Sunday, December 14, 2008

Black, Red and Chaos

I was in a black and red mood this week. As you can probably tell from my haul for today's posts.

I'm still not sure what my giveaway will be for this month. I really need to get to that. I want to do something interesting and something people will actually want. Any suggestions? Let me know 'cause I'm stressing out about it!

I also have a major custom order that needs to be finished ASAP. O__o MAJOR. Like...charm-bracelet-with-all-the-Cullens-plus-Bella major. I know! NUTS! Good thing I've started on it so I'm feeling confident. O__o I will finish it and send it out in time before it's due. That's my mantra. Lord help me....

I'm also a sponsor for Lyssa's New Year giveaway (check out her blog where I had been featured a while ago: Twilightations). ^__^ Check out all the sponsors. Amazing stuff. I'm not exactly sure what I'll be sending in. Jeez. So much work to do. O__o


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the new necklaces! Maybe your giveaway could be a super mini edward keychain? I'd like that :P haha