Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November Winner!

I just wanted to announce on my blog that Amberlynnbob had won the giveaway! YAY! That was fun. Although I wish that everyone who had bought a Twilight themed item from me had responded to my e-mail letting them know of the giveaway. There were a few people who missed out. :( Sad.

Anyway! Hopefully I'll be able to do this sometime in the future again so my customers have another opportunity to win something from me. ^__^ Joy.

Yesterday was my birthday as well. I did some shopping for supplies (YAY! Shopping!) and ate chocolate covered pretzels and Ben & Jerry's Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream all day. YUMM.... My entire family was texting and calling me throughout the day. Funny thing is I had gotten a new cell phone and hadn't listed anyone on my phonebook yet (I really need to get to that) so I didn't know who was texting me. So to any family member who's reading this and had wished me happy birthday via text messages, I received them and am grateful! WOOT!!

(And yes, that's a Super Mini Edward Cullen Mobile Charm ^__^)

But back to reality! O__o I'm gonna be finishing some custom orders this week 'cause I think I've put them on hold long enough. I'm also planning on making some jewelry NOT Twilight inspired. I know. SHOCK. But I think what I have in mind will certainly perk up SOME interest.

On another note, my mom went shopping WITHOUT me. I know. How dare she. But she did. She bought me pearls galore for my birthday! Amazing stuff that you will all soon see in jewelry form sometime in the future.

My head's a buzzed with so many ideas so look forward to that. ^__^ But I'm off to work. Actually, I need to clean and then get to work 'cause as usual my work station is a pigsty. I'll spare you all pictures this time (mostly 'cause I'm just plain lazy) but use your imaginations. ~__^


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Amber, Dan, and Fam said...

I loved my prize Shielou! He is perfect.

Oh and I also wanted to tell you that your necklace looked fabulous with my red dress at the Vegas premiere! :D