Sunday, November 30, 2008

Custom Orders!

I LOVE custom orders. I relish the challenge people throw at me and more than anything I like challenging myself, especially when the items are outside my comfort zone. Although, I will admit that the pressure can be a bit daunting. There's a difference between what I have in my head and the actual result. When I'm in the middle of doing a custom order, especially one that I've never done before, there's always that moment when I go "OME! I don't think this is gonna work..." and I start panicking a little bit. But if anything it always makes me work harder and I try to figure out HOW I can make it work.

I always start out my Custom Orders with a sketch of the customer's general idea and what I have in mind. I think it's important that I'm on the same page with people who have custom requests. I have also started to give people options, especially when their requirements are a bit more general and not too specific. There's the sketch of what I received from their general description of the item they want and also another sketch that kind of takes it further. Here's one for Laina, (check out her shop page by the way: she wanted something like my Twilight The Stupid Lamb and Masochistic Lion but I didn't really want to go back to that so I came up with the following instead. ^__^

She chose Option D. Uber fun to make. Although Bella took the longest. I had to roll small individual white balls to get the effect I wanted. Ugh. O__o But it was worth it though! ^__^

I liked this so much that I'll be doing more of this style so look out for that. ^__^ I had been wanting to do a Luna Lovegood charm for a long time now and when Iris requested a bracelet for her friend that included Cedric Diggory AND Luna I was stoked. I finally had a very good excuse to make Luna.

I want to make more of Luna. ^__^ She just adorable. One of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter series.

Anyhow! December is here and I REALLY need to get to work! Went on a bit of a shopping spree these past couple of days (Anyone else find Black Friday just frightening?). I have so many supplies now I think it could last me for a couple of months. Expect some more Twilight shtuff in the next couple of days including items NOT Twilight related! Which reminds me, I know I said I was going to do a November giveaway for my customers who did not buy Twilight items from me and I apologize profusely. I've been sooooo busy. But I promise I'll have a giveaway for you guys in December! Thanks for understanding! ^__^


Monday, November 24, 2008

Holy Twilight Week, Edward!

Okay. So I have loads to talk about. LOADS. I went and saw Twilight on Friday morning because I was afraid there were going to be insane fangirls screaming at the screen whenever RPattz popped up in his pale and sparkly glory. Thankfully it wasn't too bad and the theater wasn't packed because if I had been surrounded by obnoxious fangirls I would've gotten up from my chair and slapped them silly.

Whoa. O__o Violent much? Probably. Lol

To be quite honest I had my reservations about the movie. I was hearing sooo much about Rob and Kristen's on-screen chemistry but I was dubious. Whenever I saw them in interviews together they were always so awkward around each other that it made ME feel a bit uncomfortable. But I was pleasantly surprised. Obviously there was some awkwardness on screen but it worked.

So I was pretty much okay with everything....EXCEPT the special effects. OME! And I mean that as in Oh My Effects! And not in a good way. They were tacky and obvious. Ugh. Gag me with a harness. But at the end of the day I forgave that mess. Twilight was made with a limited budget so I get it. Hopefully New Moon will be better. Yay! New Moon. I only wonder how they're going to make Jacob look like he's 6'5 because I don't think Taylor Lautner can grow that fast in a couple of months. Poor kid. Oh well. They could just put him in high heels. Lol Bright red ones.

The best thing about the movie? I was inspired. Lol I have so many ideas that I don't know what to do with myself. Which reminds me....did anyone get the name on the back of Bella's shirt during her first day at school? I remember a crown design and above that it said Crown something and below the crown was something else? Ugh. It's been annoying me. I need to know!

Okay, so as I said I've been working on my custom orders. Here's Myrna's order of Death and Dream from the Sandman comic books.

Death was easy to do but Dream on the other hand....

I did the raven about three times before I gave up. Lol Good thing my boyfriend, Chris, was there and he made the raven instead. He's also an artist but he specializes in sculpting nude women rather than birds. Lol And no, he didn't get a cut. ~__^ But I loved making Dream. In the comic books he has this mass of crazy hair and I hate to brag but I specialize in messy hair (thanks Rob!) so I kinda went nuts with his locks. I thought it was going to be tough making his cape but that was actually the easy part. Funny how it works out that way. ^__^ But I'd like to thank Myrna for the awesome challenge. Yay!

So I have more custom orders to finish this week. O__o PLUS, Thanksgiving. I'm gonna gain at least 5 pounds this weekend. That's my goal. It'll be great.

More to come your way!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November Winner!

I just wanted to announce on my blog that Amberlynnbob had won the giveaway! YAY! That was fun. Although I wish that everyone who had bought a Twilight themed item from me had responded to my e-mail letting them know of the giveaway. There were a few people who missed out. :( Sad.

