Monday, December 22, 2008

Shielou's December Giveaway!

What a better way to celebrate the holidays than to do another giveaway. Why? Why not? It's the holidays. Is there a better excuse? Also, after this giveaway I won't be doing another one in a while so why not do a huge one? ^__^

Every one who has bought a Twilight themed item from me is eligible to win this! It's a pair of Bella and Edward earrings. They're the tiniest things I've ever made let alone painted. They're just a little over half an inch tall with two red Swarovski crystals.

Every one who has bought anything else from me (meaning non-Twilight themed item) is eligible to win this! It's a necklace made of various glass beads, rose quarts beads, freshwater pearls and a resin pendant of a pink Lily.

Please contact me, comment below if you're interested in participating in this giveaway! Everyone has until the end of this month to let me know if you would like to participate and to also be eligible. One raffle ticket with every purchase. So let's say you bought two Twilight themed item from me and one other item, you have two ballots in the Twilight giveaway and one in the Other giveaway. Make sense? O__o If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, the works please don't hesitate to contact me! ^__^ Thanks to everybody and GOOD LUCK!

Lotsa Luv,

PS: I'll be answering e-mails tonight and taking a break in the next couple of days to spend some time with my family. I'll be back to work on Friday! Thank you! Happy Holidays! Stay safe! Stay jolly! Stay outta trouble! ^__^

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Overwhelmed O__o

I'm a little freaked out. O__o I had been bombarded by an overwhelming amount of custom orders this week. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great. Woohoo! Champagne for everybody. ^__^ I can thank the Alice and Jasper fans for the current chaos in my Alchemy Requests Folder (check it out here and here). It's just that custom requests usually came in trickles....not necessarily I think the best way to describe it is that I kinda feel like the only cashier at Walmart during Black Friday. O__o Which is a frightening scenario, you must agree. So I've decided to take it bit by bit, first come, first served type of deal. So for those who have made Alchemy Requests...please be patient with me! I'm trying to get to everyone! ^__^ Thank you!!

I'm also not making a whole lot of items for this week or next week. I'm trying to put all my concentration on custom orders. So for those who send me simple e-mail requests saying "Make a Jasper Necklace," "Edward in his pea coat bracelet" or "When are you coming out with an Emmett necklace?" I won't be able to get into making these until...I don't know when. Sorry! ^__^ I'll try but if you need them any time soon, I suggest making an Alchemy request. Which, by the way, I'll be closing after today so I can catch up with all of them. ^__^ Thank you!

Also, I'll be taking a couple of days off this week to spend some time with my family for Christmas. I think most of them have forgotten what I look like so I hope you guys understand. Holidays are insane and I was not expecting this kind of madness for this month at Shielou. I know some of you might be thinking that was quite foolish on my part but then again I tend to have very low expectations of not only myself but of everything I do. O__o I didn't share that to get pity but because it's something I'm trying to get over. Maybe I'll make it into my New Year's Resolution. Stop aiming so low.

(Just kidding about the last part....O__o)

At the end of January, I'll be taking another week or two off to focus on getting some brand new items out in time for February. This includes a necklace inspired by when Bella and Edward finally interact verbally during Biology, and of course, Edward vs. The Pillow necklaces. My mail box was filled with questions regarding this necklace. "When are you coming out with this?" "What's it going to look like?" "Hurry up already, jeez!" And my personal favorite, "OME! Is he gonna be naked?!"

So to just answer all these popular questions in one go...1) I hope to have an example finished by the end of January, early February. 2) You'll just have to wait and see what it'll look like. 3) I'm trying to hurry! I promise! And of course 4) Er...I try to keep my jewelry at a PG-13 level. And if someone does choose for him to be naked I'll have the following covering (And yes, I made that word up. You know it's awesome.)

Please come back tomorrow for my December giveaway information! And as usual...comments, suggestions, concerns...e-mail me, convo me, comment below. You guys know the drill. ^__^

Love you all,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Very FIRST Mini Edward Cullen

I really want to thank all of you for your support. I'm very excited about continuing on with Shielou in 2009. It was a difficult decision but one that was easy to make. I don't think I could've made the leap without the support of my family who know first hand that the choices I make in life tend to be eccentric and unpredictable, and yet they stick by me despite their doubts and worries. I luv you guys! ^__^

I've learned A LOT in the past couple of months since I opened Shielou at Etsy. From figuring out how to work my shop to the madness that is called the United States Postal Service and the fact that everyone that works at Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann pretty much know me by now. O__o And the most I've learned about is my craft itself. Some of you may or may not have noticed the evolution of Mr. Mini Edward Cullen (aka Mr. Hot Vampire that Owns My Soul) from the very beginning to now.

But what you may not know is that there's an even more ORIGINAL Mini Edward Cullen. Oh yes. The very first Mini Edward Cullen I had ever made. EPIC FAIL. HUGE EPIC FAIL. And I laugh every time I look at him.

He's gone through some hardships. I never glazed him so his paint has chipped and gotten dirty overtime but he's pretty freakin' hilarious, don't you agree? I'm turning him into my shop's mascot so everyone can point and laugh and all the other little mini Edwards I've made can be thankful they didn't end up looking like that.

