal. So for those who have made Alchemy Requests...please be patient with me! I'm trying to get to everyone! ^__^ Thank you!!

I'm also not making a whole lot of items for this week or next week. I'm trying to put all my concentration on custom orders. So for those who send me simple e-mail requests saying "Make a Jasper Necklace," "Edward in his pea coat bracelet" or "When are you coming out with an Emmett necklace?" I won't be able to get into making these until...I don't know when. Sorry! ^__^ I'll try but if you need them any time soon, I suggest making an Alchemy request. Which, by the way, I'll be closing after today so I can catch up with all of them. ^__^ Thank you!

Also, I'll be taking a couple of days off this week to spend some time with my family for Christmas. I think most of them have forgotten what I look like so I hope you guys understand. Holidays are insane and I was not expecting this kind of madness for this month at Shielou. I know some of you might be thinking that was quite foolish on my part but then again I tend to have very low expectations of not only myself but of everything I do. O__o I didn't share that to get pity but because it's something I'm trying to get over. Maybe I'll make it into my New Year's Resolution. Stop aiming so low.

(Just kidding about the last part....O__o)

At the end of January, I'll be taking another week or two off to focus on getting some brand new items out in time for February. This includes a necklace inspired by when Bella and Edward finally interact verbally during Biology, and of course, Edward vs. The Pillow necklaces. My mail box was filled with questions regarding this necklace. "When are you coming out with this?" "What's it going to look like?" "Hurry up already, jeez!" And my personal favorite, "OME! Is he gonna be naked?!"

So to just answer all these popular questions in one go...1) I hope to have an example finished by the end of January, early February. 2) You'll just have to wait and see what it'll look like. 3) I'm trying to hurry! I promise! And of course 4) Er...I try to keep my jewelry at a PG-13 level. And if someone does choose for him to be naked I'll have the following covering (And yes, I made that word up. You know it's awesome.)

Please come back tomorrow for my December giveaway information! And as usual...comments, suggestions, concerns...e-mail me, convo me, comment below. You guys know the drill. ^__^

Love you all,


lilybear621 said...

Hi Shielou!
Your blog is always so hilarious and entertaining! I'm really glad that you are having such success with your artwork and charms :) I am very excited to see your newest items at the end of January. Your new year's resolutions are hilarious, too! Good luck with everything!

Stitch-n-Snitch said...

Enjoy your time off! Happy Holidays. :)

Anonymous said...

Well if your items weren't so awesome, you wouldn't be having such success girl! Be thankful for what ya got ;)

I can't wait to see what you're cooking up for 2009, and enjoy your time off!