Saturday, November 8, 2008

OMG! My Brain is Warped...

I'm a little out of it. Huge week. HUGE. MASSIVE. I have items galore I've just posted on Etsy and custom orders up to my ears. I don't exactly know how I got myself to this point but the weird thing is...I actually love it. I know. O_o The madness, the chaos, the PRESSURE....I actually love it and find it worth while. Who knew?

Okay, so first thing's first...Alice Cullen. Need I say more? Adorable, quirky and a shopaholic...which I can understandably relate to. I love her!

So I tried my hand out at making something romantic and Gothic. This was a pain to make but I love the end results. I hope to make more of this style in the future!

One of my favorite colors is pink. I don't think I make enough pink so I made this. It's not full blown pink (that would be a bit scary) but its got pink in there.

I'm getting into green more and more. Thus a whole bunch of green jewelry including a necklace I absolutely adore. I love asymmetrical styles. It's fun and quirky.

Twelve more days people! TWELVE!! More to come your way!



Stocking Mama said...

wow, these are just too cute!!!!
Love it!

Amber, Dan, and Fam said...

Gorgeous! Thank you again for my wonderful Edward necklace. I adore it, and had to write about it on my blog. Hope you don't mind the publicity. :D

Britten said...

Amber just sent me here. LOVE your items!!! Ahhhh! That prom necklace is to die for! I will definitely be ordering something in the future.

Fabulous work!!!