Sunday, November 30, 2008

Custom Orders!

I LOVE custom orders. I relish the challenge people throw at me and more than anything I like challenging myself, especially when the items are outside my comfort zone. Although, I will admit that the pressure can be a bit daunting. There's a difference between what I have in my head and the actual result. When I'm in the middle of doing a custom order, especially one that I've never done before, there's always that moment when I go "OME! I don't think this is gonna work..." and I start panicking a little bit. But if anything it always makes me work harder and I try to figure out HOW I can make it work.

I always start out my Custom Orders with a sketch of the customer's general idea and what I have in mind. I think it's important that I'm on the same page with people who have custom requests. I have also started to give people options, especially when their requirements are a bit more general and not too specific. There's the sketch of what I received from their general description of the item they want and also another sketch that kind of takes it further. Here's one for Laina, (check out her shop page by the way: she wanted something like my Twilight The Stupid Lamb and Masochistic Lion but I didn't really want to go back to that so I came up with the following instead. ^__^

She chose Option D. Uber fun to make. Although Bella took the longest. I had to roll small individual white balls to get the effect I wanted. Ugh. O__o But it was worth it though! ^__^

I liked this so much that I'll be doing more of this style so look out for that. ^__^ I had been wanting to do a Luna Lovegood charm for a long time now and when Iris requested a bracelet for her friend that included Cedric Diggory AND Luna I was stoked. I finally had a very good excuse to make Luna.

I want to make more of Luna. ^__^ She just adorable. One of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter series.

Anyhow! December is here and I REALLY need to get to work! Went on a bit of a shopping spree these past couple of days (Anyone else find Black Friday just frightening?). I have so many supplies now I think it could last me for a couple of months. Expect some more Twilight shtuff in the next couple of days including items NOT Twilight related! Which reminds me, I know I said I was going to do a November giveaway for my customers who did not buy Twilight items from me and I apologize profusely. I've been sooooo busy. But I promise I'll have a giveaway for you guys in December! Thanks for understanding! ^__^



Maggie said...

I love the Lion, Lame, and Wolf necklace! It's super cute. I'll definitely be sending in a custom order soon, and I'll try to throw a curve ball! Maybe, haha.

Anonymous said...

I love the lion, lamb and wolf necklace too :) Although Jacob doesn't even have the same calibre as Edward :P nice job! (I'm the one who just ordered your mini edward and the custom charm on Etsy :D)


Stitch-n-Snitch said...

I just ordered the assymetrical Bella/Edward necklace and I can't wait to get it!! :)

Would you consider doing a swap for an item? I'm a seller on etsy as well, and I'd love to swap a pair of my Bella's Fingerless Gloves and a Cullen Crest Scrabble Tile Pendant for a "Baby It's Cold Outside" necklace, if you're interested.

You can check out the gloves and pendant in my shop at