Anyway! Hopefully I'll be able to do this sometime in the future again so my customers have another opportunity to win something from me. ^__^ Joy.

Yesterday was my birthday as well. I did some shopping for supplies (YAY! Shopping!) and ate chocolate covered pretzels and Ben & Jerry's Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream all day. YUMM.... My entire family was texting and calling me throughout the day. Funny thing is I had gotten a new cell phone and hadn't listed anyone on my phonebook yet (I really need to get to that) so I didn't know who was texting me. So to any family member who's reading this and had wished me happy birthday via text messages, I received them and am grateful! WOOT!!

(And yes, that's a Super Mini Edward Cullen Mobile Charm ^__^)

But back to reality! O__o I'm gonna be finishing some custom orders this week 'cause I think I've put them on hold long enough. I'm also planning on making some jewelry NOT Twilight inspired. I know. SHOCK. But I think what I have in mind will certainly perk up SOME interest.

On another note, my mom went shopping WITHOUT me. I know. How dare she. But she did. She bought me pearls galore for my birthday! Amazing stuff that you will all soon see in jewelry form sometime in the future.

My head's a buzzed with so many ideas so look forward to that. ^__^ But I'm off to work. Actually, I need to clean and then get to work 'cause as usual my work station is a pigsty. I'll spare you all pictures this time (mostly 'cause I'm just plain lazy) but use your imaginations. ~__^


Friday, November 14, 2008

Shielou's November Giveaway!

There's plenty to celebrate this month of November: first off it's my birthday on 11/17! Yay! I turn 24 for those who are curious, second it's my second month @ Etsy (Whee!), third is Thanksgiving (I'm looking forward to a WHOLE lot of eating and turkey sandwiches for the weeks ahead ^__^....oh, and of course being thankful! *cough*), and fourth...TWILIGHT! *Insert happy dance* Just 7 more days, people!

So I decided why not do a giveaway 'cause....well...why not?! Plus, you guys have made my time at Etsy absolutely lovely! ^__^ So....basically anyone who's bought a Twilight themed item from me has a chance to win this.....

I know, how adorable is he? *sigh* So as I said, anyone who's bought a Twilight themed item from me since the day I opened Shielou on September 29 through this upcoming Sunday, November 16 (Midnight Mountain Time), will have a chance to win this item. The winner of the raffle will be announced Monday (11/17 on my birthday ^__^) morning and he'll be sent through Priority Mail so you get him just in time for that Twilight party and or movie premiere. (Note: He'll be hanging from a chain as a necklace).

The great thing about this is that I won't be making and/or selling this particular item until sometime in December so the winner will get bragging rights for a while. ^__^

Don't worry, I didn't forget my other customers who have bought non-Twilight items from me. Your giveaway will be at the end of this month!

If you have any questions, concerns etc just send me a note, e-mail or convo me on Etsy!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

OMG! My Brain is Warped...

I'm a little out of it. Huge week. HUGE. MASSIVE. I have items galore I've just posted on Etsy and custom orders up to my ears. I don't exactly know how I got myself to this point but the weird thing is...I actually love it. I know. O_o The madness, the chaos, the PRESSURE....I actually love it and find it worth while. Who knew?

Okay, so first thing's first...Alice Cullen. Need I say more? Adorable, quirky and a shopaholic...which I can understandably relate to. I love her!

So I tried my hand out at making something romantic and Gothic. This was a pain to make but I love the end results. I hope to make more of this style in the future!

One of my favorite colors is pink. I don't think I make enough pink so I made this. It's not full blown pink (that would be a bit scary) but its got pink in there.

I'm getting into green more and more. Thus a whole bunch of green jewelry including a necklace I absolutely adore. I love asymmetrical styles. It's fun and quirky.

Twelve more days people! TWELVE!! More to come your way!


Monday, November 3, 2008

November! Month of Twilight and...My Birthday?!

Okay, so who else is super stoked that there's only 17 days left until Twilight? *sigh* Along with the release of Twilight, it's my birthday this month! I'm turning 24. I know. You'd think at this age I'd be over my propensity of crushing on guys I will never have let alone meet face to face. But hey... a girl can dream...and I will keep dreaming 'cause that's all I'll ever have. *sob*

Anyhow, last week was total chaos. I made so many things (many being more than just 3 items. I know...sad). It kinda went by in a blur. And it's gonna be more of a blur this month. I can already tell. You know those people who can feel an impending storm through their bones? That's what I'm getting right now. I can feel it in my bones. usual, I can't keep organized when I'm crafting. See for yourself....

Exactly. And the pièce de résistance....

I know! I'm ashamed!!! God only knows how I managed to get anything done last week. Good news though!! I went shopping! Shopping makes everything better. November haul! (And yes, my table is actually clean) So get ready for some new items coming to you this month. Are you excited? You better be 'cause I'm freakin' stoked!!!