Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vampire Baseball HELL!!

I swear, I'm cursed when it comes to sports. You'd think that after all the bruised cheeks I received from dodge ball games in elementary school, scraped knees in rollerblading down the streets and just my general bad luck with any activity that includes balls (okay *rolls eyes* laugh it up, Peanut Gallery :P) I would have learned my lesson. Me + Sports = BAD!!! I've been trying to make this particular charm five times and this is the only one that came out right.

I tried doing the much thinner stripes of Edward's baseball shirt but couldn't. I've looked and couldn't find a brush small enough to make such super detailed work on something sooo tiny already. Don't get me wrong, I tried but it was useless. I had to trash so many Edward Cullen charms trying to do it I should be prosecuted. And trust me, I had nightmares of the little guys climbing out of the trash looking at me with sad eyes and asking me "Why? Why?" *shivers* I think I may be traumatized.

I'm only letting myself make 12 of these since I can't guarantee my sanity if I try to make 20 let alone 30. I'm actually twitching and dreading making 11 more of these guys. O_o Yikes! But hey, good news! I uploaded new stuff two days in a row! Go me!


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