Monday, November 24, 2008

Holy Twilight Week, Edward!

Okay. So I have loads to talk about. LOADS. I went and saw Twilight on Friday morning because I was afraid there were going to be insane fangirls screaming at the screen whenever RPattz popped up in his pale and sparkly glory. Thankfully it wasn't too bad and the theater wasn't packed because if I had been surrounded by obnoxious fangirls I would've gotten up from my chair and slapped them silly.

Whoa. O__o Violent much? Probably. Lol

To be quite honest I had my reservations about the movie. I was hearing sooo much about Rob and Kristen's on-screen chemistry but I was dubious. Whenever I saw them in interviews together they were always so awkward around each other that it made ME feel a bit uncomfortable. But I was pleasantly surprised. Obviously there was some awkwardness on screen but it worked.

So I was pretty much okay with everything....EXCEPT the special effects. OME! And I mean that as in Oh My Effects! And not in a good way. They were tacky and obvious. Ugh. Gag me with a harness. But at the end of the day I forgave that mess. Twilight was made with a limited budget so I get it. Hopefully New Moon will be better. Yay! New Moon. I only wonder how they're going to make Jacob look like he's 6'5 because I don't think Taylor Lautner can grow that fast in a couple of months. Poor kid. Oh well. They could just put him in high heels. Lol Bright red ones.

The best thing about the movie? I was inspired. Lol I have so many ideas that I don't know what to do with myself. Which reminds me....did anyone get the name on the back of Bella's shirt during her first day at school? I remember a crown design and above that it said Crown something and below the crown was something else? Ugh. It's been annoying me. I need to know!

Okay, so as I said I've been working on my custom orders. Here's Myrna's order of Death and Dream from the Sandman comic books.

Death was easy to do but Dream on the other hand....

I did the raven about three times before I gave up. Lol Good thing my boyfriend, Chris, was there and he made the raven instead. He's also an artist but he specializes in sculpting nude women rather than birds. Lol And no, he didn't get a cut. ~__^ But I loved making Dream. In the comic books he has this mass of crazy hair and I hate to brag but I specialize in messy hair (thanks Rob!) so I kinda went nuts with his locks. I thought it was going to be tough making his cape but that was actually the easy part. Funny how it works out that way. ^__^ But I'd like to thank Myrna for the awesome challenge. Yay!

So I have more custom orders to finish this week. O__o PLUS, Thanksgiving. I'm gonna gain at least 5 pounds this weekend. That's my goal. It'll be great.

More to come your way!


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