Awww, poor thing but I think that's why I'm so fond of him and never threw him away. He reminds me of a quote by Johnny Cash, he sa
id that "You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone." So he's not the brightest and prettiest crayon in the box but he's certainly one of a kind and that's what makes him uber special. And can't have him. ~__^

Lotsa Luv,

PS: I finally have an idea for my December giveaway! Hehe....more on that later. ^__^

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holidays, Policies and a Peek into 2009

Wooohoo! Happy Holidays, everybody! Insane week. I wouldn't have it in any other way though! ~__^ I want to quickly list all the stuff I'll be working on for this week so you all have a heads up. ^__^

1) 1 Custom order for TFan
2) 1 Jasper Hale Necklace
3) 1 Alice Cullen Necklace
4) 1 Twilight Prom Bracelet in Soft Pink and Lavender
5) 1 Lion, Lamb and Wolf Necklace

Hopefully I'll have more items, especially with Edward ~__^, but my schedule is kind of erratic and I tend to make items depending on my mood. I know... I'm a spaz. O__o

Also, I want to quickly talk about some of my shop rules. I know some people don't understand the reasoning behind my policy of not selling my figurine charms individually. I'd like to see myself as an artist first and foremost and a business owner second. This is my art and although my charms may look simple enough to some people they're hard to make and I put a lot of work and effort into each and everyone of them. So I'm very protective of my art and yes... I admit... I'm a bit of a control freak too. O__o

I also realize that the main reason people ask is because my items aren't exactly cheap but I can assure you that they're not made cheaply. One charm can take up to 3 hours each to make from sculpting, baking, painting and then glazing. Hopefully I'll get better in time but until then these are my prices and I feel like they're quite fair considering that they're all handmade by one person and it's all quite unique. But if you have any more questions regarding this please let me know! ^__^

And now regarding the future of Shielou! When I started out my shop I was only going to do it for a couple of months until I found a job. But having an Etsy shop has really changed my life as well as my outlook on success. I've always believed that success was wrapped in a 9-5, rush hour and cubicle package but Etsy has changed all that for me. Yes, it's hard, the hours grueling and demands rather stressful but I'm happy and content. And at the end of the day isn't that what we're all looking for? Etsy was something I never saw myself doing but life surprises you in strange ways. ^__^

So because of this I've decided to continue on to 2009. Who knows? Maybe this is all just a fluke and the shop will die down but I feel like this is my one chance at really taking a stab at it. I'm going to make it count! (Whoa...Titanic moment!) So I hope you guys are with me! YAY!!I have a lot of plans for 2009 including original digital paintings I'm turning into jewelry. Here's a peek of what I have so far. Edward is still a work-in-progress. But after this one I plan on having a Bella and Edward painting followed closely by other characters and maybe some original original stuff of my own. Don't fear. I will continue on with my clay figurines including some very new and exciting stuff (Including Edward vs The Pillow necklaces. O__o Intrigued? Hehe!). So stick around you guys! 2009 is gonna rock!

Love you all,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Black, Red and Chaos

I was in a black and red mood this week. As you can probably tell from my haul for today's posts.

I'm still not sure what my giveaway will be for this month. I really need to get to that. I want to do something interesting and something people will actually want. Any suggestions? Let me know 'cause I'm stressing out about it!

I also have a major custom order that needs to be finished ASAP. O__o MAJOR. Like...charm-bracelet-with-all-the-Cullens-plus-Bella major. I know! NUTS! Good thing I've started on it so I'm feeling confident. O__o I will finish it and send it out in time before it's due. That's my mantra. Lord help me....

I'm also a sponsor for Lyssa's New Year giveaway (check out her blog where I had been featured a while ago: Twilightations). ^__^ Check out all the sponsors. Amazing stuff. I'm not exactly sure what I'll be sending in. Jeez. So much work to do. O__o


Monday, December 8, 2008

Shielou+Snow=Frozen Popsicle

Life's not fun when it's flippin' cold outside.

The only thing I love about Winter is that I get to wear my comfy hoodies and super cool socks.

(These are my pink dancing robots socks!)

Don't be jealous! You know you want a pair! ~__^ Check out these two awesome sites that sell funky socks like these: Sock Dreams and Sock Army. They also sell other stuff like arm warmers, gloves and leg warmers. I've ordered from both sites... and yes, I have a sock problem. I love socks. Who doesn't?

Oh, and Mom, if you're reading this (I KNOW you're reading this!!) I'd like a pair of these (picture below) for Christmas! It's in the Sock Dreams site here. ^__^

Anyhow! Finished custom orders this week. Myrna asked for a mermaid. I was a bit stunned at first 'cause it never crossed my mind to make one. Fairies I thought about, never mermaids so I was a bit like WHOA!! O__o! But I recovered and was like Heckz Yez!! Thanks to Myrna for the challenge! And it was a challenge. O__o

Jaymei asked for Edward in his cute pea coat. I've always been in fear of painting his pea coat because I felt like the collar of the coat was its most prominent attribute and I couldn't figure out how to make it pop. After some experimenting I finally came up with a suitable solution and I'm quite happy with it so YAY! The collar along with the shoulder embellishments on the coat are all in 3D. Thanks to Jaymei for the challenge!

Okay so I finally found some decent reference pictures of Jacob from the film. It's been a long time coming I feel like. ^__^ Aww...Jacob! I wuv him! Arwooooo!! (That's me howling:)

And last but not least, I finally made some Edward Cullens holding yummy apples! Yay!! And yes, Eddie, I would like a bite.....*drool* O__o *slap* Okay, I'm back on earth. Seems to be quite a favorite this week so I'll be making more. Woot! That's pretty much it. It's been kinda nuts but good kinda nuts. Like pistachio nuts. Mmm...Pistachios....*drool* I'm gonna go eat before I start feasting on my computer table. O__o

(Edward lookin' all cute and shiz :)

(Oh, yes, I would like a bitez!)

Lotsa Luv,